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5.c. What not to do (alt.music.status-quo)


This article is from the Status Quo FAQ, by Mike Dimmick dimmicmj@aston.ac.uk with numerous contributions by others.

5.c. What not to do (alt.music.status-quo)

i) Binary files

"I've got this great .WAV file..." (or JPEG, or MP3 seems
popular these days)

Please don't post it to this group. Instead, put it on a web
page or ftp site, and post a link to the group. The same goes
for pictures, screensavers, etc, etc.

It's hard to justify this one at times. The charter also
lists this (from the newgroup message), but since I wrote that
too, I guess that makes me the guy who decided. I don't like
binaries in the wrong place! In text-only newsgroups it's a
mess, and it also makes for extremely large downloads. It is
accepted Usenet etiquette that binaries go in binaries groups.
Some people like to enforce this idea; I'm not one of them. I
just give subtle hints (or not so subtle if you've done it

A lot of users (certainly those who download the entire group
before reading it, and read off-line) don't like this as it
increases download time, and therefore costs them more money.
It also costs *you* more to upload them to the group in the
first place!

Besides, it makes life harder for system administrators,
making it tougher for them to assign a decent expiry time for
groups. Don't forget, your post is stored on thousands of
servers around the world, and all those bytes add up. I'm not
advocating short messages (as I'm sure you can tell) but there
are better places for it.

ii) Unsolicited Adverts

Advertising is fine so long as it's relevant to Status Quo.
News about gigs, rare records for sale, and so on are all OK.
Please don't be tempted to post an advert about your wonderful
software downloads page; that's off-topic and will annoy some
people. However, don't post your advert more than about once
a week, and it's preferable if the advert is *wholly*
relevant, rather than there being one relevant line.

iii) Crossposting

Please cross-post if you think the subject is relevant to both
Quo and to some other band or current event that's happening.
If you're comparing bands, please don't rubbish Quo, as we're
not likely to be pleased. Obvious trolls will be ignored
(well, by me at least).

iv) Posting in HTML

News was designed for posting in plain text; if you post in
plain text, it guarantees that people will be able to read
your posts. Therefore the ideal is to post in plain text,
standard ASCII. Be assured that if I see anything else,
you're likely to get a polite but firm email from me.

The reason I'm really against HTML is that a lot of browsers
have a tendency to post in 'multipart/alternative,' with the
plain text first, then the same message formatted with HTML
afterwards. This has a tendency to make a mess, and to triple
the length of the posting.

v) Any of the following

These are miscellaneous offences, but ones which really annoy

* 'Call 1-900-HOTBABES for hot action!'

* 'I was abducted by aliens'

* Any Multi-Level Marketing schemes, especially ones that
read 'This is not MLM'. If it looks like a dog, and barks
like a dog, it's a dog, even if it does wear a sign saying
'This is not a dog' <g>.

* Unsolicited adverts for musical items not immediately Quo-

* Unsolicited adverts for anything else at all

* Any items that are copyright (and not by you). An
exception is made for Quo song lyrics and chordings that you
have worked out yourself.


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