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2.0 Ozzy and Randy


This article is from the The Osbourne FAQ, by Mike L. with numerous contributions by others.

2.0 Ozzy and Randy

After being fired from Sabbath, Ozzy spent three months staying in the
Le Parc Hotel in Los Angeles. He would order out for pizza and booze
and have his dealer drop off cocaine for him. He basically thought his
life was over. It was around this time that his friend Sharon Arden
suggested he start a new band. Over in Los Angeles, a 23 year old
guitar player named Randall William Rhoads was turning heads.

Randy's father was a music teacher and his mother ran a music
school. The following comes from the Official Randy Rhoads Web site:

"His love and understanding for music can rightfully be traced back to
his mother, Delores Rhoads, and to his introduction to music at such a
young age. Mrs. Rhoads has owned and operated the Musonia School of
music in Burbank, CA since 1949. After graduating from UCLA with a
bachelors degree in music she taught in the Los Angeles School system
before leaving to play professionally and to start her Musonia.

Randy's father was a music teacher himself, but he left when Randy was
17 months old, leaving Mrs. Rhoads to raise her three children, Randy,
Kellie and Kathy, and to head the music programs Musonia school of
Music, Burbank, CA." The website is:

Born Dec. 6, 1956 in Santa Monica, Randy was with Quiet Riot (who
are best remembered for their hit "Cum On Feel The Noize"). Randy
had recorded two albums with Quiet Riot, released only in Japan.
Randy was introduced to Ozzy through Dana Strum (now of
Slaughter). Randy showed up at Ozzy's audition and reportedly
played for just five minutes before Oz said he was in. With Bob
Daisley on bass and Lee Kerslake on drums, they recorded an album,
"Blizzard of Ozz", in England. The album would also contain a
melody titled "Dee" which was dedicated to Randy's mother,
Dolores, a source of inspiration for Randy. The album was released
on Don Arden's JET Record label. What about Don Arden and Black
Sabbath? Well when Ozzy was fired, and Ozzy went solo, the record
company said bye-bye to the Sabs.

Ozzy then decided to tour, with his first solo concert in Glasgow,
Scotland on September 12, 1980. What you probably don't know is
that Ozzy had two shows before his debut under the band name of
"Law". The opening day of his first solo concert he and Sharon
paced the streets nervously. Since people in Scotland usually
showed up at the concert without prepaying for tickets, they had
no way of knowing how many people would show up. As it turned out
it was a big success.

Ozzy played all of his Blizzard of Ozz album and some Sabbath songs.
Eventually he broke down and cried because he realized that he could make
it on his own without the other three Sabbath members with whom he had
paved the road to success. You must realize that when Ozzy was in Sabbath
he was really not a contributing member of the band. Geezer wrote most of
the song lyrics and Ozzy would come by and sing the words, but he had
little to do with the actual contributions to the songs[*]. Now Ozzy and
Randy were the main writers and had equal say as to what went into the

[*] Ozzy did write 'Am I Going Insane' (his feelings about society's views
towards him and his anger towards society) and 'Who Are You?'

Since this chapter will be the end of the Black Sabbath era, here is a list
of the albums which were recorded with any of the original members. As you
can see, in the end only Tony chose to remain in the group:

                   Ozzy            Tony            Bill            Geezer
Black Sabbath     *                *               *                *
Paranoid          *                *               *                *
Master of Reality *                *               *                *
Volume 4          *                *               *                *
Sabbath Bloody    *                *               *                *
Sabotage          *                *               *                *
We Sold Our Soul  *                *               *                *
Technical Ecstasy *                *               *                *
Never Say Die     *                *               *                *
Heaven and Hell                    *               *                *
Mob Rules                          *                                *
Live Evil                          *                                *
Born Again                         *               *                *
Seventh Star (was to be solo)      *
Eternal Idol                       *
Headless Cross                     *
Tyr                                *
Dehumanizer                        *                                *
Cross Purposes                     *                                *

"Who do you think you were in previous incarnations?"
"I think I was a bat" ... Ozzy some years before the "incident"


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