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29. Various significant dates in IRON MAIDEN history part1


This article is from the Iron Maiden FAQ, by Vartan Narinian vsn@pobox.com and Steve Payne Sirpapa@aol.com with numerous contributions by others.

29. Various significant dates in IRON MAIDEN history part1

1972 - Steve Harris graduates from Leyton County High School, Leytonstone,
London, England (on the East End).
May 1976 - The words "Iron Maiden's...gonna get you...no matter how far" were
first uttered at the Cart & Horses Tavern at Maryland Point,
Stratford, England. The first true gig for IRON MAIDEN! :)
'76/'77 - Maiden establishes themselves on the East End London heavy metal
Mid '77 - Den Wilcock quits right before a gig at the Green Man Plumstead,
78/12/30 - The first 4 songs EP was recorded at Spacewood Studios in
Cambridge, England. The songs were: Prowler, Invasion, Iron
Maiden, and Strange World. Once the band returned with more money
to remix, etc., the studio had wiped the master clean, so the demo
tape (which eventually became the Soundhouse Tapes) was put onto
vinyl exactly as it was recorded that night. It cost them about
$400 or so. They didn't even have a place to stay, and actually
had to stay in the back of their van!
78/12/31 - Paul Di'Anno's debut with IRON MAIDEN, at the Ruskin Arms, High
Street North, Manor Park, East London, England.
Early 79 - First real press exposure for IRON MAIDEN.
79/02/02 - Maiden's equipment truck, equipment and all, were stolen, worth
12,000 pounds altogether. All of this was later recovered less
than a month later, and the 4 perpetrators were later charged with
stealing and burglary. The main guy was named Ilkay Bayram, and
they were from Homerton, England.
Early summer 79 - Rod Smallwood hooks up with Maiden as their manager.
Summer '79 - Steve and rest of the band quit their regular jobs, since IRON
MAIDEN was really starting to take off full-time.
79/09/03 - Charity benefit concert at the Music Machine, London, England,
supporting Motorhead (Motorhead was billed as Iron Fist And The
Hordes From Hell).
79/09/06 - Paul Di'Anno is arrested 5 minutes before Maiden goes on stage
at The Swan, Hammersmith, London, England. He was charged with
concealing a weapon (a knife), and forced Maiden to go on as a
3-piece (Steve Harris, Dave Murray, Doug Sampson), playing a
largely instrumental set, with Steve Harris doing vocals.
79/10/03 - 79/10/04 - Free concerts played at The Swan, Hammersmith, London,
England...trying to attract record labels. Chrysalis
records turned up, but couldn't make up their mind
whether or not they were interested (tough shit for
them, eh?!).
79/10/19 - First headline concert at The Marquee, London, England, with
Praying Mantis and Ian Flemming.
79/10/24 - IRON MAIDEN first signs with EMI records. (Paul Di'Anno of Ching-
ford, London; David Michael Murray of Clapton, London; Steve
Harris of Leytonstone, London; Doug Sampson of Walthamstow,
London; and Tony Parsons of Hertfordshire).
79/10/27 - IRON MAIDEN's first appearance on the cover of SOUNDS magazine.
79/11/01 - First gig in Scotland, Ruffles, Aberdeen, Scotland.
79/11/05 - Heavy Metal Bonfire Night Explosion at The Music Machine, London,
79/11/07 - Sign contract for BBC's Radio One "Friday Night Rock Show", to be
broadcast one week later.
79/11/09 - The Soundhouse Tapes EP was officially released (unmixed) on Rock
Hard Records (Maiden's own label). Only 5,000 copies were ever
79/11/14 - IRON MAIDEN made their debut on the BBC's Radio One "Friday Night
Rock Show." They played Iron Maiden, Sanctuary, Transylvania, and
Running Free as a 4-piece (they had dropped guitarist Tony Parsons
by this time).
79/12/15 - Official announcement of IRON MAIDEN signing with EMI (in the
trade bible MUSIC WEEK).
79/12/19 - The IRON MAIDEN MEGABASH at The Music Machine, London, England.
