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05.08. Greetings


This article is from the Magick-Chaos FAQ, by AShdeamoNium ashton@netcom.com with numerous contributions by others.

05.08. Greetings

+ 93 ... Ia ... Nothing ...

Nothing is Permited

From: dougg@netcom.com (Doug Grant)

The supposed origin of this statement is from the Hassan I Sabbah of
the Islamic heretical sect the Nizari Isma'ilis, also known as the
Hashasssins. The dictum is seen by some to be the jist of the
highest level of initiation within the Nizari Isma'ilis, wherein
the initiates would turn their backs to Mecca and make this
statement. It has also been attributed to being the last words of
Hassan I Sabbah on his deathbed.

Nothing is True - Everything is Permitted is an english
interpretation of an Arabic statement.

Other translations appear as:
Believe Nothing - Dare All
On Earth There is No Reckoning

The statement was popularized by William S. Burroughs in his many
literary works.

From: "Joseph Max.555" <max@atticus.com>

> What do you mean by that statement, "Nothing is true ...?

There are probably as many interpretations of that particular
dictum as there are for
"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law."

I can only offer my personal take:

"Nothing is True" can be interpreted as meaning nothing is
_absolutely_ true. "Truth" is a theoretical construct, a model
laid over reality to give it meaning. As Poincare' pointed out,
there are always an infinite number of _facts_ available. "Truth"
is derived by choosing amongst those facts and assembling them into
a meaningful model.

It's like saying that neither the metric system or the English system
of measurement is "true". As long as they are self-consistant, they
are _useful_.

To quote Poincare':

"If a phenomenon admits of a particular mechanical explanation, it
will admit of an infinity of others which will account equally well
for all the peculiarities disclosed by the experiment."

So using physics as an example, we can say that Newtonian gravitational
formulae are "true" - we still use them to calculate the trajectories
of space probes. However, when speeds approach that of light, they are
no longer "true", and we must revert to general relativity to obtain
consistant results.

As for "Everything is Permitted", it is merely the consequence of
the first postulate. If nothing is true, that there are no absolutes,
the universe is relativistic (which Einstein pretty much established)
and ultimately arbitrary (and Chaos Mathematics is making a strong
case for that), then we are given the awful freedom to create
whatever universe, whatever reality, whatever TRUTH that we care
to invest belief in - and the freedom to alter that reality as need or
desire may require by altering our beliefs by application of the will.
This, BTW, is what we Chaotes call "meta-belief" - that belief itself
is only a tool by which we create reality. It is a means, not an end;
a vehicle, not a destination.

From: Balanone@tefnut.astaroth.sacbbx.com (Balanone)

Any attempt to translate Xeper literally will fail. Approximately,
Xeper is most often used as a verb, referring to willful self-
improvement, self-initiation, self-advancement, and similar self-
initiated and self-produced advancements in being. Add to that the
concept of self-creation (Xepera was the ancient Egyptian god known
for being self-created, did not come from any other source). Add to
that the idea of metamorphosis, like from caterpillar to butterfly,
but often discussed as being from child to adult or from man to god.


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