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2.9 No More Beers (The Osbournes)


This article is from the The Osbourne FAQ, by Mike L. with numerous contributions by others.

2.9 No More Beers (The Osbournes)

"A lot of my drinking friends died in their 40's-heart attacks, one
guy's liver exploded. There but for the grace of God go I. Their
must be a guiding star over me" [Ozzy 1996]

The year 1991 would mark the beginning of big changes in Ozzy's life. Ozzy
gave sobriety another try, and came out victorious. It was a combination of
domestic situations, hangovers, and many personal reasons which made him
want to try again. He had wanted to quit drinking every day but was unable
to because he'd be feeling too bad from the day before. He had been to many
treatment centers (including multiple stays at Betty Ford) before. This
time he just woke up one day and decided that enough was enough. Since
successfully quitting, he has not had a drink to this day! Now that he
wasn't drinking, Ozzy took his health one step further. He bought a
Lifecycle (which he uses at least 90 minutes a day), starting dieting (he
now avoids eating red meat) and working out. The result was a better
looking Ozzy, both in physical aspects and his on stage performance. He
would also begin to see life in a different light, enjoying life's moments
that he had previously ignored because of being constantly drunk.

There would be another change, this time in his musical direction. Ozzy has
said he used to write songs based on what he thought his fans would like to
hear. The album titles were dark. He had never written or recorded an album
sober before. During this alcohol free period he recorded his next album,
"No More Tears", which would be a change from his previous dark album

No More Tears was originally going to be titled "Say Hello To
Heaven" which would be an accurate portrayal of the cover. The cover showed
a tame looking Ozzy with wings, in a cloudy serene background. The music
itself was a pleasant mix of soft ballads like "Mama I'm Coming Home" (one
even your mother would enjoy), to hard rocking songs like "Hellraiser". It
is of interest to note that Lemmy of Motorhead helped Ozzy write the lyrics
to some of the songs (or in the case of Mama, he wrote all the lyrics). The
song "Road to Nowhere" would describe his life in general, while "Mr.
Tinkertrain" would talk about child molestation issues. Being written in
the first person, critics now claimed Ozzy was promoting child molestation.
He would also win a Grammy award for the song, "I Don't Want to Change the
World". This would also be a first in that it was the first album they made
demos of, thus deciding on which songs to keep and which ones to make
changes to. Samples of the untouched, original songs are available on
bootlegs as well.

Ozzy surprised everyone by calling the tour, "No More Tours". In interviews
he said that he was tired of touring and he wanted to spend more time with
his family. He was also suffering bouts of illnesses, canceling shows, and
other injuries. The pressures of touring got to him and he embarked on what
was to be his "final tour". The band now consisted of Zakk on guitar, Randy
Castillo on drums and Mike Inez on bass. During these final tours, some
shows were taped and used in an upcoming commercial video and audio
compilation, "Live and Loud" which was a double album. The CD package also
included two stick-on tattoos. There was much speculation about whether or
not this would be the final tour, or perhaps it was a ploy to get more

On November 15 of 1992, Ozzy played at Costa Mesa, California. This was one
of the two nightly shows that would be the last in his tour. Sharon and
Ozzy decided it would be cool to invite the other members of Black Sabbath
for a reunion since this would be the end of it all. All of the members of
Black Sabbath agreed, but Ronnie Dio did not. After playing his songs, the
members of Black Sabbath came out and joined Ozzy in playing four songs:
Black Sabbath, Fairies Wear Boots, Iron Man and of course, Paranoid. The
video release of this final show only contains the Black Sabbath song
though. How did the audience react at seeing the original Sabbath members
back together since 1978? They went totally crazy of course. At the end of
the show a fireworks sparkler display went off which proclaimed, "I'll Be
Back". The purpose of having a final show and then saying you'll be back is
beyond me. Being his final tour, sales were high and other artists turned
out to see the madman before he retired, including Vince Neil, Rod Stewart
and Nicholas Cage.

When it was all over, so was Ozzy's lifetime of performing. Or so he wanted
us to think.


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