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24.005 Where can I buy Apple II systems, parts, boards, and software?


This article is from the Apple II Csa2 FAQ, by Jeff Hurlburt with numerous contributions by others.

24.005 Where can I buy Apple II systems, parts, boards, and software?

    A.P.P.L.E. (Apple PugetSound Program Library Exchange; http://callapple.org/ )
sells II/IIgs software and CA back issues on CD; also sells Apple II hardware
and publishes Call -A.P.P.L.E. on-line 'zine.

A2Central.com ( http://www.a2central.com/ ) sells II/IIgs accessories and
software, including GS System 6.0.1;  publishes A2Central.com on-line 'zine.

All Electronics (800-826-5432; http://www.allelectronics.com/ ) major surplus
and new parts seller- switches, LCD panels, connectors, transformers, caps,
IIgs-type lithium batteries, etc.

Alltech (760-724-2404; toll-free sales only 888-404-8848; http://allelec.com
accepts on-line orders) sells all kinds of replacement parts for Apple II's as
well as the Focus Hard Card drives, CD-ROM drives, cables, memory boards,
Chips, ... .

Apple Resource Center "The ARC" (800-753-0114; http://www.thearc.com ) sells
Apple II computers, modem cables, components, and peripherals.

Applegames ( http://www.brownbag.0catch.com/applegames.htm ) sells collections
of A2 games, game ads, etc. on CD.

Grace Ashley (352-748-7739, http://apple2software.htmlplanet.com/ ) sells Apple
II educational software and 'blank' 5.25" diskettes

Auction sites which handle Apple II items on the internet:

B&R Computer Services (619-225-8281; http://members.aol.com/hta/rrbp/ ) sells
Apple II computers, peripherals, and manuals plus used II/IIgs games, and other
software; also does repairs and A2-to-PC/Mac file conversions.

Stephen Buggie (505-863-2390) sells the famous Buggie Power Supplies, Buggie
Drives, and does disk drive conversions.

Byte Works ( http://www.byteworks.org ) developer of the respected Orca series
of Apple II languages and support software including the new GS BASIC; sales
via Syndicomm ( http://www.syndicomm.com/products/ )

Catweasel ( http://www.e-trade.to/en/catweasel/catweasel.html ) makes and sells
a disk drive controller intended for reading A2 diskettes on non-A2 drives.

Charlie's AppleSeeds (619-566-0387; 9081 Hadley Place, San Diego CA 92126-
1523) sells Apple II hard disks and controllers, floppy drives, ... and ProSel,
ProSel-16 documentation.

Comp.sys.apple2.marketplace is the Csa2 newsgroup for buying and selling Apple
II hardware and software.

Creative Solutions (937-429-5759; http://members.aol.com/CreatSltn/index.html )
Apple II hardware, software, and repairs

DAR Systems International (305-529-3572; http://www.darsys.com/dsi.html ; Post
Office Box 521598 Miami, FL  33152-1598; email: Eric A. Seiden server@pro-
entropy.cbbs.cts.com) sells ProLine BBS software.

Digi-Key (800-344-4539; http://www.digikey.com) IC's and general parts supplier

DigiSoft Innovations (ref: Jim Maricondo) producer of the Golden Orchard CD
collection of Apple II software; now distributed by Shareware Solutions II

DigitalDinos (440-953-6649; http://www.digitaldinos.com/ ) sells Apple II (and
other) systems, peripherals, boards, and manuals.

Dirt-Cheap Drives (800-786-1160; http://www.dirtcheapdrives.com ) 2.5" IDE

Eamon Adventurer's Guild (7625 Hawkhaven Dr., Clemmons, NC  27012; 910-766-
7490; email: eamoncd@bellsouth.net ) distributes the Eamon Adventures on CD.

Emerald City Sales (870-743-3872; http://www.ahhz.com) sells TrackStar boards
and other A2 hardware.

