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4.3.2 Duets, Trios, and Backup (James Taylor)


This article is from the James Taylor FAQ, by Joel Risberg (jrisberg@shore.net) with numerous contributions by others.

4.3.2 Duets, Trios, and Backup (James Taylor)

- "Mockingbird" -- Duet with then-wife Carly Simon on her album, "Hotcakes,"
and also on her Greatest Hits album.
A live version appears on the 1979 "No Nukes" album.

- "Waited So Long" -- Duet with Carly Simon on her "No Secrets" album. JT
also sings backup on Carly's "Spy," "Come Upstairs," "Hotcakes," and
"Playing Possum."

- "Song of Long Ago" -- Carole King/JT duet on her album, "Music" - 1971
JT also plays guitar and does background vocals on her "Writer,"
"Tapestry," "Music," and "Thoroughbred" albums.

- "You've Got a Friend" -- Duet with Carole King on her 1994 2-CD
collection, "The Ode Years."

- Sang and played on "California" from Joni Mitchell's 1971 album, "Blue."
Also did background vocals on "In France They Kiss On Main Street"
from the "Hissing Of Summer Lawns" album. JT also performed on the
albums "For the Roses, "Dog Eat Dog," and "Wild Things Run Fast."

- "The Water is Wide" -- Duet with Karla Bonoff on her 1979 album "Restless
Nights" (J. D. Souther sang backup)
JT recorded it solo on "New Moon Shine."
Also on "Thirtysomething" soundtrack (Geffen 24413)

- "Perfect Love" -- Cohn/JT duet on Cohn's self-titled album

- "Old Blue" -- With violinist Mark O'Connor on his album "On the Mark" - 1987

- "City Lights" -- Duet with brother Liv on Liv's 1988 album "Life Is Good."
Also sang backup with Carly Simon on Livingston's 1978 album,
"3-Way Mirror" and on "Lovin' Be My New Horizon" from Liv's "Over
the Rainbow" album (also appears on Liv's "Echoes" album).

- "Back In the High Life" -- JT sang backup for Steve Winwood on this song

- "Wonderful World" recorded with Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel in 1978.
Included on Garfunkel's "Watermark" album.

- "It's In His Kiss" --Duet with sister Kate Taylor on her 1978 album, "Kate
See section 9.1 below.

- "Crying In the Rain" -- Duet with Art Garfunkel on his 1994 album,
"Up 'til Now." JT also plays on the song "It's All In the Game."

- "Gonna Work Out Fine" -- Duet with Linda Ronstadt on her album "Get Closer."
JT performed it during his 1981 Atlanta radio broadcast. JT
also appears on the song "Straighten Up and Fly Right" from her album
"For Sentimental Reasons."

- "Bartender's Blues" -- Sang backup for George Jones' 1977 cover of JT's
own song.

- "Devoted To You" -- duet with Carly Simon on her 1978 "Boys In the Trees"

- "Only a Dream In Rio" -- Milton Nascimento (Brazilian artist) -- JT sings
backup on his 1994 album "Angelus."

- Young, Neil -- JT sings backup for three songs on the 1992 album, "Harvest
Moon." The songs are: "From Hank to Hendrix," "War of Man," and "One
of These Days." He also plays and sings backup on two songs from
the "Harvest" album, along with playing banjo on "Old Man" from
that album.

- "Wind On the Water" -- JT sings on the title track of David Crosby and
Graham Nash's album of the same name. JT also plays guitar on the
song "Carry Me." (MCA 31251)

- "Chippin' Away" -- Sang backup for Crosby Stills and Nash on their 1990

- "Sad Eyes" -- JT sings backup on this song from Graham Nash's "Innocent
Eyes" album.

- "Oh Yes I Can" -- JT sings backup David Crosby's album of the same name.

- "New Star Shining" -- duet with Ricky Scaggs on his album, "Love's Gonna
Get Ya." JT also appears in the video.

- "He Will Break Your Heart" -- JT sings a duet with brother Alex on Alex's
1989 album "Voodoo In Me."

- "L'Air De La Louisiane" -- Sang backup with Timothy Schmit on Jimmy
Buffett's "Hot Water" album. Also sang backup with Hugh and Alex on
Buffett's "Volcano" album (they called themselves "The Embarrassing

- "Power" -- Sang it with John Hall and Carly Simon on Hall's 1979 album,

- "Got To Find Love" -- Sang backup on David Lasley's 1982 album "Missin'
Twenty Grand."

- LaBounty, Bill -- Sang backup on LaBounty's self-titled 1982 album.
Songs are "Didn't Want to Say Goodbye" and "Never Gonna Look Back."

- "Since I Don't Have You" -- Sang with Don McLean. Can be found on
McLean's 1992 album, "Classics."


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