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2.16 Kelly Osbourne


This article is from the The Osbourne FAQ, by Mike L. with numerous contributions by others.

2.16 Kelly Osbourne

"And I'm not trying to be a supermodel, so I wish people would
just leave it alone" Kelly Osbourne on people's perception of her
having to follow the singer stereotype.

Kelly Osbourne seems to have an appeal for the youth of today. Perhaps
it's because she doesn't wear skimpy clothes and hasn't had her
breasts enlarged. Whatever the reason is, she remains true to herself
and dresses on her own terms. And the fans love her for being
herself. Not bad for a young woman who is said to have dropped out of
school in grade 10.

Upon asking her sister Aimee to sing Papa Don't Preach, Aimee declined
and suggested Kelly do it instead. It was more of a lark, but Kelly
took up the chllenge. The execs at Epic Music were so impressed that
they included her version of the Madonna song on 'The Osbourne Family
Album' and she was offered her own album.

Her website has this to say about her...

"This was about attitude, not sex appeal; reality, not fantasy. So,
two months on-and-off in New York turned out Shut Up!, an eleven song
collection that bespeaks as much about Kelly Osbourne as any
trend-setting outfit she may wear or any off-handed comment that
might spring from her mouth. Songs such as "Disconnected", a
churning, grinding rocker, and the endlessly catchy and melodic
teenage rage of "Dig Me Out" fulfill the promise of Kelly as an
unvarnished voice for the "everyteen" of the new rock
scene. Inundated by calculated media caricatures of what the M Gen
should be Kelly comes across as a real deal, take-no-sh*t anti-star.
She carved out her own niche, and Shut Up! serves up the sweet and
the sour with sass and spunk to spare."

She plans to move out of her parents house and into her own home, some
five blocks away in April 2003.

Relationship wise, she was seeing Bert McCracken, a 20 year old singer
from a punk band named The Used. Bert dumped Kelly by telephone on
Valentines Day 2003. Kelly took this hard, especially the abrupt
manner in which it was done. She's made a vow never to date men again,
but in due time will learn to love again as do we all.

Christina Aguilera and Kelly have been known to be very vocal about
their dislike for one another. Rumors persist about near fights
breaking out at clubs between the two.


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