F. E. Systems ( http://www.bernie.gs/ ) sells Bernie' IIgs emulator for Macs.

Albert Franklin (email: jfrankl1@mindspring.com) sells 5.25" DS/DD diskettes.

GarberStreet Enterprises (610-935-7676; http://garberstreet.netfirms.com/ )
sells Apple II and Mac boards, components, and software.

GBBS/LLUCE support and software (Apple Elite II BBS 909-359-5338; email Steven
Lichter at elitesoftware@earthlink.net)

Gene Ehrich's On-Line Computer Garage Sale (email: gene@ehrich.com; http://
www.voicenet.com/~generic/ ) sells Apple II (C-64, PC, etc.) hardware,
software, manuals, and other items.

Grw Systems ( http://www.wilde.org/grwsystems/ ) offers Utility Works and
Utility Launch shareware for IIgs.

Halted Specialties (800-442-5833; http://www.halted.com ) sells electronic
parts- sockets, cables, plugs, caps, Parallax BASIC stamp, SCSI cables, ...
good prices for 74xxx, 65xx, etc. IC's

Hudson's Hobby Games (P.O. Box 121503, Arlington, Texas, 76012; 817-461-0126;
email: HudsonGame@aol.com) sells Old Apple II games in original boxes

IEC ( http://www.connectworld.net/cgi-bin/iec/framepr.html ) sells Apple II
joystick, printer, disk drive, modem, etc. cables.

InTrec Software (888-PROTERM; http://www.intrec.com ) sells ProTerm A2 and
high-speed GS modem cable

Jameco (800-831-4242; http://www.jameco.com ) Apple II and general parts

JDR Microdevices (800-538-5000; http://www.jdr.com ) Apple II and general parts

KulaSoft (808-595-8131; http://www.angelfire.com/hi/kulasoft ) Eamon
Adventures, Apple II magazine Indexes, software collections, tutorials, and

Lynxmotion (104 Partridge Road, Pekin, IL 61554-1403; 309-382-1816 http://
www.lynxmotion.com ) sells Robot kits, Robot arms, servos, controllers, ... for
PC but adaptable for Apple II

MC Price Breakers (619-476-9839 ; http://www.mcpb.com ) sells memory boards,
high-speed GS modem cables, and other Apple II hardware

McGovern Apple IIgs ( http://www.frii.com/~mcgovern/apple.html ) offers A2
manuals, magazine back issues, and other items for sale.

MECI (800-344-6324; http://www.meci.com ) surplus electronic parts- fans,
tubes, solenoids, IC sockets, 50-25 SCSI cables and adaptors, ...

Meritline.com ( http://store.yahoo.com/meritline/floppydisk.html ) sells 3.5"
DD diskettes in bulk.

Michigan Computer Corporation ( http://www.michigan-computer-corp.com/ ;248-
932-3470) sells Apple II computers, peripherals, and parts.

Mouser Electronics (800-346-6873; http://www.mouser.com ) major IC and general
parts supplier

MPJA/ Marlin P. Jones (800-652-6733; http://www.mpja.com) many power supplies,
NULL modem, proto boards, Parallax BASIC stamp, kits, LED displays, LCD panels,

Newark Electronics (800-463-9275; http://www.newark.com ) major electronic
parts supplier

Ninjaforce Entertainment ( http://www.ninjaforce.com) IIgs utility and game

Oldsoftware.com ( http://www.oldsoftware.com/ ) sells A2 software, books,
hardware, and new 5.25" and 3.5" DSDD diskettes.

Pacific Custon Cable (800-931-3133; http://www.pacificcable.com/ )  sells II/
IIgs and Mac modem, AppleTalk, and other cables.

Parallax ( http://www.parallaxinc.com) makers of BASIC Stamp single-board
computers and development tools (ref. robots and other external devices)

Peripheral Manufacturing, Inc (800-468-6888; email: periphman@periphman.com )
sells 5.25" diskettes in 10 packs and 50 packs.

