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11.00: UFO Organizations. Part 3


This article is from the Alien Visitors FAQ, by CRAM: The Cyberspatial Reality Advancement Movement ldetweil@csn.org with numerous contributions by others.

11.00: UFO Organizations. Part 3

==11.37: North American Institute for Crop Circle Research (NAICCR)

NAICCR was formed in 1990 after requests for information about North
American crop circles had reached epidemic proportions. UFOROM
associates, who had been regularly investigating reports and
discoveries of UGMs (Unusual Ground Markings), including traces very
similar to crop circles, responded to inquiries by formalising a sister
group devoted to research into UGMs.

NAICCR associates investigate UGMs rationally, and prepare reports on
their findings. NAICCR distributes a list of known North American
UGMs, based on information provided to NAICCR by co-operative
researchers throughout the continent. A comparable list of British UGMs
has never been available in this manner. NAICCR also publishes an
annual report of North American UGM activity, with analyses and

NAICCR will continue to function in the future at about the present
level of activity, though it would be preferred if UGM cases would
once again be studied as special cases of UFO cases, as was the case
before tthat category of UGMs was raised to a separate category because
of British research. NAICCR may perhaps merge back with UFOROM, if this
is the case, since UFOROM had been investigating UGMs as a matter of

Box 1918
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R3C 3R2


649 Silverstone
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3T 2V8, Canada.

==11.38: Northamptonshire UFO Research Centre (NUFORC)

This is a local group covering the county of Northamptonshire within England.
Common name is NUFORC. Formed in 1986. Number of members about 20. Chief
officers are Stephen Gamble (Chairman); Susan Pollock (Secretary) and Elsie
Oakensen (Treasurer). Contact address : 30 Stonebridge Court, Lings,
Northampton, Northamptonshire, England.


Formed in 1973, the Northern UFO Network or NUFON was a loose federation of
local UFO groups throughout northern England. At the peak about 20 groups
were members. A small newsletter called Northern UFO News was published by
the group. Although the federation of groups no longer exists, Northern UFO
News is still published by Jenny Randles.

==11.40: Omega Communications

P.O. Box 2051 Cheshire, Connecticut 06410
John W. White, M.A.T. (President)
Sponsors public events (seminars, lectures, symposiums, etc) to promote
discussion about the UFO experience. Since 1987, Omega Communications has
produced an annual symposium, "The UFO Experience" where numerous
researchers and contactees are invited to talk. These proceedings are
published in audio and video format available for sale. Audio and
videotapes of previous conferences are available. Audio tapes are $9.00
each while videotapes are $29.95 each . Each tape is approximately 90
minutes in length. Video tapes are available only in VHS format.

==11.41: ParaNet (Paranormal Network) Information Service

ParaNet Information Service
P.O. Box 172
Wheat Ridge, CO 80034-0172

Voice Phone - 303-431-8796
Data BBS Phone - 303-431-8797
Publication is The Continuum :
Founded in 1986

ParaNet started on January 1, 1986 in a bulletin-board system called
"The Other Side" It was one of the first BBS that gathered together
various information for the pourpous of research on the paranormal.
Jim Speiser was the Director of ParaNet 1986-88 at the time and
wanted to bring together the three factions of paranormal debate
(the skeptics, the believers, and the undecided) for public
discussion of paranormal. He created ParaNet as neutral ground for
the exchange of information on the paranormal.In 1988 Speiser turned
over the directorship to Michael Corbin.

Current Status
ParaNet's basic goles are reflected in its motto: "Answering Questions,
Questioning Answers". ParaNet offers investigator's raw material, in the
form of sighting reports, which comes from data supplied by the public.
The network concept provides the investigators and its users with immediate,
one-on-one contact, and instant access to a global communications medium.
ParNet also keeps it users informed major, fast-breaking stories involving
the paranormal. ParaNet can be accessed in six countries on three

The People of ParaNet
ParaNet provides access to experts through their electronic system. Its
research branch is headed by Robert B. Klinn, a veteran investigator who
worked for the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek. ParaNet also provides a conference
on the UFO abduction experience hosted by Dr. David Jacobs, a UFO historian
and author. Many different groups and researchers of the paranormal use
Parenet for information exchange and discussion of ideas. Among some of them
are the Bay Area Skeptics, the South Shore Skeptics, Marge Christenson,
T. Scott Crain, Dan Drasin, Stan Gordon, Barry Greenwood, Budd Hopkins,
Linda Howe, Phil Imbrogno, Dr. David Jacobs, Dr. Donald Johnson, Philip
Bruce Maccabee, Maj. James McGaha, Dr. Mark Rodeghier, Robert Schaeffer,
Tracy Torme, and Dr. David Webb, Don Ecker, Vicki Cooper and and many others.

