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This article is from the Grateful Dead FAQ, by John J. Wood, Eric Nay and Ihor Slabicky tcgdd@hotmail.com with numerous contributions by others.

99) The Complete Grateful Dead Discography p28

A Box Of Rain - Live 1990 - Robert Hunter (Rykodisc RCD 10214) Released on
August 20, 1991. As Hunter says: "The nine live tunes are from my December
'90 tour. Direct recordings were made of all the shows but audience tapes cut
on Dr. Sam's DAT recorder (last night of the tour, The Warfield, S.F.) were
generally juicier than the board tapes. The three board tapes I did select
were "Deal" from the same night, recorded by Chris Kathman, and "Franklin's
Tower" and "Space" from Boston, recorded by Bill Blaine. The three studio
cuts that begin and end the album were engineered by yours truly. All cuts on
the album are 2-track stereo without overdub. Joe Gastwin EQ'd, plucked some
clicks and pops off the tracks and smoothed the transitions during
mastering." The album contains: "Box Of Rain" (a studio version recorded for
this album), "Scarlet Begonias" (studio recording), "Franklin's Tower", "Jack
Straw", "Brown Eyed Women", "Reuben and Cerise", "Space", "Deal", "Promontory
Rider", "Ripple", "Boys In The Barroom", and "Stella Blue" (a studio

Planet Drum - Mickey Hart (Rykodisc RCD 10206) A musical companion to Mickey
Hart's book "Planet Drum". Released in September, 1991 (official date is
October 1, 1991). Mickey Hart went on a book signing tour in the Fall of 1991.

Planet Drum - Mickey Hart (Ryko Gold Records RCD ) A limited edition gold
plated CD.

Zakir Hussain and The Rhythm Experience - Zakir Hussain and The Rhythm
Experience (Moment Records MRCD 1007) On this November, 1991 release, Mickey
Hart is credited with playing 'Found metal' on "Balinese Fantasy" (3:50).

Sonatas By Hayden, Schubert, Beethoven - Tom Constanten (Mauroy Records
MR2001, 1991)

Live in Concert: Tom Constanten at the Piano - Tom Constanten (Mauroy Records
MR2002, Mauroy Records, 691 10th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94118,
(415) 386-6036 or (415) 386-8400) this 50:34 CD of classical piano works
recorded on December 6, 1992 at the Old First Church in San Francisco with a
cover photo of Tom Constanten in front of the Golden Gate Bridge was released
in 1996. It includes "Modern Love Waltz" (2:42) by Philip Glass and Tom
Constanten's "Dejavalse" (1:41).

Desert Island Discs - var. (MJI Broadcasting (212) 245-5010) the October 20,
1991 segment of this syndicated show included Bob Weir's selections of what
records he would bring if he were marooned on an island.

Jerry Garcia Interview By Scott Muni - (Arista ADP 2377) Jerry Garcia
interviewed on September 13, 1991 by WNEW-FM's (NYCity) Scot Muni. The
questions were prepared by David Gans. Arista turned the interview into a
disc that was sent to radio stations to promote the "Alive And In The
Present" album by the Jerry Garcia Band. This was released only on vinyl.
Released in December, 1991.

Devout Catalyst - Ken Nordine (Grateful Dead GDCD 40152) Ken Nordine's 'word
jazz', backed live by David Grisman and Jerry Garcia, with an appearance by
Tom Waits. It includes "So What" played behind one of the raps. Recorded in
March, 1991 at the Front Street studio. Produced by Dan Healy. Released in
January, 1992.

Save The Planet So We'll Have Someplace To Boogie - Merl Saunders (Sumertone
Records S2CD-2153, (800) 759-MERL) On some CD packages, the title was
misspelled as "Save The Planet So We'll Have Some Place To Boobie". This
double-disc, live album, recorded at Wetlands in New York City and Great
American Music Hall, includes "Sugaree". Released in November, 1991.

Neal Cassady - Drive Alive (Key-Z Productions, P.O. Box 764, Pleasant Hill, OR
97455, (503) 741-1119) A 60 minute soundtrack taken from a series of tapes
Neal Cassady made in 1965. Backed by the Warlocks, Cassady takes a verbal
joyride through his life, his cars, his women, and the lessons he learns
along the way. Additional music by Jerry Garcia.

Tricker - Ken Kesey and the Thunder Machine (Key-Z Productions, 755 Polk
Street, Eugene OR 97402, (503) 741-1119) A 60 minute tape. Side A consists
of the story "Little Tricker The Squirrel Meats Big Double The Bear" told by
Ken Kesey and accompanied by the Thunder Machine Band. Side B includes three
songs written by Kesey and performed by Kesey and the Thunder Machine Band
with Jerry Garcia on lead guitar.

Nicky Holland - Nicky Holland (Epic Associated ZK 47413) Released in 1992,
this album includes a cover of "Box Of Rain". From the press release for this
album, her comments on "Box Of Rain": "I was introduced to the Grateful
Dead's music by my sister's boyfriend when I was 13. I have since recognized
that a lot of my passion for the band was teenage infatuation. However, some
of their songs never left me - this has always been my favorite."

Two From The Vault - Grateful Dead (Grateful Dead GDCD 40162) The second in
the "from the vault" series, this time the August 24, 1968 show (according to
the liner notes). Released in May, 1992.

Two From The Vault - Grateful Dead (GDV3 , Grateful Dead Records, 48-50 Steele
Road, London, UK NW10 7AS) A three record set made in West Germany and
released in England. The second in the "from the vault" series.

Three From The Vault - Grateful Dead (Grateful Dead GDCD ) The third in the
"from the vault" series, this time the February 19, 1971 show. Although mixed
in the Fall, 1992, release of this show had been put on hold by Phil Lesh.

Nightfall Of Diamonds - Tom Constanten (Relix Records RRCD 2046) This 1992 CD
includes "Dark Star", featuring Henry Kaiser on guitar. It also includes a
very short "Friend Of The Devil" and "Cold Rain And Snow" which includes a
few lines from "Doin' That Rag". "Cold Rain And Snow" also appears on "Fresh
Tracks In Real Time". "Cold Rain And Snow", "I Know You Rider", and "Friend
Of The Devil" also appear on "The Relix Bay Rock Shop No. 2". "Cold Rain And
Snow" and "And We Bid You Good Night" also appear on "Relix Sampler #4". "And
We Bid You Good Night" also appears on "Dead Delites Volume 1".


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