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4. What is "8-track mind"?


This article is from the 8-track Tapes FAQ, by Malcolm Riviera malco@interpath.com with numerous contributions by others.

4. What is "8-track mind"?

8-Track Mind is the quarterly journal currently edited by Mr. Russel
Forster of East Detroit, MI. From it's Statement of Purpose: "We of the
8-TRACK MIND are dedicated to our one pursuit: to keep analog alive
(in whatever form) for the coming day of its ultimate victory. We will
supersede all formats yet to emerge. We and our followers adhere to the
doctrine of the 8-NOBLE TRUTHS OF THE 8-TRACK
MIND in all of our creative pursuits."


0) Understanding one's fate leads to greater acceptance.
1) State of the art is in the eye of the beholder.
2) Society's drive is on attaining rather than experiencing.
3) In less than optimum circumstances, creativity becomes all the more
4) Progress is too often promises, promises, promises to get you to
buy, buy.
5) "New" and "improved" don't necessarily mean the same thing.
6) "Naive" is not a dirty word.
7) In seeking perfection has the obvious been overlooked?
8) Innovation alone will not replace beauty.

The magazine features the always amazing Letters to the Editor section,
frequently the largest section in the magazine, where trackers around
the world unite in extolling the virtues of the endless loop cartridge;
the rest of the publication is comprised of feature articles, fiction,
art, and poetry from the vast cast of 8 TM writers, and PLUGS, a page of
analog contacts provided in lieu of classifieds and other advertising.

At the time of this posting, the latest issue was #86, Fall 1995.
Newcomers to 8TM are frequently surprised that this many issues have
been published. The answer lies in the early history of the magazine:
The first 68 issues of 8TM were the creation of Mr. Gordon Van Gelder.
Van Gelder began the magazine in 1970 and was its editor until it went
under in 1982, when its creditors took possession of its warehouse
and took twelve years of back issues, which had been carefully preserved
in polyurethane bags, and recycled them for newsprint (the creditors got
$68.23 for them). The magazine was revived in Chicago in 1990 with
issue #69 under the guidance of Van Gelder, his son Keith Van Gelder,
Russ Forster, Dan Sutherland, Kari Busch and others. Due to internal
turmoil at 8TM, by issue #74 Russ had taken over as editor/publisher
with both Van Gelders leaving the magazine's staff.

It is published in Feb., May, Aug., and Nov. by 8-TM Publications, P.O.
Box 90, East Detroit, MI 48021 0090. Single issues are $2;
subscriptions are $8/yr (make checks payable to Russ Forster).


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