The Future of ParaNet
In the future ParaNet plans to expan their network to even more cournties,
increasing public education and scientific-oriented research and
investigation unequaled in the field. Their focus will be directed at
bringing various credible existing organizations from around the world into
a better orgonized research effort. ParaNet will also turn its attention to
more investigative reporting. Paranet plans to acomplish this unser their
new organization known as MICAP (Multi-national Investigations Cooperative
on Aerial Phenomena). (see MICAP) MICAP will be a separate non-profit
research/educational vehicle with investigative ability.

CONTINUUM is a publication put out quarterly by ParaNet It costs $18.00
per year. It is a very informative and diverse publication.

Internet Mailings:
To get the current postings from ParaNet send a mail message to:
with the word "Subscribe" in the subject line.

Information about ParaNet and MICAP can be obtained by phoning 303-431-8796,
or by writing to them at P.O. Box 172, Wheat Ridge, CO 80034-0172.

To access ParaNet via computer and modem, call 303-431-8797 and you will be
guided through the registration process and be given choices of which level
of membership you wish to acquire.

ParaNet's files are available on floppy disks or hard copy. Their catalog
is available for $10.00 and contains a full listing of all available
files, books, and videos. Contact Michael Corbin at:
ParaNet Information Service
P.O. Box 172
Wheat Ridge, CO 80034-0172

==11.42: Pennsylvania Association for the Study of the Unexplained (PASU)

6 Oakhill Avenue
Greensburg, Pennsylvania 15601
Stan Gordon (Director)
PASU Data Exchange
Founded in 1981
A volunteer, non-profit scientific research unit conducts investigations of
strange or unusual occurrences, with emphasis on UFOs and UFO-related
activity. PASU members donate their time and equipment. PASU is a statewide
clearinghouse for reports of UFO sightings and is comprised of individuals
with training or experience in the fields of science, engineering,
technology or medicine who act as field investigators. Monthly meetings are
held to share information. PASU has on file thousands of cases from
Pennsylvania that include UFO sightings, creature reports, unusual animal
killings, unexplained photographs and other anomalies. PASU attempts to
send field investigators directly to the scene of an occurrence to gather
information and interview witnesses. The "PASU Data Exchange" newsletter
contains information regarding investigations conducted into unusual
incidents that have occurred in Penn.

==11.43: PNET

Based in Melbourne, Australia. Bulletin board system, echos some Paranet
material. Sysop : Brian Evans, contact Brian by Internet mail for

==11.44: The Portland UFO Group (PUFOG)

P.O. Box 998 Wilsonville, OR 97070
Jennifer Brown - Jacobs (Director)
PUFOG Newsletter Founded in 1989
500 Members
A non-profit UFO organization whose monthly seminars are open to the
general public; maintain no membership and are unaffiliated with any other
UFO organization. PUFOG is an information group that conducts seminars on
the 3rd Sunday of each month at Mt. Hood Community College, Gresham, OR.
These seminars present knowledgeable speakers on UFOs and related
subjects. Those who attend their seminars pay an admission fee and receive
the PUFOG newsletter.

==11.45: Roundtown UFO Society

Roundtown UFO Society, PO Box 52, Circleville, Ohio 43113 Multi-national

==11.46: Royal Priest Research

P.O. Box 10546
Sedona, Arizona 86336
Lyssa Royal
Publication is: The Prism
Founded in 1975, an independent research group with no members. Lyssa Royal
mixes generally- accepted research techniques skills with less provable
methods, such as channeling. Thus far, their research has produced two
books, "The Prism of Lyra - An Exploration of Human Galactic Heritage" (130
pages) and "Visitors From Within" (171 pages).
Lyssa Royal organizes and conducts weekly sessions, private consultations,
and special events. She offers tapes of her numerous channeling sessions
which discuss various topics and extraterrestrial beings both physical and
nonphysical. Each tape is 90 minutes and $12.00; complete set (9 tapes) is
"The Prism" is periodic newsletter which details news, list of recent
channeling tapes, books, etc.

