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9.10 Other FAQ's


This article is from the Amiga FAQ, by Ignaz Kellerer with numerous contributions by others.

9.10 Other FAQ's

This is not the only FAQ, of course. Lots of FAQ's are available either by being posted to newsgroups or by access via FTP.

*German Amiga-FAQ* This is the german translation of the AmigaFAQ you are reading. Newsgroups: de.comp.sys.amiga.misc, zer.z-netz.rechner.amiga.allgemein HTML: `http://www.leo.org/archiv/amiga/misc/amigafaq/' Aminet: `docs/misc/AmigaFAQg.lha' Maintainer: Ignaz Kellerer, kellerer@informatik.tu-muenchen.de

*Amiga related books FAQ* This is a list of books for the Amiga, including short discussions, prices and sources. Newsgroups: comp.sys.amiga.misc, comp.sys.amiga.introduction, comp.sys.amiga.programmer (monthly) HTML: `http://eksl-www.cs.umass.edu/~atkin/amiga/books.faq.html' Ftp: rtfm.mit.edu, `pub/usenet/comp.sys.amiga.misc'. Maintainer: Marc Atkin, atkin@cs.umass.edu

*AmiTCP/IP FAQ* This is for users of AmiTCP/IP, a set of programs which allows to include an Amiga into a TCP/IP network. (Most well known nets, Internet for example use TCP/IP.) Newsgroups: comp.sys.amiga.misc, comp.sys.amiga.datacomm, comp.sys.amiga.networking (biweekly) Ftp: rtfm.mit.edu, pub/usenet/comp.sys.amiga.networking Maintainer: Neil J. McRae (atcpfaq@domino.demon.co.uk)

*Amiga Networking FAQ* Unlike the AmiTCP/IP FAQ this one wants to cover all aspects of networking, including TCP/IP and Envoy. Newsgroups: comp.sys.amiga.datacomm, comp.sys.amiga.hardware Ftp: rtfm.mit.edu, pub/usenet/comp.sys.amiga.networking Maintainer: Richard Norman (norman@afas.msfc.nasa.gov)

*Point Manager FAQ* Networking seems to be quite a problem: This FAQ os for Point Manager, a FidoNet-client (so-called points). Newsgroups: comp.sys.amiga.datacomm Ftp: rtfm.mit.edu, pub/usenet/comp.sys.amiga.datacomm Maintainer: Eric Krieger (pm_faq@quasar.hacktic.nl)

*All about FTP* Explains the usage of the file transfer program FTP. See FTP. Newsgroups: comp.sys.amiga.misc (monthly) Ftp: Aminet, info/start Betreuer: Urban Dominik Mueller (umueller@amiga.icu.net.ch)

The Amiga-FAQ archive *********************

The Amiga-FAQ is available in different formats: Ascii format (which is posted to the nets) AmigaGuide format (which is the adequate format on the Amiga) and in dvi format (to be printed). Additionally there is some stuff, that might be useful or interesting, but could not be included into the Amiga-FAQ: txt/amiga.history On the Amiga's history txt/story.txt The Commodore story (or: the Tramiel story ;-) txt/amiga.newsgroups Overview on comp.sys.amiga.* txt/amiga.sites List of FTP sites txt/AmigaOverview.tex A short overview on the Amiga-Soft- and Hardware txt/Hardware.tips For those people who can't live without solder src/JWSplit.c The source of a file splitter src/JWJoin.c The opponent to JWSplit src/addtoc.c Utility to add a toc to texinfo-created docs (this document uses it) programmers/* Some stuff for programmers: pragmas, vararg versions of some tag functions and some amiga.lib functions (HookEntry, DoMethod)

I decided to collect these in the Amiga-FAQ archive. It is called AmigaFAQ.lha and can be found on Aminet, directory `docs/misc'.

Contributions *************

This FAQ can neither get useful nor hit further development without your help. Suggestions, contributions, new answers, critics, anything is rather welcome.

Please note, that very major subjects are absolutely missing yet: Nothing about sound, nothing on graphic cards, no Animation. These are some of the Amiga's best points! But I don't know them ... :-(

So grab your keyboard (Your pencil? Well, if there's no other way...) and send mail to:

Ignaz Kellerer Georg-Habel-Str. 11 81241 Munich (Germany) Tel. (+49) 089 / 885147

Internet: kellerer@informatik.tu-muenchen.de

Credits *******

My thanks go to: *Reinhard Spisser and Sebastiano Vigna* for the Amiga version of texinfo. This is written with it.

*The Free Software Foundation* for the original version of texinfo and many other excellent programs.

*Dylan McNamee* for contributing the sections on Editors, Word Processors, DTP and Postscript and some wording fixes.

