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Music Composition FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Music composition.

This FAQ about Music composition was compiled and written by Craig Latta Craig.Latta@NetJam.ORG with numerous contributions by others.

-0.1) How can I browse ftp sites and their data without using my own disk space (unless I want to keep data), and locate files on ftp sites, given pathname fragments? (Music composition FAQ)
-0.2) What other FAQs might be of interest? (Music composition)
You can get nearly every FAQ known to USENETkind from ...
-0.3) How do I ask for advice on a topic of interest from others on the Net? (Music composition)
-0.4) What are the future plans for your FAQs? (Music composition)
-1.1) How can I get inspired? (Music composition)
-2.2) How does copyright work? (Music composition)
-3.1) What is NetJam and how can I participate? (Music composition)
-4.1) Parallel octaves and fifths (Music composition)
Parallel octaves and fifths occur when in polyphonic (...
-4.4) Stochastic Music (Music composition)
Stochastic music is the name given to a style of generation ...
-5.1) What are the "Gems" articles, and how can I get them? (Music composition)
-5.2.0) Books (Music composition)
The books in this section are categorised by the subjects ...
-5.2.2) Music Composition Books: Counterpoint
%A C.H.
-5.2.4) Music Composition Books
%A Johann Phillip ...
-5.2.5) Music Composition Books: Orchestration part1
%A Walter
-5.2.5) Music Composition Books: Orchestration part2
Author: Cacavas, John....
-5.2.5) Music Composition Books: Orchestration part3
Author: Heacox, Arthur Edward, 1867-1952....
-5.2.5) Music Composition Books: Orchestration part4
Author/Composer/Performer, etc.:...
-5.2.5) Music Composition Books: Orchestration part5
Author: Royere, Jean, 1871-...
-7.0) Composition and computing (Music composition)
You can buy many different types of hardware to help you ...
-7.3.1) Musical Instrument Digital Interface [MIDI] (Music composition)
See the USENET newsgroup rec.music.synth for current ...
-7.3.2) File Formats (Music composition)
See sections 3.1.5 [Conversion software] and 5.6 (What ...
-8) Credits (unordered) (Music composition FAQ)
? jpff@maths.bath.ac....

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