==11.47: The Search for EXtraterrestrial Intelligence

Office of Space Science and Applications
Michael Braukus
(Phone: 202/358-1547)

Ames Research Center, Mountain View, Calif.
Michael Mewhinney
(Phone: 415/604-9000)

Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif.
Mary Hardin
(Phone: 818/354-5011)

==11.48: Sirian Rainbow Lodge

P.O. Box 2108
St. Petersburg, Florida 33731
Liah GoldenHawk (Co Founder)
L. Baird (Bookkeeper)
Pulbication is Solar Trek; founded in 1990.
Primarily an extraterrestrial outpost program, provides information from
the alien point of view. The Sirian Rainbow Lodge is the StarSystem Sirian
Outpost; interested in sharing all types of positive ET Alien knowledge.
ET & UFO Network where Contactees and others may share eexperiences,
contacts and opinions. Focuses on believing and possibilities, rather than
proving any theories; focuses mainly on occupants of UFOs and alien
The Lodge is led by the Bennu who is an alien of the Nordic type from
StarSystem Sirius. To raise money, the Lodge sells books and booklets by
the Bennu and "Solar Trek", the ET Alien Quarterly Journal.

==11.49: SKYNET

257 Sycamore Glen
Pasadena, California 91105
Ann Druffel (Project Co Ordinator)
Publication is Skynet Guides; Founded in1965; 50 - 100 members.
Established to serve as a tracking system for UFO reports in the Los
Angeles, California area. Its original purpose was to receive UFO reports
at the time that witnesses were viewing the objects, thus centering their
efforts on real-time viewing, photographing, monitoring, rather than
relying on after-the-fact analysis.
Upon joining, members agree to contact other SKYNET members whenever an
unusual sighting is occurring for members to view, photograph and monitor
the object in real-time while not having to wait for an after-the-fact
presentation. This contacting of other SKYnet members that a sighting is
occurring is the only obligation of members. All calls from the public
receive an in-depth phone interview by an assigned SKYNET official and if
warranted, further field investigations are conducted.


Commonly called SOBEPS and the leading group in Belgium. Senior Officers :
President : Michel Bougard, Secretary : Lucien Clerebaut. Contact address
74 Avenue Paul Janson, B-1070, Bruxelles, Belgium.

==11.51: Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE)

Office of the Secretary
P.O. Box 3818,
University Station
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903-0818
Laurence W. Fredrick (Secretary)
804-924-4905 : 804-924-3104
Publishes the Journal of Scientific Exploration and The Explorer .
Established in 1982. A tax-exempt group that investigates various
anomalies, including UFOs. Although its president Professor Peter Sturrock
of Stanford University, all contact with SSE should be made through
Laurence W. Fredrick. The goal of the SSE is to gain further understanding
of anomalous phenomena (including UFOs) and to share this knowledge with
the public. The Society considers anomalous phenomena to be incidents that
appear to contradict existing scientific knowledge; regarded by the
scientific community as being outside their established fields of inquiry.
They use the "Journal of Scientific Exploration" as an avenue to discuss
anomalous phenomena and present research results to the scientific and
scholarly community; its members are drawn from practitioners of science
who have acquired a first-hand knowledge and understanding of the
scientific process. The Society holds annual international meetings and
periodically scheduled regional meetings.
To promote co-operation, and to accommodate other levels of activity and
interest, the Society has created the categories of "Corresponding Member"
and "Associate". "Associates" receive the "Journal of Scientific
Exploration" (two issues a year) and "The Explorer" (two issues a year). An
Associate may submit letters and other items for publication in the
Newsletter, may submit articles for publication in the Journal (each
article must be sponsored by a "Full Member"), and may attend Society
meetings by arrangement with a "Full Member". A person wishing to become an
"Associate" may do so by completing an Application Form and sending it with
a check for the annual dues to the Secretary.
"Full Membership" is reserved for those associated with major universities,
government entities or corporate research institutions who have an
established reputation in a traditional branch of science.
"Emeritus Membership" provides the privileges of Full Membership to
similarly qua]ified retirees at a lower annual rate.
"Student Membership" is limited to graduate students enrolled in academic
"Corresponding Membership" is open to members of designated organizations.
A "Corresponding Member" receives, and is entitled to submit articles to
the "Journa] of Scientific Exploration".


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