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2.10 Ozzmosis (The Osbournes)


This article is from the The Osbourne FAQ, by Mike L. with numerous contributions by others.

2.10 Ozzmosis (The Osbournes)

In 1993, Ozzy was officially retired. His fans had the 'Live and Loud'
video and double CD to remind them of his final days. Ozzy went home
and did what he longed to do, be a father. He spent time playing with
his children and wife. He also bought various toys to pass time:
motorcycles, guns, and night vision goggles (to see animals running at
night). It would not be too long before he longed for his old
lifestyle and after a few weeks of being retired, Ozzy wanted to get
another band and start touring all over again. His fans soon began
hearing rumors of an upcoming Ozzy album, what would it be called? The
latest gossip was "X-Ray" as a working title. There were also
disgruntled fans who were angry (and rightly so) that they had been
taken in by another lie. [While I am a huge fan of Ozzy's, I am not
going to only portray the good sides of him, this is after all a
biography and it is part of the story]. Rumors also persisted that
Steve Vai would be playing on the new album.

It was not until almost two years later that the rumors became facts. Yes,
Ozzy was coming back with a new album. Yes, there would be a tour to
support it. The album would be called "Ozzmosis". (1995 release)

Ozzmosis is defined as "the diffusion of fluids through a membrane" :)
Geezer Butler, his old Sabbath friend would also be on the album and
tour. The band recorded the album in Paris, and was produced by
Michael Beinhorn. Since Zakk was busy with his own project, Pride and
Glory, it was arranged that Steve Vai would be contributing to the
album. The songs would be split so that both Zakk and Vai would appear
on the album. Because of the record company once again interfering
with plans, only Zakk's material made it to the final product. However
Steve Vai DID play the guitar on My Little Man. "Perry Mason", was
released as a single earlier on and received radio play.

All that remained after the album's debut was to begin touring...


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