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2.15 2002 and the world goes crazy! (The Osbournes)


This article is from the The Osbourne FAQ, by Mike L. with numerous contributions by others.

2.15 2002 and the world goes crazy! (The Osbournes)

"The Osbournes" portrays Ozzy as a "blithering
idiot. (Ted Nugent)

Note: On March 27th, Ozzy's former drummer Randy Castillo died at age
51 from cancer.

Ozzy's wife, ever the shrewd marketer took her husband's fame to new
heights. With MTV at her side, she set about to create a reality
based television show called The Osbournes. This would be an
unscripted real life look at what life in the Osbourne household was
like. While MTV asked it be real, and the family maintained it was
100% unscripted, the family also admitted later that parts of it
were made just for television. Everywhere they went, a camera
followed. Viewers saw Ozzy taking out the garbage, fights with
neighbours, dogs defecating on the rugs time and time again and
plenty of fighting..

When the show premiered on March 5th, critics were giving it mixed
reviews. Some felt it was nothing more than an explecitive laced
attempt to cash in on Ozzy's name. Others felt it was a sad view of
family values and morals. Sharon, of course, would not apoligize for
putting such a show on the air however one must wonder just what sort
of values are expressed telling your siblings and parents to "f***
off" or calling your wife a "C**t". While the Osbournes are a
"family", there doesn't seem to be much respect for one another.

Take for example Ozzy pleading with his wife not to bring home any
cats. Sharon agreed with Ozzy but then went out and purchased cats
regardless. Then viewers saw Ozzy angry at his wife for booking him
back to back nights for concerts and Ozzy was furious because it was
draining for him. (Ed: It's my personal belief that Sharon doesn't
respect Ozzy's wishes on anything, but exploits him to the fullest.)

Yet fans and parents alike were able to relate to Ozzy and his
family. We saw Ozzy go to lengths to caution his children to practice
safe sex. "Please don't get drunk or do drugs tonight, and if you have
sex, use condoms" says Ozzy to his daughter.

Viewers were able to relate to their child coming home with their
first tattoo (and looking at Ozzy, what can you say). There was Ozzy's
total confusion over being unable to operate the satellite dish
remote, when his son Jack was more than capable of doing so.

The show has made Ozzy Osbourne a household name and earned him many
fans. Those who didn't know who Ozzy was before the show surely know
now. The ratings were an average of 6 million viewers a week. It's
been an enormous success for MTV.

Music fans adored the show. Parents probably found they could relate
to Ozzy and parenthood and there were surely the curious. There must
be many people out there who expected to tune in to find a raving
madmad killing animals. Instead they found a stuttering man who
undoes his pants to warm himself by a bonfire.

The Osbournes is not exactly a family show. It's continually filled
with the bleeping where someone has used the "f-word" (59 bleeps in
the first half hour). Some stations air it uncensored, but if you do
have the censored version it gets hard to follow the conversation at
times for there are so many bleeps. There are also some diehard fans
who feel the show has made Ozzy look like a bumbling idiot. There does
seem to be two Ozzy Osbournes. The crazy madman on stage and the
puttering stuttering father and husband cleaning up after his wife's

Regardless of your like or dislike for the show. what the show has
done is made household names out of each of the Osbournes. Aimee, the
smartest of the bunch decided not to be included in the show. For Jack
and Kelly, Sharon and Ozzy, they've become people we can identify
with. The children receive recognition on the street and have appeared
on talk shows. Sharon has done a wonderful job of making her family
household names.

The attention can sometimes be too much. Sharon has flip flopped on
her feelings for the show. She has stated she wishes she had never
done the show but then decided to go ahead with another
season. Tourists are flocking to the house in droves, the family has
little privacy. They've also considered taking the show overseas to
their English home for some privacy.

The first season earned them $200,000. The second season has been
reported to have been renewed at $20 million.


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