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This article is from the Grateful Dead FAQ, by John J. Wood, Eric Nay and Ihor Slabicky tcgdd@hotmail.com with numerous contributions by others.

99) The Complete Grateful Dead Discography p5

Vintage Dead - Grateful Dead (Sunflower/MGM SUN 5001) 1966 Avalon Ballroom
performances (possibly September 16, 1966) released in October, 1970. The
album contains the songs "I Know You Rider" (4:25), "It Hurts Me Too" (4:17),
"It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" (4:50), "Dancing In The Street" (7:55); "In The
Midnight Hour" (18:23). The poster, used for the cover of this album, came
from the Dead's concert at the Avalon on September 16 and 17, 1966. The
"skull and roses" image used for the poster was originally a black and white
illustration by Edmund Sullivan which appeared in a 19th century edition of
"The Rubiyat Of Omar Khayyam". Anton Kelly and Stanley Mouse adapted it for
the poster, adding colors and lettering.

American Beauty - Grateful Dead (Warner Bros. WS 1893) Early releases of
this record had a "Grateful Dead" sticker on the shrink-wrap. Released in
November, 1970. Parts of "Friend Of The Devil" were written at Rock Scully's
house in Kentfield, CA: Robert Hunter brought over the beginning words and
John "Marmaduke" Dawson provided the "set out running but I take my time, a
friend of the Devil is a friend of mine" line. "Truckin'" was started by
Robert Hunter in San Francisco, and finished while touring with the Dead in
Florida. The death of Garcia's mother was the inspiration for "Brokedown
Palace". "Box Of Rain" was written for Phil Lesh's father, who was dying.
The "...ripples in still waters..." refrain in "Ripple" is a 17 syllable
haiku; the song was written in England. David Grisman plays mandolin on
"Ripple" and "Friend Of The Devil". This is the first album with Ned
Lagin. Also recording at Wally Heider's (located at Hyde and Turk) at this
time were the Jefferson Airplane and David Crosby, recording his first solo
album. The title of the album can be read off the front cover artwork, by
some use of imagination, as "American Reality". "To Lay Me Down" was
rehearsed and recorded, but was not included on the album. Frankie Weir is
the subject of "Sugar Magnolia". Jerry Garcia plays pedal steel guitar on
"Sugar Magnolia". The vocals on "Attics Of My Life" are double-tracked.

American Beauty - Grateful Dead (Warner Bros. ) Released on 3 3/4 ips
reel to reel tape. The tapes were made by the Bell & Howell Magnetic Tape

Looney Tunes And Merrie Melodies (Warner Bros. PRO 423) On side 3, track 3 of
this sampler is "Sugar Magnolia" from "American Beauty".

American Beauty - Grateful Dead (Mobile Fidelity MFSL 1-014) An "Original
Master Recording" (printed across the top of the cover), pressed on high
quality vinyl. Released in 1978.

American Beauty - Grateful Dead (Warner Bros. WS 2-1893) Some of the early
CD releases have graphics (CD+G) capability. Released on CD in 1987.

American Beauty / Workingman's Dead - Grateful Dead (Warner Bros. WB 23706)
In the late 1980's, the "American Beauty" and "Workingman's Dead" albums were
released on one cassette.

American Beauty - Grateful Dead (Rhino ) In May, 2001, Mickey
Hart remixed this album for the DVD Audio 5.1 format. This included bringing
forward, in the mix, Jerry Garcia's pedal steel playing on "Sugar Magnolia".
Released on DVD on September 28, 2001.

American Beauty - Grateful Dead (Rhino) This remastered version of the
album, taken from the 12 CD box set, was released on CD in October, 2002.

Historic Dead - Grateful Dead (MGM/Sunflower SNF 5004) More early Avalon
Ballroom performances, released in June, 1971. The album contains the songs:
"Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl" (11:01), "Lindy" (2:49); "Stealin'" (3:00),
and "The Same Thing" (12:01).

Historic Dead - Grateful Dead (Polydor 2310171 SUPER (1972)) An English
release, on vinyl, containing the same tracks as the US version: "Good
Morning, Little School Girl" (11:01), "Lindy" (2:49); "Stealin'" (3:00),
and "The Same Thing" (12:01).

Pop History Vol. 23: The Grateful Dead (Polydor 2679 003) A two record
album, consisting of the "Vintage Dead" and "Historic Dead" material,
released in 1972 on the Polydor (Germany) label. The LP's are numbered
"Polydor 2335 058" and "Polydor 2335 059", and engraved in the vinyl is
"1972". On the front cover, "POP HISTORY VOL. 23 THE GRATEFUL DEAD"
appears in red and green on a photo with (from left to right) of Garcia,
Weir, Kreutzmann, and Lesh playing (at a 1972 concert?). On the back
cover, "POP HISTORY VOL 23 THE GRATEFUL DEAD" is written in red and green.
The back cover also has the track listing with timings and at the bottom,
the producers Peter Abram and Robert E. Cohen. The inside left cover has
liner notes (in German and English) by Gunter Ehnert about the early Grateful
Dead and Garcia. There is no information about the recordings. The inside
right cover shows the front covers from 10 POP HISTORY releases (Hendrix,
Cream, Blues Project and others). The first record contains: "Good Morning,
Little Schoolgirl", "Lindy"; "Stealin'", "The Same Thing". The second record
contains: "I Know You Rider", "It Hurts Me Too", "It's All Over Now, Baby
Blue", "Dancing In The Street"; "In The Midnight Hour".

Zabriskie Point - Original Soundtrack (MGM SE 4668ST) Contains an excerpt
from "Dark Star" (2:32) from the "Live/Dead" album, and "Love Scene" (7:04),
a solo by Jerry Garcia which was recorded on January 20, 1970, at the
soundstage, while Garcia was watching that portion of the film.

Zabriskie Point - Original Soundtrack (MCA 25032) Reissued in 1986.

Zabriskie Point - Original Soundtrack (EMI CDP 7 94717 2) Released on CD.


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