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1.0 Introduction (The Osbourne's FAQ)


This article is from the The Osbourne FAQ, by Mike L. with numerous contributions by others.

1.0 Introduction (The Osbourne's FAQ)

In a small German club, a band by the name of "Earth" is
up on the stage. The audience is ignoring the band as audiences typically
The lead singer, Ozzy, decides to get their attention. He goes back to the
dressing room, unnoticed by the audience. Backstage, he coats his hands,
face and feet with purple paint. He returns to the stage and then screams at
the audience. The audience remains oblivious to this purple man screaming
at them. The band resigns themselves to the fact that the audience is just
not going to pay them any attention.

Ask someone if they have heard of Celine Dion or Tom
Cochrane, and even if their answer is no, they have most likely heard about
Ozzy Osbourne or Black Sabbath. Since his debut in the late 60's as a
blues/rock singer, this man has had a world wide impact on the music scene.

You may think of him as a drugged out lunatic who sacrifices animals and
eats dead frogs for supper while worshiping Satan with dead bodies around
him. This is of course complete and utter nonsense... I have never heard
of him using more than one dead body. :)

The most common stories are the beheading of the bat, wasn't there something
about a dove?, and what was that about the Alamo? From his childhood right
up to his current Ozzmosis album, this file will attempt to explain it all.

At the age of 55, this man still has the mind, and at times, the body of
a 22 year old. His records still continue to sell and make it to the
charts, his concerts sell out within minutes, all this despite his never
having followed any given 'trend' as a lot of music groups try to do today.
When Britney Spears is 48, do you think she will still have sell out

With the introduction of The Osbournes on MTV, a new younger generation of
fans are heading to the internet, exposed to the singer in a new light. The
has never so much activity. Unfortunately most of it comes from young people
have no ability to express themselves without the use of profanity

"When I left school I wanted to become a plumber. When I heard the Beatles
I wanted to become a Beatle" ...Ozzy


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