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5.a. Policy (alt.music.status-quo)


This article is from the Status Quo FAQ, by Mike Dimmick dimmicmj@aston.ac.uk with numerous contributions by others.

5.a. Policy (alt.music.status-quo)

Some of this may be repeated lower down -- if so, sorry!
These are Mike Oliver's ideas about the policy for the mailing
list. They're quoted verbatim from a message he sent to the
list on 24 November 1997.

"The list policy is pretty loose, it's really just basic
netiquette. In a nutshell:

"- keep it on-topic. All messages should have some Quo
content, because that's the reason people subscribe to the
list in the first place. This "rule" gets bent fairly often.
The occasional slightly-off-topic message doesn't hurt too
much, but entire off-topic threads quickly get to be annoying
for most people on the list. This is where the "no me-too
messages" part comes in -- they add nothing to the discussion.

"The only non-Quo stuff that really belongs on the list is
meta-discussion like this about list policy, even though at
times it can get to be right up there with a visit to the
dentist on the popularity scales.

"- no commercial activities; the list isn't here to subsidise
anyone's business. The exchange and sale of Quo memorabilia
on a casual basis is fine.

"- no binaries (including graphics, screensavers,
spreadsheets, executables) because they're a waste of time and
money for almost everyone. If you want to distribute a binary
then put it on the Web or on an FTP site and post the URL or
FTP location to the list. If you aren't able to publish on
the Web or by FTP, someone on the list might be able to lend
you some space for a while.

"- no huge postings, because many people have limits on the
size of their mailboxes. As with binaries, use the Web or
FTP. A secondary reason is that huge postings tend to be
unoriginal (the content is recycled from previous messages)
and there's no need to clog people's mailboxes with old news.

"- no harassment, flooding, illegal activities, or anything
else that might get the list evicted from its home. The
engineering support group at Pyramid lets me host the list on
a machine here because they're good guys and because it
doesn't cost them much in network bandwidth, machine cycles or
hassle. If any of those things change then the list could be
looking for a new home pronto.

"I'm not a lawyer and that's not an exhaustive list, I'm
simply trying to outline the acceptable behaviour. What it
boils down to is to be considerate of the other people on the

"My own yardstick for posting to the list is pretty much "are
at least a dozen people going to think that the time and money
they spent retrieving and reading this message were well
spent". Other people seem to have rather shorter yardsticks,
but if something is of interest to only one or two other
people then clearly the sensible thing to do is to email it
directly to them. If you want to know whether a specific
message would be appropriate you can always ask myself or Alex
before sending it to the entire membership."


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