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6.00: UFO Projects & Theories & Controversies


This article is from the Alien Visitors FAQ, by CRAM: The Cyberspatial Reality Advancement Movement ldetweil@csn.org with numerous contributions by others.

6.00: UFO Projects & Theories & Controversies

There are many theories of UFO origins. These include that UFOs (and
associated aliens) are some form of advanced technology, perhaps
extraterrestrial; that UFOs might be time travellers; that UFOs might
be some form of new natural phenomenon; and the UFOs might be some form
of psychic phenomenon.

In common with other cases where there are more than two theories to
explain an event, nobody really knows what the true explanation is.

==6.00: UFO: Aurora Project or "deep black" projects

The "Black Projects" are governmental projects that are considered
technological secrets. These can range from laser and particle beams to
top secret aircraft. The "Aurora Project" is the name given to one of
these types of projects by the industry experts involving two new types
of reported aircraft. These aircraft where observed in the south west US
and are said to have been developed at highly classified government
facilities in the Nevada desert. There are two types of advanced aircraft

One is nick named the "Pulser" aircraft. There have been many sights of
this aircraft by several different witnesses. When sighted it has
repetitively been described as "A high-speed aircraft characterized by a
very loud, deep, rumbling engine noise (1-2 Hz pulse rate) reminiscent of
heavy-lift rockets." The smoke trail of the aircraft is described as
being segmented and in a linked sausage shape. (Or another good example
would be to look at one side of your coat zipper, un-zipped, with the
teeth facing you) It is also described as a high-altitude aircraft that
crossed the sky at extremely high speeds. Both ground based and airborne
observers have reported it to be seen flying at altitudes above 50,000
ft. observers have reported see the aircraft as a single bright light
that seldom changed direction, however speed changes where observed. One
observer estimated that it covered 350 miles in 6 minutes. (3500

This this aircraft may indeed exist. There has been research in to what
are called Pulsed Detonation Engines (PED's) also refereed to as Pulsed
Detonation Wave Engines. These are different type of engine than the
pulse jet engines, which is already publicly know, and has been tested in
aircraft. The PED's are said to be in laboratory and computer analysis
level of development (reported oct of 91) The PED's exhaust emission
produces smoke trails that closely match the pulser aircraft. Simulations
of theses engines are said to be able to propel large aircraft in the
"Mach 0.2-3.0 flight regime"

How PED's work: PED's use shock waves created in a detonation to compress
the fuel-oxidizer mixture prior to combustion. A cylinder chamber
designed to support the detonation is constructed with a flat forward end
which makes up the thrust wall. Air along with fuel is fed into the
engine from behind the thrust-wall. The detonation wave created travels
forward to the thrust wall at about Mach 4 and compresses the fuel-air
mixture, promotes supersonic combustion and causes a pressure rise in the
engine. The wave then strikes the thrust wall and rebounds accelerating
the combustion products towards the nozzle. Some of the products are
ejected by the wave to the outside air-stream through the air inlet
openings creating a toroidal vortex out side the engine. Then the cycle

The said advantages of this type of engine are:
* Theoretically a higher fuel efficiency than a "constant pressure engine"
* Engines can be produced in many sizes and thrust outputs from a few
inches in diameter at a thrust of several pounds to larger one that can
output in the thousands of pounds range.
* They have high thrust to weight ratio (ie.lighter engine, more thrust)
* They are mechanically simple, and have few moving parts.
* They could operate in or out of the atmosphere using fuel oxidizers.

There is very little information on the other reported aircraft. It is
reported as "A triangular-shaped, quiet aircraft". This craft has been
seen by many observers and flying with several F-117 stealth aircraft.

Main Sources:
Aviation Week & Space Technologies, (Oct 1, 90 pp20-23) &
(oct 28, 91 pp68-69)

Also See:

Aviation Week & Space Technologies [please note: one of these dates is a
December 24, 1990 pg. 41-44         couple days off, on the actual
June 20,     1991 pg. 20-21         magazine date.]
March 9,     1992 pg. 66-67
May 11,      1992 pg. 62-63

==6.02: UFO: NASA Footage September 10th

Space Ice or an alien craft dodging a missile. That's the big debate on
the footage taken by an unmanned camera on the space shuttle. One side
says that it is space Ice accelerated by the space shuttles thrusters.
The other side says the excelleration of some the objects don't follow
the correct paths don't match physics. They speculate its a alien craft
dodging a Starwars missile.

Main source: Sightings, FOX Network, airdate September 25, 1992


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