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4.2.1 Corps' repertoires for 1993 (1993 DCI Season Information)


This article is from the Drum corps FAQ, by Cathy Doser cathyd@halcyon.com with numerous contributions by others.

4.2.1 Corps' repertoires for 1993 (1993 DCI Season Information)

Cadets of Bergen County
In Spring At the Time When
Kings Go Out to War D. Holsinger

Star of Indiana
Meditatation from "Medea" S. Barber
Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta
Allegro B. Bartok
Dance of Vengence from "Medea" S. Barber

Phantom Regiment "The Modern Imagination"
Estancia Ballet A. Ginestera
The Fire of Eternal Glory from "Novorossik Chimes for Orchestra"
D. Shostakovich
Death Hunt B. Herrmann

Blue Devils "A Don Ellis Portrait"
Open Wide/The Great Divide D. Ellis
Chain Reaction H. Levy
Strawberry Soup/Niner Two D. Ellis

Cavaliers "Heroes, A Symphonic Trilogy (Journey...Conflict...Triumph)"
Symphonic Cantata D. Holsinger
Heroes, Lost and Fallen D. Gillingham
Morning Alleluias R. Nelson

Madison Scouts "Reflection and Evolution"
Numero Uno (called Niles Blues) L. Bellson
Strawberry Soup D. Ellis
Encore S. Boerma & T. Nahirniak

Santa Clara Vanguard "A Walton Trilogy"
Johannesburg Festival Overture W. Walton
Richard III W. Walton
Henry V W. Walton

Crossmen "Songs for Planet Earth Part II: A Celebration of Humanity"
Fanfare for the Common Man A. Copland
Afro-Brazilia: Myth America Full Circle
Koto Song D. Brubeck
Freedom: River Music P. Winter
: Frieda Yellow Jackets
Anthem for Humanity: Anthem P. Halley
: Fanfare for the Common Man A. Copland

Bluecoats "Standards in Blue - A Tribute to Dizzy Gillespie"
All the Things You Are J. Kern
'Round Midnight T. Monk
A Night in Tunesia D. Gillespie

Blue Knights "The Next Generation"
Battle of the Mutara Nebula (STII) J. Horner
Clear All Moorings (STVI) C. Eiderman
Star Trek VI Suite C. Eiderman

Glassmen "A Voyage Through Imagination"
from "In the Wake of the Wind" David Arkenstone
Morning Sun on the Sails
The Lion's Breath
The Stardancer

Colts "The Four Seasons"
Winter - Winter C. Naffier
Spring - One Thousand Summers J. Tesh
Summer - Summertime G. Gershwin
Autumn - The Heart is a Lonely Hunter D. Grusin

Velvet Knights "Kartoon Klassics"
The Barber of Seville
Marriage of Figaro
William Tell Overture - drum solo
Hungarian Rhapsody

Boston Crusaders
Russian Easter Overture N. Rimsky-Korsakov
Sheherezade N. Rimsky-Korsakov
The Prince and the Princess
Festival in Bagdad

Freelancers "The music of Bill Chase"
Open Up Wide
Invitation to a River
Two Minds Meet
Paint it Sad
The River

Magic of Orlando "Cirque de Magique"
music from "Cirque de Soliel"
Cirque Fanfare and Procession
Shango (Chant of the God of Thunder)

Spirit of Georgia
Why do the Nations So Furiously Rage? Al Jarreau
David and Goliath Take 6
Don't Pass Me By Hammer
So Much to Say Take 6
Let the Words Take 6
Watch Your Behavior Sounds of Blackness

Dutch Boy "Las Vegas Fever"
Big Spender from "Sweet Charity"
Fever Pitch
Wee Small Hours of the Morning
Suite Lucky Lady
Come Back to Me

Troopers "The Last Crossing - East Moves West"
Ashokan Farewell J. Ungar
Cheyennes from "How the West was Won" A. Newman
Western Overture
Charles County Overture
Battle Hymn of the Republic

Sky Ryders
Connotations E. Gregson
Second Symphony (4th Movement) D. Diamond

Carolina Crown
La Fiesta Mexicana for Band H. Owen Reed
Prelude and Aztec Dance, Mass, Carnival

Southwind music from "Far and Away"
Joseph's Dream
Life in Ireland
The American Way
The Land Race

Marauders "Symphonic Portraits of Mexico"
El Salon Mexico A. Copland
La Fiesta Mexicana for Band A. Reed
Mass, Carnival

Northern Aurora "The Best of Kansas"
Carry on Wayward Son
Play the Game Tonight
Dust in the Wind
Magnum Opus

SCV Cadets
music from "Far and Away" J. Williams

Episode Five
Rocky Point Holiday

Gary Owen March
Over There
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp
My Bonny Boy
Theme from "Far and Away"


Black Gold
Resonances I R. Nelson
Lord of the Rings J. van Meij


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