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M2b. Discography overview (Mariah Carey)


This article is from the Mariah Carey FAQ, by Kade Hansson kade_fh@postoffice.utas.edu.au with numerous contributions by others.

M2b. Discography overview (Mariah Carey)

Mariah Carey's studio albums are (in chronological order):

Mariah Carey (1990)
Emotions (1991)
Music Box (1993)
Merry Christmas (1994)
Daydream (1995)
Butterfly (1997)
Rainbow (1999)

Mariah has released one compilation including new tracks:

Number Ones (1998)

Mariah has one EP:

MTV Unplugged EP (1992)

All of these albums are available on Compact Disc, Compact Cassette and
MiniDisc on Sony Music Entertainment's Columbia Records label (formerly CBS

Mariah has also made some guest appearances on other artists' solo albums:
Luther Vandross's Songs with the duet Endless Love; Babyface's The Day, as a
backing vocalist on single version of the original song Everytime I Close My
Eyes. (She does not feature in the album version.); and Jermaine Dupri's Life
In 1472 as a lead vocalist in Heartbreaker (which also appears on Number

These albums are available on the Epic or Columbia Records labels from Sony
Music Entertainment.

Additionally, in Australia, Mariah Carey's self-titled debut album was issued with
a bonus interview disc at one stage.

In terms of singles, the following have had a wide release:

From Mariah Carey:
Vision Of Love
Love Takes Time (a limited edition was available in the UK)
Someday (which had four remixes on the maxisingle)
I Don't Wanna Cry (including one non-album version)
There's Got To Be A Way (including bonus remixes)
From Emotions:
Emotions (including two remixes)
Can't Let Go (a limited edition was available in the UK)
Make It Happen (which had four remixes on the maxisingle)
From MTV Unplugged EP:
I'll Be There
If It's Over (only released in Japan)
From Music Box:
Dreamlover (which had five remixes on the US maxisingle)
Hero (which had a Spanish version Heroe)
Without You
Never Forget You (US maxisingle had three non-album versions)
Anytime You Need A Friend (two maxisingles in Australia)
From Luther Vandross's Songs:
Endless Love (with one non-album version)
From Merry Christmas:
All I Want For Christmas Is You
Jesus Born On This Day (US only)
Joy To The World (maxisingle released in Australia only)
From Daydream:
Fantasy (two maxisingles in Australia)
One Sweet Day (three remixes plus a Fantasy remix in the US)
Always Be My Baby (two maxisingles in Australia)
Open Arms (two singles in Australia)
Forever (Australia only)
From Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds's The Day:
Every Time I Close My Eyes (three non-album versions)
From Butterfly:
Honey (with four remixes)
Butterfly (outside US, with two dance remixes)
Breakdown (outside US, with bonus remixes)
The Roof (Europe only)
My All (outside US, with three dance remixes)
My All- Stay Awhile (US only, with bonus remixes)
From Number Ones:
Sweetheart- The Story (with four remixes)
When You Believe (with one non-album version)
I Still Believe (outside US, with dance remixes)
From Rainbow:
Heartbreaker (with four remixes)
Thank God I Found You (with two remixes)
Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) (with three dance remixes)
Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)
(with one dance remix and one non-album version)

In addition, Mariah has some rare studio-produced tracks which are not on all
versions of albums or singles around the world. These include the so-called
Spanish songs Heroe and El Amor Que Sone (see M10) and the so-called B-sides
Everything Fades Away (on non-US Music Box versions), Do You Think Of Me (on
the Dreamlover minisingle), Slipping Away (on some minisingles) and Do You
Know Where You're Going To (on some non-US Number Ones versions). See M2d(i)
for information.


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