This gig was complete with amps covered in cotton wool snow and
a headbanging Santa.
End '79 - Maiden (Rod Smallwood) meets up with artist Derek Riggs.
Early '80 - Recorded Running Free single (release in Feb '80), and the b-side
Burning Ambition (which is the only album that features Doug
Sampson on drums, and Dave Murray doing all the guitar work).
80/02/10 - Maiden meets up with famed photographer Ross Halfin, after he
takes in their show in support of the Metal For Muthas album, at
the London Lyceum, England.
80/02/15 - Metal For Muthas compilation released.
80/02/15 - First single, Running Free b/w Burning Ambition, is released. It
goes to #44 in the first week of its release. It peaked at #34
(in the UK) at the beginning of March.
Feb '80 - IRON MAIDEN first plays LIVE on Britain's TOP OF THE POPS, the
first band ever to do so (at the time), other than THE WHO in
80/03/15 - First Headline Performance at the Hammersmith Odeon, England (on
the Judas Priest tour). They got to play about a 45 minute set
for each gig on the tour.
80/04/05 - Kotrijk Festival, Belgium. The IRON MAIDEN Head (the forerunner
to Eddie) was blown off the stage and into the crowd (instead of
just shooting smoke like it was supposed to have). One crazed fan
gave up his job to follow Maiden around Europe for 2 months!
Also, Maiden's first gig outside of the United Kingdom.
80/04/10 - Gig at Central Hall, Grimsby, England. Paul's voice was going
out and was so rough, the band stormed through an instrumental
set and told the audience they'd be back in October to do another
concert (with vox) and they were!
80/04/11 - Debut album IRON MAIDEN is released, and smashes into the UK chart
at #4, going silver within the first month of its release. The
song "Sanctuary" also appeared on the US release.
May '80 - Some people become irked at the cover of the upcoming single
Sanctuary, as it depicts Eddie hovering with a knife over a dead
Margaret Thatcher.
80/05/16 - Sanctuary single, b/w Drifter and I've Got The Fire (both live),
is released. It eventually got to #29 on the UK charts.
Summer '80 - First major headline tour (had to back out of a few dates, due
to Paul Di'Anno's voice that kept going out).
Summer '80 - Before one gig in Edinburgh, Scotland, Clive Burr had food
poisoning real bad and wasn't supposed to play, but Vic Vella
(the main driver/roadie guy) and others dragged him out of bed
to play, whereupon he fainted at the end of the gig. What a
80/06/20 - First ever London concert hall headliner, London, Rainbow,
80/07/03 - 80/07/05 - Maiden packs the Marquee, London, England. They are
filmed by ITV for an edition of Twentieth Century Box
that was screened on 08/17/80. This was a special "New
Wave Metal" probe (only after a year on the music
press), which majored on Maiden.
80/08/18 - Maiden signs contract with Kiss to open for them on concerts over
the next 2 months.
80/08/17 - Marquee Club in London performance aired on Twentieth Century Box.
80/08/23 - First performance at the annual Reading Festival.
80/08/24 - First gig in Portugal (opening for Kiss), Cascais Hall, Lisbon,
80/08/30 - First gig in Italy (opening for Kiss), Stadion Communale, Perugia,
80/09/11 - First gig in Germany (opening for Kiss), Hessehalle, Nuremberg,
80/09/23 - First gig in France (opening for Kiss), Parc Des Expositions,
Avignon, France.
80/09/28 - First gig in Switzerland (opening for Kiss), St. Jacob's-Halle,
Basel, Switzerland.
80/10/05 - First gig in Holland (opening for Kiss), Groenoordhalle, Lieden,
80/10/09 - First gig in Sweden (opening for Kiss), Stockholm, Sweden.
80/10/11 - First gig in Denmark (opening for Kiss), Broendbyhallen,
Copenhagen, Denmark.
80/10/13 - First gig in Norway (opening for Kiss), Drammenshallen, Oslo,
80/10/27 - IRON MAIDEN featured in Geoff Barton's SOUNDS FEATURE (first photo
session for the press).


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