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7.2) What Acorn related companies are available on the net via email?


This article is from the comp.sys.acorn FAQ, by Paul Vigay with numerous contributions by others.

7.2) What Acorn related companies are available on the net via email?

There are quite a few companies now on the net and reachable via email with more joining as time passes. Here is the list of companies that have given permission to be entered here in the FAQ. If the email address is to a person rather than either an automated system or perhaps a group of people I have placed the name of the person in brackets after the email address description

   4Mation Ltd :- 
   sales@4mation.co.uk          Information and Sales enquiries.
   The Advisory Unit :- 
   sales@advisory-unit.org.uk   General enquiries.  

Aleph One :- info@aleph1.co.uk Information about products and prices.

Alpha Programming :- info@alpha-programming.co.uk General enquiries marc@indivisibilities.com (Marc Warne)

Alternative Publishing Ltd :- sales@apsoft.co.uk Sales, service and upgrades

Archive magazine :- paul@archivemag.co.uk Editor (Paul Beverley)

The ARM Club :- info@armclub.org.uk Enquiries etc...

ARMage Software :- armage@armage.demon.co.uk Enquiries etc...

Artex Software GbR :- info@artexsoft.com General enquiries.

Atomwide :- Sales@atomwide.co.uk Information about products and prices.

Castle Technology :- Sales@castle.org.uk Info, Products, Prices, Ordering etc. Support@castle.org.uk Support issues etc.

Clares Micro Supplies :- sales@claresmicro.com General sales enquiries. chris@claresmicro.com Chris Dean djackson@claresmicro.com Technical enquiries (David Jackson)

Computer Concepts :- info@cconcepts.co.uk Automated reply, giving information. sales@cconcepts.co.uk For credit card orders of products. support@cconcepts.co.uk Technical support for products.

Comspec :- acorn_info@comrad.comspec.com Canadian Acorn dealer. Enquiries about Acorn hardware and products welcome including USA enquiries. (Domenic DeFrancesco)

Cumana :- sales@cumana.co.uk Sales and product information. support@cumana.co.uk Product support.

Cumbria Software Systems :- sales@cumsoft.demon.co.uk General sales enquiries.

Dansoft Developments :- dansoft@dansoft.co.nz All enquiries to this address.

David Pilling Software :- david@pilling.demon.co.uk All enquiries to this address.

Datawave Nederland :- info@datawave.nl General Enquiries. sales@datawave.nl Orders. support@datawave.nl Customer support. rni@datawave.nl Acorn Dealer Webring datawave@datawave.nl Private Enquiries.

Desktop Projects Ltd :- info@desktopp.demon.co.uk General enquiries Etc. Computers :- etc@mcmail.com Sales & general enquiries for Acorns in South Yorkshire

The Image Factory :- imagfact@ozemail.com.au Sales and support.

Interconnex :- sales@interconnex.co.uk Enquiries etc...

Iota Software :- support@iota.co.uk Enquires & support for Iota products.

Jaffa Software :- andrew@bleb.org Enquiries, etc...

Le Computer :- info@lecomp.demon.co.uk General enquiries. sales@lecomp.demon.co.uk Sales enquiries and orders. vanessa@lecomp.demon.co.uk Special needs enquiries.

Meu Cymru :- info@meucymru.demon.co.uk Enquiries etc...

Micro Laser Designs :- info@microlas.demon.co.uk General Enquiries sales@microlas.demon.co.uk Sales Enquiries users@microlas.demon.co.uk User Group Enquiries

Millipede Electronic Graphics :- info@milliped.demon.co.uk Product information. sales@milliped.demon.co.uk Orders and current prices. support@milliped.demon.co.uk Technical support. richard@milliped.demon.co.uk If all else fails! (Richard Jozefowski)

Minerva Software :- minerva@zynet.co.uk Enquiries etc...

Moray Micro Computing :- sales@m-micro.demon.co.uk Sales Enquiries.

Navaho Internet Servers :- info@navaho.co.uk General information (automated reply). sales@navaho.co.uk Product sales. support@navaho.co.uk Customer support.

Octopus Systems :- sales@octosys.co.uk Enquiries etc... (Paul Skirrow)

Old Mother Software :- main@oldmothr.demon.co.uk General enquiries info@oldmothr.demon.co.uk Product information tech@oldmothr.demon.co.uk Technical support

Oregan Developments Ltd :- sales@oregan.com Product info, and general enquiries support@oregan.com Support for registered customers

Paradise :- info@paradise-uk.net Product Information support@paradise-uk.net Support/feedback.

PEP Associates :- info@pep-assoc.co.uk Product information. support@pep-assoc.co.uk Product support.

Pineapple Software :- sales@pineaple.demon.co.uk Sales enquiries. support@pineaple.demon.co.uk Info about products, support and enquiries.

Quantum Software :- Info@quantumsoft.co.uk Info about products, version numbers, etc. Support@quantumsoft.co.uk Technical support for customers. Sales@quantumsoft.co.uk General info about products and prices, etc.

Resource :- Info@Resourcekt.co.uk General information etc... Sales@Resourcekt.co.uk Credit card orders. Support@Resourcekt.co.uk Technical support.

Sherston Software :- sales@sherston.co.uk Sales and Product information. support@sherston.co.uk Technical support/queries etc.

Simtec Electronics :- sales@simtec.co.uk Sales and order enquiries. info@simtec.co.uk General enquiries and support. thread@simtec.co.uk Multi-threading/Hydra enquiries. For a faster response, telephone 01772 812863

Soft Rock Software :- info@softrock.co.uk Enquires, Sales and Product information.

Squirrel Solutions :- info@squirrel-net.demon.co.uk Enquiries, Sales and Product information.

Stuart Tyrell Developments :- Info@STDevel.demon.co.uk General Enquiries etc.

Thinx Solutions :- Thinx@spark.demon.co.uk Sales Enquiries and Product Support

Tower Electronics Ltd :- tower@enterprise.net All enquiries.

Uffenkamp Computer Systeme :- ucsinfo@ucs.de Product information, events et al. usupport@ucs.de After sales support, technical queries. ucsorder@ucs.de Sales enquiries.

Uniqueway :- info@uniqueway.co.uk General queries, product related or otherwise. support@uniqueway.co.uk Support for products. (Serial number should be quoted where relevant.) sales@uniqueway.co.uk For credit card orders.

Warm Silence Software :- Robin.Watts@wss.co.uk Enquiries etc. (Robin Watts)

Wyddfa Software :- gwilliams@cix.compulink.co.uk Enquiries etc. (Gwyn Williams)

Xavier Software :- xavier@bangor.ac.uk Enquiries etc...

Zynet Ltd :- zynet@zynet.co.uk Enquiries etc...

If you are a company and you would like to included in this list please send me an email, to the address specified at the bottom of the FAQ, detailing the email addresses and their general function. I will then include them into the FAQ. However as a matter of policy I will only include an address if I receive email from the owner, or a representative for the owner, of that address.


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