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3.6 Questions (The Osbournes) part1


This article is from the The Osbourne FAQ, by Mike L. with numerous contributions by others.

3.6 Questions (The Osbournes) part1

Q: Where can I find a Black Sabbath FAQ?
A: www.black-sabbath.com, the file is by Alexander Rack

Q: What religion is Ozzy? Is he satanic, athiest, Catholic?
A: While I do not know for certain, I do know Ozzy's children
attemd Catholic schools. Ozzy himself wears crosses, but
whether this is a religious or fashion symbol is unknown.

Q: What are the Ozzfest dates? Is Ozzy coming to my town?
A: Hey, I find my information the same way you do. Try the
links mentioned for Ozzfest. Don't ask me.

Q: I saw that a John Osbourne was in a late 60's band named "Magic
Lanterns". Some dealers sell this LP at high prices. Was Ozzy really in the
A: NO, Ozzy has never been in Magic Lanterns, it was another John.

Q: Did Ozzy ever eat his own feces? (This is a question I received
via ICQ)
A: Not so far as I know, although he once stuck his finger in his
rear end :)

Q: Where do I find Ozzfest dates and info?
A: AARRGGHH! Try ozzynet(dot)com or ozzfest(dot)com

Q: Why do some albums have bonus tracks. I notice a lot of Japanese albums
have these.
A: Albums cost more to buy in Japan, and come out after the American
versions. Bonus tracks encourage the Japanese to buy their own country's
version instead.

Q: Did Ozzy really get punched in the nose for ripping bibles?
A: Ozzy was angry at the protestors that gathered Sabbath wherever they
went. Religious groups would follow the band and carry bibles and
crosses. In the hotel rooms where the band stayed, were, of course
bibles. Ozzy began ripping up bibles in a form of protesting back.
Tony Iommi punched Ozzy in the nose for doing this.

Q: Whatever happened to Ozz Records?
A: Red Ant Records (www.red-ant.com) went out of business.

Q: What is the name of the extra track on 'No Rest for the Wicked'?
A: Hero.

Q: Are there any old/rare (pre-Sabbath, pre-solo) Ozzy songs out
A: Yes, but good luck trying to find them. The following songs are rare

* "THE REBEL" - Black Sabbath demo (Regent Sound demo) which can be sampled
on the "Black Sabbath Story - Volume 1" VHS. What some people do not know
is that both this song and "Song for Jim" were actually released back in
1969 as 7" singles. They ARE out there, but I imagine most of them have
since been disbanded to garbage dumps or destroyed.

* "SONG FOR JIM" - Instrumental, song made for their first manager Jim

* "SLOW BURN" - Ballad recorded with Holly Knight but not released because
the final version was not good enough.

Ozzy was asked about his first two impossible to find singles. He simply
does not remember ever recording them. Geezer was asked about 'The Rebel'
(while drinking in a local pub), but he was in such a bad mood that an
answer was not possible.

Q: What do the letters NIB, SATO, and SIN on his albums mean?
A: NIB - This is *not* Nativity In Black. Ronnie Dio has said this himself.
Geezer Butler has said it was named after Bill Ward's beard
which resembled a pen nib (tip).
SATO - Sailing Across the Ocean. Note that I just found out the original
record jacket says "Saturdays and Thursdays only", which are
visiting days for asylums. Another reader said this:
"Don't quote me on this, but it has always been my belief (and my friends)
that S.A.T.O. is Ozzy's wife's initials (Sharon Ann Theresa Osbourne??? I
may be wrong on the middle names... the song is supposedly about his
finally finding "the one" - "Tried the rest, found the best..."
SIN - Shadows In the Night


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