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02 Charter of soc.religion.shamanism


This article is from the Religion-Shamanism FAQ, by Dean Edwards, Stef Jones, Jilara, Jane Beckman, Ann Albers with numerous contributions by others.

02 Charter of soc.religion.shamanism


The purpose of soc.religion.shamanism is to provide a forum for
discussion and exchange of questions, ideas, views, and information
about historic, traditional, tribal, and contemporary shamanic
experience. Everyone is invited to take part in this discussion
by sharing views, ideas, opinions, experience and information
about shamanism.


Technically speaking, Shamanism is classified by anthropologists
as an archaic magico-religious phenomena which the shaman is the
great master of ecstasy. This view of shamanism is further detailed
in the Shamanism-General Overview Frequently Asked Questions
(which is available in news.answers). The distinguishing
characteristic of shamanism is its focus on an ecstatic trance state
in which the soul of the shaman is believed to leave the body and
ascend to the sky (heavens) or descend into the earth (underworld).
The shaman makes use of spirit helpers, which he or she
communicates with,all the while retaining control over his or her
own consciousness. Most importantly, shamanism as a spiritual
practice focuses on the personal experience of the shaman.
Everything that a shaman does depends upon this experience. Without
it, there is no shaman.

In contemporary, historical or traditional and nontraditional
shamanic practice the shaman may at times fill the role of priest,
magician, metaphysician or healer. Personal experience with and
knowledge of other realms of being and consciousness and the
cosmology of those regions are prime determinants of shamanism.
With this knowledge, the shaman is able to serve as a bridge between
the mundane and the higher and lower states.
The shaman lives at the edge of reality as most people would
recognize it and most commonly at the edge of society itself. Few
indeed have the stamina to adventure into these realms and endure
the outer hardships and personal crises that have been reported by
or observed of many shamans.

For more information see the shamanism-general overview FAQ, which
has been posted to news.answers. In addition another FAQ, soc
religion.shamanism FAQ, will be regularly posted to once this group
has been created.


Anyone with an interest in shamanism is welcomed and encouraged
to post articles to soc.religion.shamanism. (See additional details

Moderators will only return submissions that violate this charter.
Any returned article will have an explanation attached to it about
which charter provision was violated.

There shall be one to four moderators for soc.religion.shamanism.

The newsgroup will be subject to conventions of network etiquette.
In practice, the moderators will reject personal attacks (flames)
directed at individual posters, similarly inflammatory attacks
directed at religious institutions, and articles which use offensive
language. These guidelines are intended to regulate only the tone of
the discussions, and not their contents. This instruction is not
intended to limit discussion and debate. Vigorous discussion and
criticism are encouraged, flames are not.

Repetitive postings (such as multiple responses to one request for
a book reference) may also be rejected. Any rejected article will
be returned to the sender with an explanation.

Administrative communications, comments and inquiries should be
mailed to the moderator(s) rather than being posted to the group.

>From time to time a moderator may choose to give up his or her
duties as a moderator. In such an event the moderators should select
a suitable replacement. The retiring moderator may take part in
this selection if he or she has not yet given up their responsibilities
as moderator.


Guidelines for submissions will be regularly posted to news.answers
in a soc.religion.shamanism Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Readers of soc.religion.shamanism submit articles to the moderators
by email. The initial moderators will be
Skip Watson (ciaran@aldhfn.org) (*Note, this moderator is currently
Dean Edwards (deane@netcom.com)

Note: since the original vote additional moderators have been added
as provided for by the terms of this charter. They are:
Al Billings (mimir@illuminati.io.com) (currently inactive)
Iraj Mughal (iraj@gnu.ai.mit.edu)

Submissions/postings for soc.religion.shamanism should be sent to

A current list of moderators will be included in a soc.religion.
shamanism Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) article to be posted to
soc.religion.shamanism and selected 'answers' newsgroups.

Administrative matters will not be discussed in soc.religion.shamanism
administrative comments and inquiries should be sent to:


See the FAQ shamanism-general overview FAQ, which is
regularly posted to news.answers.

It is also recommended that the articles on network etiquette
posted to news.newusers.questions be read.

For information concerning excessive flames and personal attacks
see above comments.

For information on network etiquette please refer to the following
documents, among others:
Emily Postnews Answers Your Questions on Netiquette
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Usenet


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