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12 The Internet (Concertina)


This article is from the Concertina FAQ, by Chris Timson chris@harbour.demon.co.uk with numerous contributions by others.

12 The Internet (Concertina)

This list is not exhaustive and I would welcome further information.

The International Concertina Association has an active mailing list, but
this is restricted to its members only.

has an Internet mailing list

    Anglo Concertina                Excellent page produced by Dave Glenn.
                                    Good info (and one or two inaccuracies)
                                    and diagrams and some very useful hints
                                    on how to finger various keys on the anglo.
    Boermusiek Konsertina           Some very interesting pages about the
                                    concertina as played by the Boer community of
                                    South Africa, maintained by Sean Minnie. Well
                                    worth a read.
    Chemnitzer FAQ                  Created by Ted Kloba, this site is a good
                                    starting point for people interested in
                                    the Chemnitzer concertina.
    Concertina.net                  New name (formerly Anglo Concertina Resources)
                                    and new address for a fine site. Good photos,
                                    info, links and interviews with Herrington and
                                    Suttner, and a message board. What more could
                                    you want?
    Chords                          This page is given over to an
                                    explanation of chord symbols. The
                                    author, Gavin Atkin, is a Jeffries
                                    duet player, and has devised the
                                    page for other duet players.
    Concertina                      Descriptions of three anglo concertinas owned by
                                    Bob DeVellis - A Jeffries, a Lachenal and a
                                    Dipper. Beautifully photograped and written, I
                                    like to look in on this since this particular
                                    Lachenal was the first concertina I ever owned.
    Concertina History              An article written by Neil Wayne for the Galpin
                                    Society and profusely illustrated. A *must* for
                                    the budding concertina guru. Maintained by the
                                    UK Anglo player Howard Mitchell.
    Concertina!                     Maintained by Toby Koosman, contains
                                    links to many sites of direct and
                                    peripheral interest to concertina
    Concertina FAQ                  This FAQ in HTML format with
                                    Bob Tedrow maintains a US mirror
                                    at http://hmi.homewood.net/tinafaq/
    ConcertinaMusic.com             A site dedicated to the Chemnitzer
                                    concertina, with many resources for
                                    this instrument and stacks of free
                                    sheet music notated for the Chemnitzer.
    Concertina Spotters Guide       Maintained by Nick Robertshaw, a
                                    larger-than-life individual who plays
                                    Jeffries Duet. This site has a fine
                                    collection of photos of the different
                                    types of concertinas.
    Die Deutsche Konzertina         A site devised by Martin Doering and
                                    dedicated to the anglo concertina.
                                    The site used to be solely in German,
                                    but has now acquired some English
    Don Nichols Home Page           Very knowledgeable gentleman when it
                                    comes to the interiors of concertinas,
                                    his home page has some fascinating
                                    info and diagrams. Also carries the
                                    text of Neil Wayne's magnificent
                                    article on the history of the
    Duet Concertina Fingering       This site has well set-out fingering
    Charts                          charts for all the main Duet systems:
                                    MacCann, Crane(Triumph) and Hayden.
                                    Maintained by Marc Lamb, it fills a
                                    real need.
    Hayden Duet Concertina Page     As its name says, a site created by
                                    Jack J Wohr particularly for this
                                    most rational of duet concertinas.
    Hayden Concertina mailing List  Also maintained by Jack Wohr, this 
                                    mailing list is intended specifically
                                    for players of the Hayden concertina.
                                    To subscribe send a blank email to
    Le concertina anglo Irish en France
                                    A very comprehensive site in French
                                    dedicated to playing the anglo for
                                    Irish music.
    Le concertina en France         A personal site created by Gilbert 
                                    Carrère, president of the Association
                                    Française pour le Concertina.
    The MacCann Duet Concertina     A comprehensive guide to the MacCann
                                    duet concertina, ostensibly written
                                    by the Good (and long dead) Professor
                                    MacCann himself. Other interesting
                                    info includes pdf's of all the
                                    important concertina patents. Well
                                    worth visiting.
    Squeezebox mailing list         Formerly the Accordion mailing list.
                                    Has a 2-way gateway with the squeezebox
                                    news group (see below). To  subscribe,
                                    send an email to
                                    or online at

      rec.music.makers.squeezebox     Also formerly the Accordion mailing
                                    list! Covers all aspects of free reed
                                    instruments including the concertina.
                                    A very friendly, helpful and welcoming
                                    community of players. 
    Steve Litwin's Home Page        Steve is the polka editor of the
                                    Polish American Journal, and
                                    Chemnitzer concertina player. He has
                                    assembled some good stuff about this
    Virtual Wheatstone Concertina   This Flash demo takes a few seconds
                                    to load on a modem, but once it
                                    arrives it shows a very elegant
                                    Victorian Wheatstone English
                                    concertina which you can play with
                                    your mouse. No, really!
    Writings - John Kirkpatrick     John Kirkpatrick ("The Guv'nor") has
                                    within his site three articles on how
                                    to play the anglo. Links to them are
                                    on this page. Look at the rest of the
                                    site while you're there.


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