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Help for the Linux Installation Party [Technion, Haifa]

Help information

Important: The document you read will help to get a concept about Linux Installation, you can't use it for the real installation proccess, it's only a scenario. Please Read the Install guide from you Linux distribution, if it's not a book, it'll be good idea to print it or at least write down the important things, since when you will start the installation you will be not able to read the file.

Disclamer: Please be informed that any damage you do to your system is on your responsibility only! Back Up before you loose you Data!

System requirements:

  • Processor/Motherboard: 386 and up/ISA, EISA, VLB, PCI
  • Min RAM/HD[Mb]: plain linux 4/40, with X 8/100
  • Video/Monitor: Any one which works under DOS
  • Coexist with Any other OS

Linux Distributions :

  • The latest info in the Distributions HOWTO (http://sunsite.unc.edu/LDP/HOWTO/Distribution-HOWTO.html)
  • Linux on CDs in Israel: Israeli LUG www.linux.org.il/linux_sell.html , Jonathan(benavrhm@tcltek.co.il) at TclTek www.tcltek.co.il, Maagarei Tochna www.softsrcs.co.il (http://www.softsrcs.co.il/)
  • Linux on CDs from Abroad: www.infomagic.com, www.redhat.com, www.ssc.com (http://www.ssc.com/vend/svend/linux?PdvXqDRA;;6), www.cheapbytes.com, www.cdrom.com (http://www.cdrom.com), www.pht.com, www.infomagic.com,
  • Buy the book with Linux CD:
  • Use FTP to download: ftp.linux.org.il, ftp2.linux.org.il (ftp://ftp2.linux.org.il/pub/linux/), ftp.huji.ac.il (ftp://ftp.huji.ac.il/mirror/Linux/slackware/), ftp.technion.ac.il (ftp://ftp.technion.ac.il/pub/unsupported/Linux/distributions/), master.dsi.co.il (ftp://master.dsi.co.il/pub), tsx-11.mit.edu (ftp://tsx-11.mit.edu/pub/linux), DCSN Linux NFS Installation (http://www.diaspar.com/org/dcsn_nfs/), ftp.redhat.com (ftp://ftp.redhat.com/pub/), ftp.pht.com, ftp.infomagic.com,

Linux installation:

  • Get one of the Linux Distributions: Slackware, RedHat, Debian or other from the above sources.
  • Prepare the Space for Linux on your HD:
    • Repartitioning:
      • Make a full backup of your system (or just the things you know can't be restored)
      • Run Scandisk or other tool (Defrag) to move all your data to the beginning of the HD
      • If you have Win95 installed you need:
        1. Cancel the win95 disk compression and swap file (this is done in the "386 Enhance Setup")
        2. (Win95/[NT 4?]) - Remove the trash can folder
        3. IMPORTANT: Cancel any boot-sector virus-detection programs.
        4. Disable BIOS Plug & Play and set a fixed setup for P&P cards
        5. Registry (Win95/NT?) - the Registry can't be moved by Defrag, so after defragging the following steps should be done:
          • 1.Exit to DOS (i.e. "reboot" to DOS if you are under Win95)
          • 2.Move (don't delete!) the following files under c:\windows to some other file names: 1.user.dat 2.user.da0 3.system.dat 4.system.da0
          • 3.Copy the moved files back to the original name
          • 4.Delete the original files (In short "circulate" the files so the new copies will "naturally" find their place right after the defragged data)
      • Get FIPS utility (generally comes with Linux CD) and follow the instructions to split your HD into 2 partitions without destroying the original Data (Do not take it as deterministic, backup your data anyway)
    • Create a Linux Partitions:
      • Create a DOS boot disket: c:\>format /s a:
      • Copy fdisk.exe and format.com to this floppy
      • Boot from that floppy and run fdisk.exe to create/delete a new partitions (note: this action can be Destructive to the data on your HD, read how to use fdisk before use it!)
      • Now you can create the Linux partition: You should make one small swap partition ~16Mb, and the second a bigger one for the Linux itself. You better use linux fdisk to do that when you boot from the linux floppy. (note: It depends on the distribution, some lets you create the partitions during the install process, others ask you to do that before the installation)
  • Install Linux:
    • Make Boot Diskettes:
      • You should create 2 to 3 diskettes to boot and install the Linux (once again it depends on dist)
      • Use RAWRITE.EXE to write the Linux Image to the floppy, you may need to Ungzip the image first. Use GZIP.EXE. Both utilities you can find in the install directory.
      • Proceed the directives from your installation guide to choose the right set of images to install (you have a few sets of images depending on your Hardware)
    • Installation process:
      • Boot the linux floppy, swap the 2 [3] floppies as you are being asked for. You are in
      • You will get the menu or you have to start one (just type "setup" or "install")
      • The installation program will guide you how to install , mostly you will have to press the Enter key. You will need to know a few things about your hardware to help the install prog. Nowadays these programs becomes more and more "user friendly" (like PnP).
      • Most of the distributions ask you if you want to create the rescue boot disk. Do your a favor, and listen to advise you will need it later.
      • When you sure that the install process is over, just RNP (Reboot aNd Prey :-)
  • Procceeding with Linux:
    • Israeli LUG (http://www.linux.org.il) is a Good starting point
    • My Linux Page can be help full as well
    • Generally, search the Internet for "linux" keyword and you will get a lots of places for digging the info, you are looking for...
    • Subscribe for the linux Mailing lists or Read the Usenet newsgroups. Both of them can be very helpfull when you RTFMed (Read The F???? [fine] Manual) and didn't find the solution for your problem. But only after you realy RTFMed, since you will be flamed if you didn't !!!



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