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4.6 Bootlegs (James Taylor)


This article is from the James Taylor FAQ, by Joel Risberg (jrisberg@shore.net) with numerous contributions by others.

4.6 Bootlegs (James Taylor)

Note: Many of JT's shows have been recorded and passed among collectors.
The following bootlegs are only those released commercially (usually with
questionable legality).

"In Perfect Harmony" -- Recording of 10/29/70 BBC radio performance
with Joni Mitchell. Also more recently on CD from the Living Legend
label under the name "You Can Close Your Eyes" or "Close Your Eyes.
See section 5.5.
(commentary by both Joni and JT throughout)
That Song About the Midway (Joni)
The Gallery (Joni)
Rainy Day Man (JT)
Steamroller Blues (JT)
The Priest Song (Joni)
Carey (Joni)
Carolina (JT)
California (Joni)
For Free (Joni)
The Circle Game (lead by Joni)
You Can Close Your Eyes (Duet)

"Isn't It Nice To Be Home Again" -- 1971 - Rubber Dubber Records
Reference #: ?
Only available on vinyl (rare)
Recorded live at the Anaheim, CA Convention Center on March 21, 1971.
Similar recordings were distributed as "Live at the Anaheim Convention
Center" and "Taylor Made." See below.
Album 1:
Sweet Baby James
I Feel Fine (Something In the Way She Moves?)
Hey Mister, That's Me Up On the Jukebox
Sunny Skies
Chili Dog
Riding On a Railroad
Conversation (JT speaking to audience)
Places In My Past
You Can Close Your Eyes
Going To Carolina In My Mind
Long Ago and Far Away

Album 2:
Country Road
Fire and Rain
Sixteen Candles
Love Has Brought Me Around
Woh, Don't You Know
Steamroller Blues
Come On Brother, Get On Up and Help Me Find the Screw
The Promised Land
Isn't It Nice To Be Home Again

"Taylor Made"
A second double-album bootleg of the same 1971 performance used for "Isn't
It Nice To Be Home Again." Also includes four songs from a JT television
appearance in the early '70s ("Fire and Rain," "Country Road," "Oh Susannah,"
(duet with Johnny Cash) and "Sweet Baby James.")

"Dad Lives His Work" -- released June, 1994 by Great Dane (Italy)
Single CD containing excerpts of 1981 national radio broadcast from Atlanta.
Original show was approximately 2 hours. CD is 77 minutes. See section 5.5.

How Sweet It Is
Stand and Fight
Up On the Roof
Fire and Rain
Daddy's All Gone
Her Town Too
Country Road
Money Machine
You've Got a Friend

"Got Some Friends" -- Royal Sound Music (Germany) - 1994 - RSM 064
Single CD recording of excerpts from summer 1994 show at Great Woods,
Massachusetts. 78 minutes.

Lo and Behold
Promised Land
Gotta Stop Thinkin' Bout That
Rainy Day Man
Frozen Man
Your Smiling Face
Carolina In My Mind
Not Fade Away
Never Die Young
Up On the Roof
You've Got a Friend
Steamroller Blues
How Sweet It Is
Sweet Baby James

"Roses For Carole" -- Main Street (Italy) - MST104
Recording of JT's 1970 show at the Berkeley Community Theatre.
Songs include:
For Free
Carolina In My Mind
Okie From Muskogee
Sweet Baby James
I Love My Babe (Circle Round the Sun)
Up On the Roof (Lead by Carole King)
Night Owl
That Restless Feeling (Something's Wrong)
Where the Golden Rainbows End (Long Ago and Far Away)
Riding On a Railroad
Highway Song
Fire and Rain
You Can Close Your Eyes

"You've Got a Friend" -- M Records Ltd. (Germany) - 1992 - CJESD1
Remix of old material with a drum machine. Strange.
Something In The Way She Moves
Carolina In My Mind
Fire and Rain
Sweet Baby James
Country Road
You've Got a Friend
Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
Walking Man
How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
Shower The People
Letter In the Mail
Steamroller (Live)

"Not Fade Away" -- 1995 - Japanese double-CD bootleg of 3/15/95 Tokyo show.
DISC ONE: Sweet Baby James, Secret O' Life, Mexico, The Promised Land,
Copperline, Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight, (I've Got To) Stop Thinkin'
Bout That, Never Die Young, Frozen Man, Handy Man, Smiling Face, Shower
the People, Country Road, Riding On a Railroad, Something In the Way She

DISC TWO: Carolina In My Mind, Not Fade Away, Up On the Roof, You've Got a
Friend, How Sweet It Is, Fire & Rain, Steamroller, You Can Close Your Eyes,
(and the following are "bonus tracks" from 3/14/95) Not Fade Away, Up On
the Roof, You've Got a Friend, Only One

"Homeless Children's Medical Benefit Concert" - Yellow Cat - Appearances
by JT plus Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen, et al. JT sings "Looking For Love
On Broadway" and "Carolina In My Mind."


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