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56 Software and Hardware Compatibility (MachTen)


This article is from the MachTen & CodeBuilder FAQ, by Jaime Julca jjulca@tenon.com with numerous contributions by others.

56 Software and Hardware Compatibility (MachTen)

G4.a. I ran Norton Utilities on my Mac with MachTen and now MachTen doesn't
run correctly. What happened? How can I fix it?

Norton Utilities changes any file name starting with a period to instead
start with a dash. Also, Norton unmangles the names of some files (mangling
is needed to tell the MacOS that, for example, 'INSTALL' and 'install' are
different files). This, of course, throws off MachTen. We recommend using
MacTools Pro from Central Point instead. To fix the Norton damage, the
options are pretty limited. Either rename all the files that Norton changed
back to their original names, or reinstall MachTen.

G4.b. Is there a port of Netscape Navigator for MachTen?

There is no Navigator for MachTen because Navigator is a commercial program
and the source is not available to us. We do offer Mosaic, which has a
publicly-available source.

G4.c. Is Power MachTen, like Professional MachTen, incompatible with

Power MachTen is compatible with SilverLining. Since Power MachTen does not
implement UNIX virtual memory, the Professional MachTen problem with
SilverLining doesn't apply; however, this may become a problem again when we
implement UNIX virtual memory.

G4.d. Why does my system crash when I use RAM Doubler 1.5.2 (or earlier) and
MachTen at the same time?

RAM Doubler version 1.5.2 (or earlier) is not compatible with MachTen.

G4.e. If I use Power MachTen with RAM Doubler 1.6.2 (or later), the systems
hangs on shutdown after everything has successfully quit. How can I fix

Install CU1. This will fix all known incompatibilities. We recommend using
these versions with MachTen 4.0.3 and CU1.

G4.f. Any recommendations for a 3-button mouse to use with X?

We use the Logitech MouseMan. Almost any mouse should work, but some
no-names have had some trouble.

G4.g. Any suggestions for an accelerator that will work with Professional

Almost any accelerator will operate correctly as long as it encompasses a
full upgrade (i.e., it doesn't leave out crucial operations, such as the
presence of an MMU). Some DayStar boards do not function correctly because
they do not support a working MMU system. There is no real list, as there
are so many cards out on the market and keeping track would be almost

G4.h. Why does zsh crash my system?

It was ported by a Japanese customer, so we presume the crashing is related
to the differences in Japanese and American systems. Tenon Technical Support
may do a port someday, but there are quite a few higher priority items.

G4.i. Is MachTen compatable with Microsoft Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer is an Open Transport-only application. If you are running
Tenon's TCP stack then Explorer will not run. If you demand this
functionality and are running Power MachTen 4.0.3 CU1 or later, then you can
run MachTen using Open Transport.


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