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7. Who's the next singer and what are the band's immediate plans? (Iron Maiden)


This article is from the Iron Maiden FAQ, by Vartan Narinian vsn@pobox.com and Steve Payne Sirpapa@aol.com with numerous contributions by others.

7. Who's the next singer and what are the band's immediate plans? (Iron Maiden)

The new singer with IRON MAIDEN is Blaze Bayley (not Bailey!), formerly
of WOLFSBANE. Rod Smallwood says about this decision:

"It wasn't a difficult choice to make when it came down to it, but there
was a lot of people to look at. The band finally all sat down at the end
of August and listened to the hundreds of tapes and from there we got down
to 16, who were auditioned at Steve's. They were given six songs to learn,
and then they sang those six songs with the band a couple of times and from
those 16 there emerged three possible people. We took those three back up to
Steve's and took the vocals off some live tapes asked them to sing along in
the studio to get an idea of how it sounded on tape and from the basis of
those tapes we decided Blaze was the best man for the job"

According to the Iron Maiden Fan Club, the producer of the album is
Nigel Green.

In an interview with the Greek edition of Metal Hammer (august 95 issue)
Steve Harris said that the title of the new album will be X-FACTOR. The
release date is beginning of October. Nigel Green said that "The title of
the album 'THE X FACTOR' came about in the early part of the recording.
We all felt that the way things were progressing - the songs, BLAZE'S new
involvement, the sound, the commitment - the new album really would have
that extra quality, that bit of magic....that X FACTOR. This became the
working title for the album and we liked it, so we kept it. It is also very
apt as this is our tenth studio album and "X" can bring up many images"

The cover is not drawn by Derek Riggs but by an artist by the name of
Hughes Simon (aka HUGH SYME) who is working for Disney. Harris said "Don't
think that it will look like a comic because it won't." Hughes Simon has
apparently done some covers for Rush, Queensryche, Megadeth and others.

Wanting to get away from the 2 dimensional illustrated sleeves, the band
asked HUGH SYME to bring "Eddie", the band's eternal and indestructable
"Mascot", to life. SYME created a masterpiece, building and photographing
the re-birth of "Eddie", encapturing the gore, complexity and horror of the
warped surgery involved in creating a modern day Frankenstein.

The striking visual is a cause of concern for the band's record companies
around the world who fear that they will encounter potential problems
getting the record racked in "conservative" chain stores.

"MAIDEN" however refused to change the artwork, but decided instead to
create an alternative for those of a "milder dispositon" which features
"Eddie" being pumped up with 25,000 volts in an "Electric Chair". This
alternative artwork will be featured on the back of the CD booklet,
printed upside down, so that the booklet can be reversed to give an
alternative cover.

Earlier this year, when asked about the length of time taken on this
album Steve replied:

"This is obviously a very important time for us with a new
line-up. It takes time to fully integrate a new singer- when Bruce
joined we were able to quietly go off to Italy to tour before
recording "The Beast". Now it's impossible for Maiden to do anything
"quietly". We spent a lot of time in rehearsal just, playing,
relaxing and getting the right feel before getting down to the
actual recording. This way we felt we were a band once recording

Everything went well with Blaze from the word go- we knew him before
from touring together, I always loved his vocals... he's just very

Anyway we're close to finishing and we all feel that this album will
have something very special. This will be reflected in the
title. We're very proud of the songs. We're delighted with the way
things have gone and can't wait for the fans to hear the new band
and new songs. We're also dying to get out and tour again - it's the
longest we've ever been between gigs."

Blaze said "I can't wait to get out touring with Maiden. I wanted to
get out and play the UK straight away, but the rest reckoned we
should get some gigs under our belt first, get things really revved

The tours starts in early October in South Africa, followed by Greece,
Bulgaria, Hungary Slovenia, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Norway, Finland,
Sweden, Denmark and then the first phase of the UK Tour. Then it's
other Western European countries, more UK dates before going to South
and North America, Japan, SE Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

The UK dates are as follows and tickets go on sale June 30th:


Tickets are #14.50 for all venues.

The gigs are all standing, so priority seats cannot be offered.


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