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1.5 Is there an alt.music.roxette etiquette?


This article is from the Roxette FAQ, by Colin Grace cmgrace@ozemail.com.au with numerous contributions by others.

1.5 Is there an alt.music.roxette etiquette?

You should already be familiar with Usenet etiquette. If not, the
newsgroups to read are news.newusers.questions and
news.announce.newusers. A particularly useful document is "Emily
Postnews Answers Your Questions on Netiquette" by Mark Moraes
<netannounce@deshaw.com>, stored at rtfm.mit.edu in a document called
"part1" in the directory

As with all newsgroups, the best recommendation is for you to sit back
and read for a while before you make your first posting. That way you
can get a proper feel for the newsgroup. Then you will see which
postings you think are valuable and which are wasting space or
preventing good discussion.

alt.music.roxette is not moderated, so within reason anything goes.
However, certain types of postings are generally frowned upon. These

o Unrelated advertisements (Commonly known as "SPAM's").

o Unrelated topics (Usually in the form of massive crosspostings).

o Personal abuse or attacks towards an individual usenet user.

o Using alt.music.roxette as an easy substitute for personal research.
There are many resources available at your local library and over the
Internet (via FTP, GOPHER, the World Wide Web and IRC). The numerous
Roxette-related areas are detailed later on in this FAQ. You are
strongly encouraged to consult this extensive material before asking
on the newsgroup. For example, instead of asking hundreds of people
for the songs played in the 1993 MTV Unplugged concert, you could
simply look it up yourself in the many Roxette web pages. If the
research material proves inadequate then of course you should post
your question to the newsgroup stating this is so. In such cases you
are much more likely to get a response!

o Bootlegs. From time to time someone posts a request for contact
details of bootleg dealers. Answers to these questions should be sent
by private e-mail only. To post full details to the very public forum
of alt.music.roxette is to put the dealers at risk. This may be an
hysterical over-reaction to the real situation, but it keeps these
bootleg dealers in business by not attracting
any legality problems. Roxette themselves are in support of bootlegs,
provided they are purchased by genuine fans.

The objection to the posting of full trade listings is more along the
lines of bandwidth wastage. If you wish to set up a trade you are best
advised to send a polite e-mail message.

o Lists of names of other artists in which you are also interested.
Remember, this is a group for Roxette and related projects including
Gyllene Tider and The Lonely Boys. Other artists should only be
mentioned if you are making a comparison or discussion based on

o Questions to the group should be clearly indicated as questions in
the subject line to avoid confusing those who are looking for new
information. For instance, a subject header of "New Album" is likely
to mislead those who read your post into expecting to find some news
about a new album. Instead, you should ask the question "Is There a
New Album?".


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