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01 USA Open Musical Jam Sessions part1


This article is from the Open Musical Jam Sessions FAQ, by Rich Kulawiec rsk@gsp.org with numerous contributions by others.

01 USA Open Musical Jam Sessions part1

Birmingham, Alabama, USA: [Folk/Blues]

Open jam at Homewood Musical Instrument Co.; 3027 Central Ave in
Homewood, Alabama. Phone (205) 879-4868. All levels, friendly
to acoustic blues, bluegrass; squeezeboxes; mandolins etc.
Each saturday 10-4pm.

Contributed-by: retedrow@the-matrix.com

Phoenix, Arizona, USA: [Unknown/Folk?]

Fri & Sat 7:30 pm open jam at Fiddler's Dream Coffeehouse
17th St and Cactus Wren, Phoenix

Contributed-by: Joe Bethancourt <locksley@indirect.com> [Dec 94]

Tucson, Arizona, USA: [Old-Time/Celtic]

The Folk Shop, 2525 N. Campbell Avenue, 881-7147, hosts music jams every
Tuesday and Wednesday evening.

Tuesday's jam runs from 8-11 and features Old-Time/Celtic the 4th
Tuesday of the month, and Bluegrass every 2nd Tuesday. These jams are open
to anyone with a smile and an intrument.

The Wednesday "Slow-Jam" is strictly for participants, mainly those with a
propensity to read the written note, and play at a slower pace. For those of
us just beginning or learning a different instrument. 7:30 - 9:00

By the way, check <http://www.lpl.arizona.edu/~tzf/fd_az.html for a web
page on folkish music and dance in Tucson, maintained by Terry Friedman.
Also, there are other places in town with jams that come and go. If you`re
passing through town, try calling any of:

SW Center For Music: 2175 N 6th Ave, 881-1220
Cushing Street Bar:
Stellar Cellar: ? E. Grant (currently open mike on Friday nights)
Tucson Bluegrass Association: 761 8384

Contributed-by: Theron Friedman (tzf@lpl.arizona.edu) [Aug 94]
and folkie@AZStarNet.com (folk shop) [Sep 95]

Tucson, Arizona, USA: [Folk]

"Slow Jam" for beginners, Wednesday Nights at Bookman's
(Grant at Campbell Ave.) ~8 - ~10. Basic fiddle/contra tunes played very
slowly; sight reading skills are optional.

Contributed-by: Theron Friedman (tzf@lpl.arizona.edu) [Aug 94]

Tucson, Arizona, USA: [Folk]

There is currently an Irish jam at the Harp & Shamrock (a bar - noisy & smokey)
7002 E. Golf Links Rd., 2nd Thursday of each month, 8-10pm

Contributed-by: tzf@LPL.Arizona.EDU (Terry Friedman) [Aug 96]

Tucson, Arizona, USA: [Folk]

The Arizona Old Time Fiddlers have an open mike jam every Tuesday, 7-10pm
at the Southwest Community Center. Music genre runs to old standards,
old country, and fiddle tunes. Contact: Jack Childs, 520/883-4029.

Contributed-by: tzf@LPL.Arizona.EDU (Terry Friedman) [Aug 96]

Little Rock, Arkansas, USA: [Celtic]

Celtic session meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of every month at
Barnes & Noble Booksellers, 11500 Financial Centre Parkway, 8-10 pm.
Novices to experts welcome. For info call (501) 372-7619.

Contributed-by: Ellen Stern <estern@aristotle.net> [Nov 96]

Bakersfield, California [Bluegrass]

Buskers Music, 18th and R Streets. Saturday afternoon jams from about
12:30 PM to about 4:00 PM and every other Thursday night. Generally
bluegrass but this depends upon who walks in; there may be concurrent
folk/traditional sessions. Players range from beginners to
professional but anyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

Contributed-by: rickbsox@ix.netcom.com (Rick Bowersox ) [Jul 95]

Berkeley, California, USA: [Celtic]

The Starry Plough, corner of Shattuck and Prince Irish music and dancing
every Monday night. Dancing classes start around 7pm, music starts
around 9pm.

Contributed-by: James Moore <james@wrs.com> [Sep 94]

Chico, California, USA: [Blues]

The "Midnight Blues Society" hosts an open Blues Jam every Sunday from
2:00 to 6:00 pm at the "Sports Club" in Chico. MBS has over 150 members
with a lot of participation by both pro and recreational musicians. We
assemble "bands" (vocalist(s), 2 guitars, bass, drums, horn/harmonica,
etc.) off a sign-up list for half-hour jam sessions, with the objective
of allowing as many musicians to play as possible. Very supportive and
fun atmosphere. MBS also brings top blues groups to the Chico in an
ongoing "Blues lovers" series. There are also blues jams in other
neighboring towns such as Mt. Shasta, Redding and Oroville.

Contributed-by: sdj1@can02.pge.com (Scott D. Johnson)

Covina, California, USA: [Unknown]

The Fret House - guitar store by day, open mic session at night. Open
mic is the first Saturday of the month, starting at 8 pm and going till
around midnight. There's a sign-up at 7:30, it costs a buck either to
play or watch and refreshments are served at intermission. Overall the
crowd is very friendly and the sound system is excellent. The average
performer is moderately talented and plays both familiar tunes and
original material.

Contributed-by: Peter Poirier <ppoirier@kofax.com>


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