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10 Concertina Clubs And Organisations


This article is from the Concertina FAQ, by Chris Timson chris@harbour.demon.co.uk with numerous contributions by others.

10 Concertina Clubs And Organisations

This list is not exhaustive and I would welcome further information.

The Horniman Museum in London has purchased Neil Wayne's concertina
collection, and apparently intends to make it the centrepiece of a
display devoted to the concertina. Watch this space for more info.

Alabama Concertina Support Described as "a support group for
Group southern players". Has WWW page at:-
315 Laplaya Place http://hmi.homewood.net/concertina
Alabama 35209

Association Francaise pour Now has upwards of 30 members,
le Concertina and a newsletter entitled
Contact Gilbert Carrere at L'Hexagone.
183, rue Championnet
75018 Paris
Phone 01 42 28 42 41
Email ggg_concertina@net-up.com

Bay Area Concertina Players Describe themselves as: "Not a
Email Daniel Hersh at formal organization, but more of
hrshsand@netcom.com a mailing list of all the local
players we can find." Have
occasional informal gatherings.

Center for the Study of CSFRI is "a resource for scholarly
Free Reed Instruments research on all aspects...of all
Graduate Center/CUNY free-reed instruments". The Director
365 Fifth Avenue is Allan Atlas, author of The
New York NY 10016-4309 Wheatstone Concertina in Victorian
Phone (212) 817-8590 England.
Email aatlas@gc.cuny.edu

Chiltern Concertina Group Meets once a month at Maulden
Contact Jon McNamara on Church Hall in Bedfordshire on
01279 656664 Sundays. Has as many as 30 attendees.
Email jonmacnamara@usa.net

Concertinas Anonymous Meets once a month at 8pm on Mondays.
The Lewes Arms Also an irregular series of workshops,
Mount Street such as the all day one on 14th October
Lewes 2000 with Andy Turner on playing Anglo
England for dance. Has WWW page at:-
Phone 01273 474389 http://members.aol.com/lewesarmsfolk/concanon.html
Email Bryancreer@aol.com

Robert Pich & Juliette Daum Organises an annual meeting for
Seminar-center concertina players (English and
www.proitzer-muehle.de anglo) on the second weekend in
www.concertinas.de May in Bielefeld.

Concertinas at Witney Witney is in Oxfordshire UK.
J Cox C@W is an intensive weekend
26 Hill Grove course for concertina players
Bristol held annually with tutors of
BS9 4RJ the calibre of John Kirkpatrick
England and Simon Thoumire. Next course
Phone 0117 9629931 29 - 30 September 2001.
Has WWW page at:-

International Concertina Has been around since 1953.
Association Has an extensive library of
1A Virginia Road music. Newly revitalised and
Gillingham useful newsletter. Subscriptions:
Kent ME7 1PB UK UKP13
England Europe UKP14
Phone 01634 855738 Rest of the world UKP15
(or UKP1 less by standing order)
Has WWW page at:-

Konzertinanetz South German concertina club that
Jochen Riemer meets twice a year in spring and
Wiesenweg 2 autumn, all systems are welcome.
83561 Reitberg Their web site has a (German)
Germany mailing list, URL:-
Phone 08039 908463 www.konzertinanetz.de.vu
E-mail info@musizierschule.de

Midland Concertina Group
A & R Davies
42 Patricia Drive
Nottinghamshire NG5 8EH

Noel Hill Irish Concertina An anuual event which this year
School (1999) has a new home. An intensive
Putnam Valley NY 1 week course in playing Irish music
USA on the anglo, led by Noel Hill and
E-mail tkoosman@utk.edu intended for all skill levels from
beginner to expert. Runs from
August 8 to 13 1999 and costs $425
for tuition and meals. WWW page at:-

North East Concertina Players Restarted having found a new home:
Alan Alden monthly on the 2nd Sunday 2 - 5 p.m.
2 Church Street Mews at Ceddesfield Community Centre (opp.
Guisborough parish church), Sedgefield.
TS14 6HG

Northeast Squeeze-In A major annual weekend event for all
Bucksteep Manor free-reed players in the States, but
Washington MASS always has a large contingent of
USA concertina players. Reviews I have
For info/tickets contact read make it sound a great weekend.
The Button Box 1997 dates 19 - 21 September.
9 East Pleasant Street Has WWW page at:-
Amherst MA 01002 http://www.buttonbox.com/s-i.html
Phone (413) 549-0171

North Western Concertina Monthly meetings (second Saturday
Players afternoon) at The Ship & Mitre,
Bob Dawson Dale Street, Liverpool
Phone 0151 726 0110
Brian Leach
E-mail leachbrian@yahoo.com

South German Concertina Weekends Held every 6 months. Martin Doering
Wasserburg writes "All kinds of instruments are
Bavaria, Germany welcome. It is a smaller meeting -
Jochen Riemer last time around 10 people. We like to
Phone 08039 908463 play and sing together and exchange
experiences of any kind".
E-mail riemers.musizierschule@gmx.de
or musizierschule@web.de

Swedish Concertina Society Or in Swedish Svenska Concertina
(Secretary Goran Rahm) Sallskapet. Established in 1983 they
Bruksvagen 11 b currently have about 20 members.
S-752 41 Uppsala
Phone 46(18)557103 and (05)
E-mail concertina@telia.com

West Country Concertinas A flourishing group. They have a
Ron Marks series of workshops during Sidmouth
48 Brantwood Drive Festival week which is inspirational:
Paignton hundreds of concertina players! The
Devon next Annual Concertina Weekend is in
TQ4 5HY March 2002 at Kilve Court, Somerset.
England Tutors include John Kirkpatrick
Phone 01803 529497 and Alistair Anderson.

Yorkshire Concertina Players
J Edwards
63 Wrenbeck Drive
West Yorkshire LS21 2BD


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