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2.11 Why did Zakk leave Ozzy?


This article is from the The Osbourne FAQ, by Mike L. with numerous contributions by others.

2.11 Why did Zakk leave Ozzy?

Ozzy would name his Ozzmosis tour, "Retirement Sucks" in an obvious
statement about his feelings towards his short lived retirement. It was now
time to begin touring. Zakk was talking about playing with Guns and Roses
so Ozzy decided to audition new guitarists, thinking Zakk would not be
around for the tour. Zakk's manager, Doug Goldstein, called Sharon and told
her that Zakk would be available. He later phoned to say that Zakk was
still negotiating for the gig with Guns and Roses. Ozzy did not know what
Zakk was planning to do because he was negotiating with both groups, and so
asked Zakk to let him know what his plans were. When Zakk did not return
the phone call as promised, Ozzy decided enough was enough and found a new
player. Ozzy and Zakk are still on good terms however.

Remember Joe Holmes, the kid who took guitar lessons from Randy? The 31
year old guitar player who hailed from New Jersey, would soon play a part
in Ozzy's life. Joe had previously played with David Lee Roth for his 1988
tour and was currently working on his own band, "Tariff", when Dean
Castronovo (Oz's drummer) phoned Joe to let him know they were seeking a
guitar player. Joe went down to Audible in Los Angeles and played three
Ozzy classics. He did not mention that he had once took lessons from Randy
because he thought this might jeopardize his chances. He succeeded though
and got the part. Unfortunately Joe is not heard on the Ozzmosis album but
he will be on the next one. So Joe Holmes as Ozzy's new guitar player and
Geezer Butler on bass began the Retirement Sucks tour. Halfway through the
tour, Geezer left due to being homesick for his family and Mike Inez took
his place.

Later on, in yet another shrewd marketing attempt, Ozzy and Sharon came up
with the 'Ozz-Fest'. The festival which would start September 14, 1996
would be of a different theme. At this event one could get a tattoo done,
body piercing or have your fortune read by a psychic. Ozz-fest featured the
following hard rock groups: Danzig, Sepultura, Prong, Slayer, Biohazard,
Fear Factory, Neurosis, King Norris, Earth Crisis, Powerman 5000, Coal
Chamber, and Cellophane.

[[ The Ozzfest continues to this very day with some very expensive price
gouging. Water selling for $2-4, hotdogs at around $4. It's a blatant
rip off of all music fans. ]]

Towards November '96, Ozzy played his last show of the tour in Hawaii. His
plans now were to go back to the studio to release a 'Greatest Hits' package
(early 1997) which will have his older songs and three new ones. One of
them would be a song called "Back on Earth" which was co-written with Steve


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