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2.19 Who is Robert Marcato? (The Osbournes)


This article is from the The Osbourne FAQ, by Mike L. with numerous contributions by others.

2.19 Who is Robert Marcato? (The Osbournes)

Editor: This section has been included into the biography because I
want people to know who Robert's mother was and to read how strong she

Fans of The Osbourne's may have noticed a new member to the family,
Robert Marcato. Robert, 18, is the son of Reagan Erin Marcato, a
single mother. Reagan Marcato moved to Southern California from Mays
Landing, N.J., around Christmas 1987 looking to start a new life. She
made her career in food service and was manager of a popular
1950s-style diner on Sunset Boulevard.

Marcato's life revolved around her son, and she successfully battled
Los Angeles school administrators to fund a special-education program
for Robert, who is dyslexic. Robert met Osbourne children Aimee and
Kelly in school and became close friends with them.

Unfortunately Reagan passed away with cancer on July 30th, 2002 at the
age of 36.

However The Osbourne's had become quite close to Robert and his
mother. Ozzy told Reagan before she died that her son would never have
to worry about money or tuition. The Osbourne family 'adopted' him in
a sense of the word and Sharon refers to him as 'Baby Osbourne'.

It's quite tragic to lose your family at the age of 18, and to such a
cruel disease. This move by The Osbourne's was a huge act of kindness.

"When I look at somebody like Regan, who didn't have the resources I
had, what have I got to complain about?" Sharon said. "She was the
most amazing woman and was such a brilliant and strong woman. She left
home when she was 18, put her baby in the car and drove from one end
of the country to another."

When Regan got sick, Sharon took matters into her own hands.

"She had no medical care at home and she was beyond saving - they
won't let you stay in the hospital and die, so you go to a hospice or
go home," Sharon said. "I had private nurses for her 24 hours a day
for the last nine days of her life. Every day, the doctors would say,
'Maybe two more hours.' But she lived for nine days - she defied


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