*Joseph Luk* for help in the section on chunky/planar, double buffering and PAL/NTSC

*Urban Dominik Mueller* for the FAQ on FTP and Mail-servers.

*Lars Hecking (lhecking@nmrc.ucc.ie)* *Philippe Brand (phb@colombo.telesys-innov.fr)* for the complete gcc part

*Jochen Wiedmann (zrawi01@decap2.zdv.uni-tuebingen.de)* for the composition and posting of the Amiga FAQ until July 1994.

Index *****

. (replacement) Dot-Replacement .arj Endings .dms Endings .gz Endings .lha Endings .lzh Endings .netrc FTP .sfx Endings .tar Endings .z Endings .Z Endings .zip Endings .zom Endings .zoo Endings 68EC020 68EC0xx 68EC030 68EC0xx 68LC040 68EC0xx A1200 (HD) A1200-HD AmiBooksFAQ FAQs Amiga Library disks Fish floppy disks Amiga networking FAQ FAQs Amiga-FAQ archive Amiga-FAQ Archive AmigaBasic AmigaBasic AmigaSciSchool Infos Aminet FTP AmiTCP/IP FAQ FAQs Anonymous FTP ANS Japanese ARexx ARexx Assemblers Compilers AutoDocs Includes Basic Compilers BBS Mailbox C Compilers C++ Compilers C-program (gcc) Compiling Catalog description Localizing Catalog translation Localizing Catalogs Localizing CatComp Localizing CATS CATS Chunky displays Chunky vs. Planar Commodore, Frankfurt Developer Commodore, West Chester CATS comp.sys.amiga.reviews Reviews Compilers Compilers Console window WindowPtr Contributions Contributions Credits Credits CrossDos MS-Dos disks Current directory Dot-Replacement DaggeX X11 Desktop Publishing DTP Developer Developer DoMethod Missing functions DoSuperMethod Missing functions Doublebuffering Doublebuffering DTP DTP Editors Editors Emulators Emulators endings Endings Enforcer 68EC0xx Esc sequences Printer control FAQ's, others FAQs FD-files Pragmas fd2pragma Pragmas file endings Endings Fish CD-Rom Fish CD Fish disks Fish disk xxx Fish floppy disks Fish floppy disks Fish PD Fish FishCon Infos FishXref Infos FlexCat Localizing Forth Compilers Fortran Compilers FPU FPU Fresh Fish CD-Rom Fish CD FTP servers FTP GadTools MUI Gcc The GNU C compiler gcc-amiga-libraries Amiga Libraries gcc-authors Authors gcc-compiling Compiling gcc-current Current Version gcc-how-to-get-help How to get help gcc-inline-headers Inline Headers gcc-installation Installation gcc-requirements Requirements gcc-sources Sources for Gcc GfxBase X11 GigaMem 68EC0xx Graphics Graphics GUI Workbench Guo Biao Chinese HD (A1200) A1200-HD HD compression HD-Compression Hirsch & Wolf CATS history Amiga-FAQ Archive HookEntry Missing functions HZview Chinese IBM emulator IBM-compatibles Icons Icons Includes Includes JemTeX Japanese JIStoJi Japanese jmore Japanese Kanji Japanese KingFisher Infos KitCat Localizing LibAllocPooled Missing functions Linux Unix Lisp Compilers locale.library Localizing Localizing Localizing MagicWB Icons Mail-server Mail mailbox Mailbox Mailing lists Mailing lists MakeCat Localizing Memory, virtual 68EC0xx Missing functions Missing functions MMU 68EC0xx Modula-2 Compilers Monitors Monitors MS-Dos (emulator) IBM-compatibles MS-Dos (Syquest) MsDos-Syquest MS-Dos disks MS-Dos disks Msh MS-Dos disks MUI MUI Multiscan Monitors MWB Icons NDA Developer NDK Includes NDU Includes NDUK Includes NetBSD Unix NewIcons Icons NTSC PAL-NTSC Oberon Compilers Oberon-A Compilers packers Endings packers on Unix Endings Page Layout Languages Word Processors PAL PAL-NTSC Pascal Compilers Pipe (command) Pipe command PIPE: Pipe Planar displays Chunky vs. Planar Point manager FAQ FAQs Postscript Postscript pragmas Pragmas Printer control Printer control Prolog Compilers Queue-handler Pipe Reviews Reviews RKMs Manuals Rom Kernel manuals Manuals Splitting files Splitting Stacker HD-Compression Syquest MsDos-Syquest TeX TeX Text Editors Editors Unix Unix Unix-LhA Unix-LhA VGA Monitors Word Processors Word Processors Workbench Workbench Wysiwyg Word Processors X11 X11 XFH HD-Compression XPK HD-Compression _mchar _mchar _pchar Pipe command


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