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03 USA Open Musical Jam Sessions part3


This article is from the Open Musical Jam Sessions FAQ, by Rich Kulawiec rsk@gsp.org with numerous contributions by others.

03 USA Open Musical Jam Sessions part3

Santa Cruz, California, USA: [Blues]

Callahan's - On Water St. one block east of Ocean St.
Thursday night blues jam, 8:30 - 1. House band plays a couple sets.
Sign up on set list (usually 4 sets). Players range from not very good
to very good. Anyone who gets on the list gets to play. Also have a
"talent night" on Sundays.

Contributed-by: leff@sco.com (Bill Leff)

Santa Cruz, California, USA: [Jazz]

The Kuumbwa holds a weekly jam, usually on Tuesday nights. Admission is
$2; usually mainstream jazz, beginner to advanced.

Contributed-by: tombrown@cats.ucsc.edu

San Diego, California, USA: [Jazz]

The Espresso Literati (a cafe/bookstore) has a Saturday afternoon jam
from 2-5 PM, hosted by guitarist Art Johnson and a rhythm section. It
usually consists of a first set by Art and his friends then the jammers
sit in. Espresso Literati is in La Jolla (a nice part of San Diego), at
the corner of Fay and Kline (downtown La Jolla. Not to be confused with
downtown San Diego). Jazz, real book type stuff. [ Update: Keith
Pilotti, ktp@qualcomm.com, reports that as of 1/94 this place no longer

Contributed-by: Sue Raul (sue@snafu.seada.com)

San Diego, California, USA: [Jazz]

El Campo Ruse, 940 16th Avenue, telephone (619) 702-2030, has open
mic's every Saturday, hosted by the Gilbert Castellanos Quintet.
Check the schedule by clicking on the "Outlate" icon on their home page
at http://www.n2.net/ecruse/ Acoustic instruments; piano available.
Three sets from 12AM till 4AM.

Contributed-by: ecruse@n2.net (Turiya Mareya) [Dec 96]

San Francisco, California, USA: [Celtic]

The Plough and Stars, 116 Clement, SF, has an open Irish jam on Sunday
nights. This is a very hot session, the level of playing is at a
professional level. Sessions begin at 8 PM or so, and often last until 1
or 2 AM. Leif Sorbye, of Tempest and formerly Golden Bough, has been a
regular in the past.

Contributed-by: darsie@eecs.ucdavis.edu (Richard Darsie)

San Francisco, California, USA: [Folk]

Owl & Monkey Cafe, 9th Street btwn Irving & Judah (Sunset). Folk music
every Thursday night. Signup at least one or two Thursdays in advance.
[10 minutes each.] It gets crowded really fast, so show up early.
Really laid back atmosphere. They also have an open poetry night -- I
forget which night [I'll find out.]

Contributed-by: bert@netcom.com (Roberto Sierra)

San Francisco, California, USA: [Folk]

San Francisco Folk Music Club, 9 p.m. "until late" every other
Friday at 885 Clayton St. For details call (415) 661-2217.

Contributed-by: carln@netcom.com (Carl D. Neiburger) [Feb 94]

San Jose, California, USA: [Jazz]

Garden City, 360 S. Saratoga Ave., has a Tuesday night jazz jam session
hosted by pianist Smith Dobson supplying the core rythm section. Pretty
open atmosphere, real book type of tunes. (408)-244-3333

Contributed-by: Larry Lewicki <ldl@galaxy.nsc.com>

Alameda, California, USA: [Misc]

John Patrick's - 1813 Park St. (510) 522-5105.
Jam night every Tuesday. Band usually starts around 9:30 and plays a set,
then the jam sessions start, roughly 10:30 - 1:30. Level of playing is
variable, from novice to pro, depending on who is in town. Bring your
instrument (unless you're a drummer), amps and PA are provided. Current
host band (as of 8/94) is "Strawberry Jam", a loose aggregation of
players specializing in early '60's British Invasion, but jams can
encompass rock, blues, folk, etc. Never a cover charge.

Contributed-by: Michael Barrett <baritone@crl.com>

Black Forest, Colorado, USA: [Bluegrass/Celtic]

Black Forest Community Center, on Black Forest Road, just Northwest
of Shoup road. The Black Rose Acoustic Music Society meets on the
second and fourth Friday of each month. Starts around 7:30 pm.
There is a $1 admission/donation [this may climb to $2 with a $5
family max in the near future]. Refreshments are available for sale
but no alcohol. There are usually about two hours of 20 minute
"open mike" sessions that anyone can sign up for in advance. These
blocks are followed by an indefinate amount of open Bluegrass Jam.
It has looked like a musical version of Brownian motion on occasion
as folks break out into smaller sub-groups and then combine and
split, ... There are a, currently, small number of Celtic
musicians that show up as well.

Contributed-by: Dean.Karres@Central.Sun.COM (Dean Karres)


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