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2.9.2 ApplePC (version 2.52b)


This article is from the Apple ][ Emulator Resources Guide, by Alex Maddison with numerous contributions by others.

2.9.2 ApplePC (version 2.52b)

AVAILABILITY: Available for free download from: ftp://users.aol.com/davidells/ApplePC/ (version 2.52b) ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net/pub/apple_II/emulators/applepc/ Older versions as below: ftp://apple2.caltech.edu/pub/apple2/emulators/applepc2.40.zipftp://ftp.gmd.de/if-archive/emulators/appleII/

AUTHOR: David Ellsworth <davidells@aol.com> (based on code by Randy Spurlock).

STATUS: Unknown.

SHORT DESCRIPTION: ApplePC emulates a 128K Apple //c. From a post by the author on "comp.emulators.apple2": "It is extremely fast, has true 'pixel-perfect' graphics (switchable between mono and colour), a built-in debugger, and disk- swapping." The emulator will work with it's own (non-standard) //c, //e files and Applewin's //e ROM file - to provide additional software compatibility. From v2.00a it also uses Applewin's ][+ ROM to supply an Apple ][+ mode.

ROMS: ApplePC comes with the necessary Apple ROMs, which are supplied in separate files for the //c and //e ROMs. ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net/pub/apple_II/emulators/rom_images/ftp://users.aol.com/davidells/ApplePC/

DISK-IMAGE FORMAT: DOS3.3 Order (DO - size: 143360 bytes); from version 2.05a the emulator also supports Nibblized Dos Order (NDO - size: 232960 bytes); from version 2.40a is also supports ProDOS Order (DO - size: 143360 bytes). It also supports virtual hard-disk volumes in //e emulation mode only.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: 80386 CPU with VGA graphics.

FURTHER REFERENCES: "APPLE.DOC" (Text file included in the archive). An online version of the documentation is available from: http://www.ecnet.net/users/mumbv/pages/applepcdoc.html


A2PCText v0.2 - Command-line based program which extracts 40 and 80 column text images from ApplePC's "save state" file. ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net/pub/apple_II/emulators/applepc/

sdv2hdv - A small PC utility to remove the 15 byte header from Sim2E .HDVs for use with ApplePC, by Greg Elkin <beermat@cix.compulink.co.uk>. ftp://ground.isca.uiowa.edu/apple2/Emulators/

Bootable hard-drive - Details for creating a bootable virtual hard-drive suggested by Rejean Bazinet:

1) Use debug in DOS to create the hard-disk file by typing: debug harddisk.hdv


and return to DOS with the harddisk.hdv file of 0 bytes.

2) Start ApplePC and select 'D' for disk, then 'S' to change to Slot 7, then '1' and press TAB to select the file harddisk.hdv.

3) Press 'Z' to set harddisk emulation to ON, and press 'S' to return to Slot 6.

4) Select a ProDOS master disk-image with SYSUTIL.SYSTEM, and type '-sysutil.system'. Select Format a Disk, choose Slot 7 and Drive 1, and after the drive is formatted, copy the master ProDOS files to harddisk.hdv.

5) Return to the ] prompt and type 'PR#7' to test the harddisk.hdv.


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