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09 Trumpet Winsock


This article is from the FAQ, by with numerous contributions by others.

09 Trumpet Winsock

Peter Tattam's Trumpet Winsock is one of the most popular WINSOCK.DLLs
available. It includes both WINSOCK.DLL and a dialer program to get
you connected if you're using SLIP or PPP. Versions 2.0b and 2.0e have
been replaced by version 2.1. Version 2.0b is still available from:


Version 2.1 is still in development. Recent developments have improved
PPP performance and fixed scripting errors. Like version 2.0, version
2.1 supports both SLIP and PPP. A fairly powerful scripting language
is also included for login, logout, and other actions. Trumpet Winsock
is shareware. After 30 days, you must register (international: US$25,
Australia: AU$25).



Make sure you read the README.1ST file if you're upgrading from Trumpet
Winsock 2.0x.

There is a 32 bit version of Trumpet Winsock for Windows 95/98/NT.
For more iformation, see:


More Information:

A) Which MTU, TCP RWIN, and TCP MSS settings are best?

Unfortunately, there isn't a simple answer to this question.
It really depends on what kind of connection you have. Ethernet,
SLIP, PPP, and CSLIP all require different settings. Also, your
Internet provider may require that you use certain values. But there
are a few rules that may help you find the best values.

First check which values your Internet provider recommends. These
values will generally be the best. However, not all providers have
experience with Trumpet Winsock, or the values they give you may
still need additional adjustment for optimal speed and reliability.

The INSTALL.DOC that comes with Trumpet Winsock also lists a few
general rules for setting these values. MTU should be TCP MSS+40.
TCP RWIN should be 3 or 4 times TCP MSS. It suggests starting with
the following values: MTU=256, TCP RWIN=848, TCP MSS=212. However,
these are only general rules and there may be better values for
your particular situation.

Peter Tattam also believes that MTU should be pushed up to 1500 if
supported by your provider, although many providers recommend
setting the MTU at 1006.

He also recommends that you set the values for SLIP/PPP as follows:
TCP MSS=512, TCP RWIN=2048. CSLIP/CPPP values should be: TCP
MSS=212, TCP RWIN=848.

Ethernet and TIA users should use the following values: MTU=1500,
TCP RWIN=4096, TCP MSS=1460.

B) Registration Problems

One of the biggest problems Trumpet has been having is responding
to user registrations. Be patient because they are busy. But if you
find that they never respond, send e-mail to
registrations@trumpet.com.au. Give your full name and Trumpet
should respond promptly with your registration number.

More Information:

Trumpet Software International Home Page:


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