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B01 AccelGraphics AG300 and AG500


This item is from the PC 3D Graphics Accelerators FAQ, by Blair MacIntyre with numerous contributions by others. (v1.2).

B01 AccelGraphics AG300 and AG500

The AG300 and AG500 are very similar. I'll describe the AG300 first and then outline the differences. Both support a dual screen configuration with two of the same card.


Accelgraphics is a spinoff of Kubota Graphics, which was Kubota Pacific before that. They made the Denali graphics subsystem for DEC's Alpha-based workstation (they were a partner with DEC).


* PCI option card (short form factor)

* Accelerates OpenGL under Windows NT

* 24-bit true color and 16-bit Z buffering

* 32 color planes with 16-bit double buffering

* 1280 x 1024 @ 60-74 Hz, non-interlaced


* 1 Million 2D vectors per second (10 pixel, 24-bit)

* 1 Million 3D vectors per second (10 x 1 pixels, smooth shaded, Z buffered)

* 205k 3D triangles/sec (50 pixels, smooth shaded mesh, lit, Z buffered)


* Performance of a US$25k+ Unix workstation for under US$10,000.

* Standard applications with Windows NT (including Windows 3.1 applications compiled for Intel cpu).

* Scalable architecture delivers increased graphics performance with higher performance host cpu.

Hardware Features

* Scalable architecture efficiently leverages the system CPU; a faster CPU yields faster graphics

* 7.5 MB of total RAM

        o 5 MB VRAM used as a 32 plane frame buffer, supporting:
             + resolutions up to 1280 x 1024 pixels with up to 16.7 million
               colors (24 bit true color)
             + 16 bit double buffering
             + 8 bit color index

o 2.5 MB DRAM used as a 16 bit Z-buffer

* Rectangle clipping, Alpha blending and Dithering

Graphics application programming interfaces

* Open GL

* HOOPS and 3DR planned for early 1995

Supported Operating System Environments

* DOS 6.0 or later, Windows 3.1 or later, Windows 95 (Chicago), Windows NT 3.5 with Open GL (Daytona)

Supported Applications

* Pro/ENGINEER and Pro/JR. from Parametric Technology Corporation

* AutoCAD Release 11, 12, and 13 from Autodesk

* MicroStation version 4 and 5 from Bentley Systems (including MOGLE)

* Any OpenGL application

Platforms supported: Intel, Alpha, MIPS, & PowerPC platforms

System requirements

* One free PCI slot

* VGA or SVGA compatible graphics adapter


Similar to the AG300. However, it has 12.5M Memory on board and a list price 3,495.

The extra ram adds 8 GL Stencil planes and a 24bit Z-buffer.

The AG500 also has 4 hardware "lookup tables", including:

* two 256 x 24 tables for color index

* one 256 x 24 table for single-buffered overlay

* one 16 x 24 table for double-buffered overlay

Contact Information:

Corporate Headquarters: AccelGraphics, Inc. 1942 Zanker Road San Jose, CA 95112 408-441-1556 408-441-1599 fax

Western Region: Kim Rawlings 714-589-2453 714-589-2483 fax Kim_Rawlings@ag3d.com

Central Region: Dan Vitale 513-858-1400 513-858-2905 fax Dan_Vitale@ag3d.com

Southern Region: John Caravello 407-834-7275 407-834-9052 fax John_Caravello@ag3d.com

Europe: David Holman 011-44-1635-40122 011-44-1635-551-147 fax davidh@perform.hiway.co.uk


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