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29. Various significant dates in IRON MAIDEN history part3


This article is from the Iron Maiden FAQ, by Vartan Narinian vsn@pobox.com and Steve Payne Sirpapa@aol.com with numerous contributions by others.

29. Various significant dates in IRON MAIDEN history part3

82/03/24 - Maiden re-visits Paris, France. 5,000 fans decided that wrecking
the Metro was the best way of celebrating a Maiden night out, and
that venue (which one?) has been closed to rock ever since.
82/04/02 - First gig in Spain (Beast On The Road Tour), Barcelona, Spain.
Though these were the first gigs in Spain, it didn't stop them
from selling out all 3 of the 8,000 capacity gigs they played.
Apr '82 - Another first, following THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST's triumphant
reign at the top of the charts - the NME asked for an inteview.
The NME was and remains completely anti-rock, so Maiden agreed to
do the interview as long as it was solely on their terms, i.e.,
printed in a question and answer format (so as to stop them from
mis-quoting and misleading), and that they got the front page.
NME eventually reluctantly agreed, and sent forth their most
notorious interviewer Paul Morley to interview them (he got pretty
drunk during the interview as well). Morley didn't give Harris
and Dickinson credit for being brighter than he though, so he
couldn't really 'take them down' in the interview, and eventually
Eddie himself appeared on the front page.
Mid Apr '82 - During the European leg of the Beast On The Road Tour, Bruce
picks up a chest infection, and 3 dates on the French Riveria
had to be pulled.
Spring '82 - (The Beast On The Road Tour) - this is the tour that Maiden
decided to do something to curb the pirate merchandisers who
habitually plagued rodck gigs. They actually got pretty firm
about this stuff, even getting a few people arrested and
charged, since their phony merchandise was always of a pretty
cheesy quality.
82/05/10 - The Number Of The Beast b/w Remember Tomorrow single is released
in the UK. It went top 20, and the video featured ballroom
dancers waltzing merrily with '666' on their backs. The big Eddie
(the 12 foot tall one) made his first appearnce on the Beast On
The Road tour, but even though Eddie made an appearance in the
video, he was edited out by MTV after viewers complained that he
was scaring them too much.
82/05/11 - First American Performance for Beast On The Road Tour, Flint, MI
(supporting Rainbow for 3 weeks, then .38 Special in the south
for several gigs). Bruce bangs his head around so much here that
for another month or so afterwards he has to sport a movement-
restricting surgical collar. After the injury time passed in
agony with Bruce passing through the mitts of various US quacks
who prescribed a frightening array of downers (one even prescribed
horse tranquilizers) to deaden the pain, while one who charged
$150 for a 20 minute consultation recommended surgery! He
eventually got everything taken care of at a chiropractor's
82/06/11 - Maiden opens for .38 Special in Memphis, TN, on Donnie Van Zant's
birthday (supposedly one of the more memorable gigs/nights on the
82/06/19 - First gig in Norman, OK. This was the last night of that stretch
of the Beast On The Road Tour (they continued on in Canada a few
days later), and Adrian Smith got drunk as a skunk (hence, the
apperance of his drunk alter-ego "Melvin") and barely made the
plane, thanks to Dave Murray and a full bottle of Chivas Regal
82/06/25 - First Canadian Headline Performance in Quebec City, Quebec,
Canada. 9,000 people showed up!
82/06/29 - First American Headline Performance (Beast On The Road Tour), The
Palladium, New York, NY. It was a sell-out performance, marred
only by one asshole 'fan' hurling a firework on stage, hitting
Dave Murray's guitar roadie Bill Barclay in head and almost
blinding him. Apparently the kid who did it was given a severe
kicking by other fans after the gig, so justice was done! The
advertisements for the Palladium show included a picture of Eddie
holding aloft the bitten-off head of Ozzy Osbourne (who the year
before had outraged most of America by biting off the head of a
dove, followed closely by biting the wing off a pigeion and then
by chewing on a bat's head.). The press release at the time
explained that Eddie was a great friends of bats in general, and
had decided to avenge Ozzy's latest outrage. Unbelievably Ozzy's
label boss Don Arden called up Rod Smallwood and said he thought
the Maiden ad was in "bad taste", and asked them to withdraw the
picture, so they did.
82/07/20 - First gig in British Columbia (Beast On The Road Tour), Victoria,
British Columbia, Canada.
82/07/23 - First gig in Alberta (Beast On The Road Tour), Edmonton, Alberta,
82/07/26 - First gig in Saskatchewan (Beast On The Road Tour), Regina,
Saskatchewan, Canada.
82/07/27 - First gig in Manitoba (Beast On The Road Tour), Winnipeg,
Manitoba, Canada.
Jul '82 - Eddie-fever really starts catching on in the US. In New York he
was swinging off the Empire State building with a conquered King
Kong in his mitts. In California he was rinding a shark surf-
board style. In Texas he was depicted gnawing on an armadillo in
the desert.
Jul '82 - Maiden were special guests of the Scorpions.
Summer '82 - Maiden becomes a focus of people like the Moral Majority and
the God Squad in Arkansas, who wanted the album to carry
stickers warning of their eveil satanic nature. This was only
the first...


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