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1.1.5 Cybercorps (Drum corps)


This article is from the Drum corps FAQ, by Cathy Doser cathyd@halcyon.com with numerous contributions by others.

1.1.5 Cybercorps (Drum corps)

In 1997 we are again requiring $1 (US) or MORE to be sent in to form a
scholarship fund. In 1996 we awarded a $350 scholarship. If everyone
who reads this note will send just $1, we will be able to help many
drum corps members, not just one.

Previous members must Re-Signup for 1997.

As the season winds down, and the signal-to-noise ratio on RAMD does
likewise, there are voices springing up, complaining about when the
newsgroup used to mean something and that it no longer does. Whether
you agree or disagree with these voices is irrelevant to the following

There is a way for your involvement on RAMD to have a concrete, positive
impact on the drum corps activity. For 1996, approximately 60
people contributed a total of $350, which went as a scholarship to a
young man named Michael Yager, allowing him to march his final year
with the Boston Crusaders. I can personally state that getting to meet
Michael at DCI Finals this year, and knowing that I played a small part
in his being there, is one of my finest memories in drum corps. You
can feel the same way, and I hope you join us. The organization that
puts the scholarships together is called Cybercorps.

CyberCorps Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to Paul Herzog on RAMD for the following FAQs!

What is Cybercorps?

Cybercorps is simply a group of people on the Internet who
have a love for drum corps. We have gotten together and formed a
"virtual corps" whose purpose is to have fun, support drum and bugle
corps, and meet with other members as the opportunity arises.
Cybercorps is real, we have a drum major, all the basic instruments,
and a staff. Cybercorps exists for those who have aged out, did not
get to march, can't march, or do actually march in a DCI corps, but
still want to share an allegiance with other fellow RAMDers. We
(the members and staff) basically meet at DCI shows by wearing
T-shirts printed each year. That way you can put a face to the
names you see flying about on the net every day you read your news

The Cybercorps list is kept by Paul Herzog at pdherzog@hooter.aud.alcatel.com.

Does Cybercorps have auditions?
Yes. People who wish to join Cybercorps should email the following
information to Paul Herzog at pdherzog@hooter.aud.alcatel.com

1) your full name (as you'd like it to appear on something semi-official, like a T-shirt).
2) a valid EMAIL address.
3) a single position (instrument, guard or staff, etc.) for you to fill.

Once your Audition email is received, Paul will email you back with
an address and instructions. You then need to send him the grand
sum of $1 (US) or more. All this money will be used to present a
scholarship at the DCI World Championships for the present year.
Periodically he will post all contributors and their amounts as an
audit. Persons wanting to remain anonymous can also request same and
will be posted as a group.

The membership cutoff date separating one year from the next shall
be when T-shirts are ordered each spring.

Paul "Hooter" Herzog
Cybercorps Scholarship Committee Chairman

What can I play/spin/etc?

It doesn't matter what you know for an instrument or guard
equipment. Heck, people who in reality play horns could be in the
guard, and vice-versa. Thus, you aren't limited to a piece of
equipment you already know! Pick something you always wished you
could do.

You can select more specific positions, like 4th Soprano or
Pit Gong or Guard Rifles etc. Just keep it to a standard Corps
position. We don't want to see 58 Soloists unless it's
Cymbal Soloists :)

Where does Cybercorps meet?

Cybercorps has a Virtual Rehearsal Site at a GlobalMush site
at Erol's Internet Service in Springfield, VA. To reach to the Cybercorps
Virtual Rehearsal site, telnet to 4201

Detailed instructions about how to find the Rehearsal site are available
from the WWW page <http://www.halcyon.com/caryn/cyber/what.html#detail>.

Note to members who have not logged onto GlobalMUSH for a while: GlobalMUSH
is no longer a MUSH but is currently running TinyMUX 1.1.1, (although they
retain the GlobalMUSH name for historical reasons) so there will be some
minor changes in coding and/or commands. Two examples: sending mail has
changed (see instructions below), and color is available for those with color
monitors (but not for all MAC users). Type @set me=ansi<CR> to set your
character to see color. To check if this setting works for you, the text and
description of 'The Bus!' at the CyberCorps Moonbase should appear in full
color. :-). Whatever, have fun!

When you are done, type: QUIT.

That's it. Want to join? Audition as described above.


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