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3.6 Questions (The Osbournes) part2


This article is from the The Osbourne FAQ, by Mike L. with numerous contributions by others.

3.6 Questions (The Osbournes) part2

Q: What is said at the end of Crazy Train?
A: Ozzy was putting his voice through an oscillator and asked someone in
the studio what he had had for breakfast. The person replied, "an egg". Ozzy
asked, "What?", and the person replied, "an eggggggg".

Q: Was Captain Kangaroo Ozzy's father?
A: No.

Q: Did Ozzy really sing the Bee-Gee's "Stayin' Alive"?
A: Yes he did. He did this for Dweezil Zappa's "Confessions" album, the
record company did not want to authorize the release however and so Donny
Osmond's version made it to the album. Oz can be heard on bootleg versions

Q: Where can I find these rare and live Ozz/Sab boot tapes?
A: I am not going to get into this except to say almost every home page
(including mine) will help you in those matters.

Q: What is the name of the classical music played before each Ozzy concert?
A: The piece is "O Fortuna" from the Carmina Burana opera by Carl Orff.

Q: What is said in the beginning of "Bloodbath in Paradise"?
A: "Your mother sells whelks in hull."

Q: Why do some Black Sabbath albums have Ozzy singing "Wicked World" and
yet others have "Evil Woman" instead?
A: The Evil Woman single appears on UK versions of their first album only
because of copyright problems. The song was initially sung by a band named
Crow from Minnesota. The American version has Wicked World in its place.

Q: Is Joan Osborne (the beauty) related to Ozzy?
A: No, besides they spell their last names differently.

Q: The opening movie on Ozzy's tour is hilarious. Is it available?
A: You are looking for a short videotape called "Ozzy Goes to Hollywood".

[The next four questions are answered by a friend of the Osbourne's]
Q: What are Ozzy's siblings doing, ie. professional, white collar work,
factory, etc. Are they in England?
A: All I am allowed to say is that they still live in the home district of
WALSALL. It is a poor district in some senses, though poor these days is
nothing like what poor meant when Ozzy was a kid. It is a very
working-class, though very community spirited town.

Q: What are some of the names of the pubs you and Geezer and the other Sabs
frequent, do you play darts?, drink?, drink and puke?, drink and puke and
play darts?, play cards?, etc etc.
A: These days they stay in their home district of REDDITCH and only Geezer
and Geoff Nicholls can be seen in town at the likes of the Rock Cafe and

Q: Is Birmingham still a factory oriented town where people work the
factories and go to the bars afterwards or has it improved financially?
What are it's main industries?
A: The whole of the midlands region is still the industrial heart of
England, though affluence is much more apparent these days. Triumph
motorcycles has had an enormous increase in fortunes these days and there
are many new world-beating industries here, so the poverty thing has all
but gone, though we still have poor districts.

Q: Is Sabbath still thought of as evil devil music or has the church and
Christians relented somewhat?
A: You have to remember, the way you chaps view things tends to always be
taken a step further than here. We have never seriously had a problem with
the devil thing Vs Sabbath. England is full to the brim with legends,
ghosts and mysteries as well as cults. It is seen more as the theatrical
thing that makes up our characters and culture. The first we really knew
about the problems it caused was when we heard about someone blowing his
face off, because he claims Ozzy told him to do it in a song. I am not
being rude at all ( I love America ) but that simply wouldn't happen here
and if it did, the person would be treated with the contempt he/she
deserved. Listen to any interview with Lemmy and he will tell you the same


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