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19 Which band was banned from where? (college marching band)


This article is from the College marching band FAQ, by Adam Elman aelman@cs.stanford.edu, Meredith McClurg mcclurg@minerva.cis.yale.edu, Patrick Neschleba pjnesch@stanfordalumni.org and Craig Moe craigmoe@mindspring.com with numerous contributions by others.

19 Which band was banned from where? (college marching band)

A short timeline:

1967 Columbia is banned by the Ivy League from performing at any athletic
event after performing a show with a birth control theme.
1972 Columbia is banned from West Point for "forming" the napalming of a
Cambodian Villiage, complete with flaming villagers.
1985 Yale is banned from performing at halftime of the Yale-Army game
minutes beforehand, after Army's athletic director deems the show
"not worthy of the privilege of being presented to 40,000 people in
Michie Stadium." A week later six members of the band were suspended
for three games after dropping their pants (they wore boxers) at the
Yale-Holy Cross game.
1985 The West Virginia legislature votes to ban Virginia from the state
for a show that used several West Virginia stereotypes and made
fun of a recent industrial accident.
1986 The Maryland state legislature votes to ban Virginia from playing at
any public stadium in the state for portraying Marvin Mandel,
governor at the time in stripes and a ball and chain. He was later
convicted on charges of racketerring, corruption, and mail fraud.
1990 Stanford is banned from the state of Oregon for a show making fun of
the Spotted Owl controversy.
1991 Legislation is introduced in Virginia to ban UVA after a Sugar Bowl
show where they killed Elvis, inciting opposing Tennessee fans. It
never comes to vote.
1991 Stanford is banned indefinitely from performing at Notre Dame for
having a drum major dress up as a nun.
1993 Virginia is banned from it's own stadium in an attempt to replace
them with an Athletic Department run band. The new band was booed
and heckled by the students; its membership dropped to about 10
members by the end of football season, so they brought the Pep Band
1994 Pennsylvania's planned show at Lafyette College is pulled at the
last moment for unspecified reasons.
1995 Wisconsin is banned indefinitely from Penn State for surrounding
and deafening a groundskeeper during their "5th Quarter" performance.
1996 Humboldt State (CA) is permanently banned from staying at Hickey
Gym, on the UC Davis campus, for various abuses, among them "harassing
llamas." They are also banned from the Picnic Day Parade for not
staying in order. This begins a tradition of being banned from the
parade only to talk their way into it in every year since.
1997 North Carolina is told by the organizers of the Macy's Thanksgiving
Day parade that future applications to perform will be denied for
breaking formation during the 1993 parade.
1997 Stanford is banned from their own stadium for the 1999 Notre Dame
game for a show mocking the Fighting Irish mascot.
1997 Cornell is banned by its own Athletics Department from performing at
games at Harvard and Yale in 1998, at a home game against UPenn, and
at the 1999 game at UPenn after Penn students complain about early
rehearsals and things written on dry erase boards. The punishment
was later lessened to a reduction in roadtrips, and a mandatory
student leadership class.
1997 UC Davis is banned from a California State University basketball
game because "Davis would gain a home court advantage at an away
game if the band appeared." (CSU routinely bans UC Davis from
basketball and volleyball games for similar reasons.)
1998 Prairie View A&M and Southern University are both banned for two
football games by the SWAC after a brawl broke out between the two
bands during halftime.
1999 Miami University (Ohio) is banned from a home halftime performance
and a performance at a Cincinnati Bengals game after drinking,
watching pornographic movies, and mooning people on a trip to West

People worried about the apparant increase in University crackdowns in
recent years should be reminded that these are all from memory, and the
more recent items are more likely to be remembered.


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