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2]. Can anyone recommend some books on reggae?


This article is from the Reggae FAQ, by Mike Pawka eznoh@niceup.com with numerous contributions by others.

2]. Can anyone recommend some books on reggae?

Catch a Fire - The Life of Bob Marley. Timothy White. Holt, Rinehart
and Winston. 1983 - revised 1989)

Reggae Bloodlines - In Search of the Music and Culture of
Jamaica. Stephen Davis and Peter Simon. Heinemann Educational Books
Ltd. 1977 (reissued DaCapo,1992)

Reggae International. Stephen Davis and Peter Simon. Rogner & Bernhard
GMBH & Co. 1982

The Harder They Come - Michael Thelwell

Reggae - The Rough Guide Steve Barrow and Peter Dalton This expanded
and updated new edition of The Rough Guide to Reggae covers the entire
span of recorded music in Jamaica, from 1950s mento and R&B through to
dancehall and ragga, giving you the full story of ska, rocksteady,
roots, dub, toasting, and lover\u2019s rock, as well as reggae\u2019s
offshoots in Britain, the US and Africa. The book takes its focus from
the singers and DJs, the equally important producers and session
musicians and the sound systems. Througout, there are interviews and
features on the major artists, and reviews of hundreds of discs \u2013
both on CD and vinyl. Rough Guides Ltd Published 1997 ISBN

"Bob Marley" by Stephen Davis. 1990 Revised Edition. Published by
Schenkman Books, Inc (802-767-3702). ISBN: 0-87047-044-2 (pbk) $15.95
A rebel, a visionary, an uncompromising champion of human
rights-Robert Nesta Marley rose from the slums of Kingston, Jamaica,
to make reggae music and his own message of rebellion,
self-determination, and the power of the individual a spiritual and
political force through-out the world. The author of the highly
acclaimed "Reggae Bloodlines" has created an intimate portrait of the
charismatic artist through interviews with those closest to Marley and
with Marley himself, including the last one before his tragic death in
the spring of 1981. The Wailers' recording sessions, concerts, and
life at 56 Hope Road, Marley's residence, are all part of a sensitive,
authoritative, and authentic look at the king of a musical movement
that swept out of Jamaica and into Western and Third World countries
alike. Derek Bishton "Blackheart Man"

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