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B10 Dynamic Pictures V192


This item is from the PC 3D Graphics Accelerators FAQ, by Blair MacIntyre with numerous contributions by others. (v1.2).

B10 Dynamic Pictures V192

The information I currently have is from Leo Merta at Dynamic Pictures, Inc. For more information, contact Dinesh Sharma at:

Dinesh Sharma (sharma@dypic.com) Dynamic Pictures, Inc. 5225 Betsy Ross Drive Santa Clara, CA 95054-1102 Phone: 408 327-9000

The V192 3D Graphics Accelerator card is the first product in a new generation of workstation-performance Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) graphics acceleration cards for the PC Windows 95/Windows NT desktop market.

Dynamic Pictures was recently responsible for developing the ZLXp-L1 and ZLXp-L2 graphics accelerators for the Alpha AXP workstations from Digital Equipment Corporation. The V192 accelerator card is an almost identical product to the ZLXp-L1.


* 1280x1024 24-bit Z buffer

* 1280x1024 24-bit double buffer

* 16 MB of high-speed VRAM

* On-board VGA

* Gouraud shading

* Overlays and Window ID planes

* 8-bit alpha buffer

* 4-bit stencil buffer

* Accumulation buffer

* Atmospheric effects (i.e. fog, smoke)

* Anti-aliasing - points, lines, polygons, and full scenes

* Alpha blending

* Transparency

* Scissor and stipple masking

* Stereo Display


* The V192 has application-level graphics performance comparable to SGI's Indigo2/Extreme and the HP Visualizer 24 at a fraction of the price.

* 200K 3D triangles per second (50 pixels, smooth shaded mesh, Z-buffered)

* 1.4 million 3D vectors per second

Software Compatibility

* 100% OpenGL compliant - The V192 3D Graphics Accelerator card comes with OpenGL drivers developed by the industry leaders in OpenGL driver development. Drivers are available for Pentium, MIPS, Alpha AXP and Power PC based systems.

* Seamless integration with Windows NT 3.5 or greater.

System Hardware Requirements

* PCI-based processor (Pentium, MIPS, Alpha AXP or Power PC).

* One available PCI bus-master slot for the V192 card.

* Support for on-board VGA, no additional VGA card is required.


* The V192 3D Graphics Accelerator is available through selected OEM partners. Please contact Dynamic Pictures for more information.


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