PICmicroWebRing ( http://www.webring.com/cgi-bin/webring?ring=picmicro;list )
PIC/BASIC Stamp vendors and information (ref. robots and other external

Pre-Owned Electronics (800-274-5343) sells a variety of peripherals and

PriceGrabber.com ( http://www.pricegrabber.com/ search for "Apple II") sells A2
books and printer supplies.

Radio Shack ( http://www.radioshack.com/ ) sells IIgs/Mac high-speed modem,
NULL modem, Imagewrtier I/II printer, IIgs/Mac keyboard, and other A2 cables.

RC Systems (USA 425-355-3800; UK +44 1279 639471; http://www.rcsys.com/ ) sells
Slotbuster multi-function (printer/ SSC serial/ Clock/ Text-to-Speech),
TimeProPlus, and DoubleTalk cards for Apple II.

Redmond Cable (425-882-2009; http://www.redcab.com/ ) offers large selection of
II/IIgs modem, printer, video, ... cables and adaptors.

Seven Hills Software (became My eSource) produced IIgs software, some of which
is now distributed by Shareware Solutions II.

Shareware Solutions II ( http://users.foxvalley.net/~joko ) sells Convert 3200,
Spectrum, ... plus games, boxed Old game originals, the Golden Orchard CD-ROM,
and other wares; publishes Shareware Solutions II mini-magazine.

SheppyWare ( http://www.sheppyware.net ) software by Eric Shepherd

SHH Systeme, Germany ( http://www.wbwip.com/shh/ ) sells the LANceGS ethernet
card, Turbo IDE and other HD controller cards, Blue Disk, TWGS Accelerator
upgrades, and repairs.

Shreve Systems (800-227-3971; http://www.shrevesystems.com ) sells Apple II
computers, peripherals, parts and accessories.

Sierra Circuit Design (503-614-0749; http://www.teleport.com/~scd/ ) sells
65xxx, PIC, and other 8/16 bit microprocessor VHDL, FPGS, and ASIC designs and
circuit board designs

Software and More (916-725-0228; http://members.aol.com/SWMoreTP/AP.html )
sells Apple II hardware and software.

Spi Semiconductor (818-884-8000; http://www.spisemi.com/index.html ) sells
memory IC's, including the 20-pin Zip package D424400V-80 used on the GS-RAM
III. (Note: When ordering be sure to confirm package style.)

Sun Remarketing (800-821-3221; http://www.sunrem.com  accepts on-line orders)
sells Apple II parts and peripherals.

Syndicomm ( http://www.syndicomm.com/products/ ) publishes and distributes Byte
Works and other Apple II/IIgs software.

Terence J. Boldt's Apple II Projects ( http://apple2.geekmag.net/ ; email:
apple2@cgocable.net) sells bootable ROM Drive.

ThinkStuff ( http://www.thinkstuff.com/sys-tmpl/faqaboutus/ ; 1191 Hooksett
Road, Hooksett NH 03106 ) sells IIgs/Mac hi-speed modem and NULL modem cables.

Vernier Software (503-277-2299; http://www.vernier.com )  sells project books
and components.

Vintage Ware ( http://vintageware.orcon.net.nz/ )  sells PS/2 Mouse Adapter for
Apple II and is developing other A2 products.

Wayne's Computer (315-689-7899; http://www.waynes.com/Business/WaynesComputer/
default.htm ) sells Apple II computers, peripherals, and software.

Western Design Center (480-962-4545; http://www.westerndesigncenter.com/ )
makes and sells 65C816 microprocessor used in IIgs and for accelerator

William K. Bradford Co. (800-421-2009; http://www.wkbradford.com ) Apple II
educational software

XDR2.com ( http://www.xdr2.com/ click on "Diskettes") sells 5.25" & 3.5" DD

--Rubywand, David Chiu, Delfs, Jay, Bart, Frank Townsend, Paul Grammens, Josh
Smith, Joan Sander


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