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10 History of the band (Billy Joel)


This article is from the Billy Joel FAQ, by Mike Steele mike@cs.umd.edu with numerous contributions by others.

10 History of the band (Billy Joel)

[Thanks to Claire Caterer (caterer@panix.com) for this info]

The Hassles:
Billy Joel (vocals, Hammond organ)
John Dizek (vocals, percussion)
Howie Blauvelt (bass guitar)
Richie McKenner (lead guitar)
Jon Small (drums)

Billy Joel (vocals, keyboards)
John Small (drums)

Billy Joel's Band Through His Solo Career:
[Abbreviations: CSH = Cold Spring Harbor; PM = Piano Man;
SS = Streetlife Serenade; TS = Turnstiles; S = Stranger;
52 = 52nd Street; GH = Glass Houses; SITA = Songs in the Attic;
NC = Nylon Curtain; IM = Innocent Man; GHITS = Greatest
Hits Vol. I & II (original songs); B = The Bridge;
K = Kohuept; SF = Storm Front; RD = River of Dreams]

The Mainstays:
David Brown (guitar on GH, SITA, NC, IM, GHITS, B, S, SF)
Richard Cannata (tenor and soprano saxophone, clarinet, flute, organ
on TS, S, 52, GH, SITA, RD)
Liberty DeVitto (drums on TS, S, 52, GH, SITA, IM, GHITS, B, K, SF, RD)
Russell Javors (guitar, acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar on TS, GH, SITA,
NC, IM, B, K)
Billy Joel (vocals, keyboards, moogs, organ, piano, harmonica,
synthesizers, hammond organ, hammond B-3, melodica,
acoustic guitar, clavinet, harpsicord)
Mark Rivera (alto sax, tenor sax, percussion, background vocals,
syntharmonica on IM, GHITS, B, K)
Doug Stegmeyer (bass, background vocals on TS, S, 52, GH, SITA, NC,

The Famous Folks:
Peter Cetera (background vocals on B: "My Life")
Ray Charles (piano, vocals on B: "Baby Grand")
Color Me Badd (background vocals on RD: "All About Soul")
Cyndi Lauper (background vocals on B: "Code of Silence")
Richard Marx (background vocals on SF: "That's Not Her Style",
"Storm Front")
Itzhak Perlman (fiddle on SF: "Downeaster Alexa")
David Sanborn (alto sax on IM)
Steve Winwood (hammond B-3 on B: "Getting Closer")

The Rest (by instrument):
Jeff Bova (B), Al Campbell (CSH), L.D. Dixon (CSH), Jeff Jacobs
(SF, RD), Dave Lebolt (GHITS, K), John Mahonet (SF), Rob Mounsey
(B), Leon Pendarvis (NC), Fender Rhodes (CSH), Richard Tee (S, IM)

Zachary Alford (RD), Jimmy Bralower (GHITS, B), Vinnie Calaiuta (B),
Rhys Clark (CSH, PM), David Friedman (52), Steve Jordan (RD), Andy
"Funky Drummer" Kravitz (RD), Mingo Lewis (TS), Ralph MacDonald
(S, 52, IM), Mike McGee (CSH), Sammy Merendino (SF), Jim Saporito
(RD), Danny Siewell (CSH), Crystal Taliefero (SF), Ron Tutt (PM, SS)

Guitar/Acoustic Guitar:
Richard Bennett (PM, SS), Hiram Bullock (S), Tommy Byrnes (RD),
Larry Carlton (CSH), Gary Dalton (SS), Mike Deasy (SS), Kevin
Dukes (K), Howie Emerson (TS), Don Evans (CSH, SS), Eric Gale
(52, IM), Al Hertzberg (SS), Joey Hunting (SF), Mick Jones (SF),
Steve Kahn (S, 52), "Sneaky" Pete Kleinow (CSH), Dan Kortchmar
(RD), John McCurry (GHITS, B), Ary Munson (SS), Dean Parks (PM, B),
Roj Rathor (SS), Michael Stewart (SS), Sal De Troia (CSH), Mike
Tyler (RD), Leslie West (RD)

Acoustic Guitar:
Steve Burgh (S), Howie Emerson (TS), Steve Kahn (S, 52), Hugh
McCracken (S, 52), James Smith (TS), David Spinozza (52)

Ron Carter (B), Schuyler Deale (SF, RD), Wilton Felder (PM, SS),
Emory Gordy (PM, SS), Lonnie Hillyer (RD), Jeff Lee Johnson (RD),
Larry Knechtel (CSH, SS), Joe Osborn (CSH), T.M. Stevens (RD),
Neil Stubenhaus (B), Chuck Treece (RD)

Dominic Cortese (S, NC, SF), Michael Omartian (PM)

Fred Heilbrun (PM), Eric Weissberg (PM), Tom Whitehorse (SS)

Dave Bargeron (trombone on B), Mike Brecker (horns on 52, B),
Randy Brecker (horns, tenor sax on 52, IM), Ronnie Cuber
(baritone sax on IM, GHITS, B), Eddie Daniels (sax, clarinet
on NC, B), Laurence Etkin (trumpet on RD), John Gatchell
(trumpet on IM), Arno Hecht (baritone saxophone on RD), Freddie
Hubbard (trumpet on 52), Osvaldo Melindez (trombone on RD),
"The Memphis Horns" (Andrew Love, Wayne Jackson) (horns on SF),
Lenny Pickett (saxophone on SF), Alan Rubin (trumpet on B),
Joe Shepley (trumpet on IM), Marvin Stamm (trumpet on B), Phil
Woods (alto sax on S)

Don Brooks (B, SF), Ronnie Cuber (IM, GHITS, B), Jon Faddis (GHITS),
"Toots" Thielemans (IM)

Billy Armstrong (fiddle on PM), Joe Clayton (conga on SS),
David Friedman (orchestral chimes on 52), The Georgian Singers
"Zhournalist" (vocals on K), George Marge (sopranino recorder on
52), Mike Mainieri (vibes, marimba on 52), Charles McCraken
(cello on NC), William Smith (organ on SS)

Background Vocals:
Mike Alexander (IM), Chuck Arnold (SF), Pattie Austin (S), Tom
Bahler (IM), Phillip Ballou (RD), Katreese Barnes (RD), Dennis
Collins (RD), The Creamers/Susan Steward & Co. (PM), Donnie
Dacus (52), Patti Darcy (SF), Rory Dodd (IM), Will Downing (RD),
Frank Floyd (52, IM, SF, RD), Babi Floyd (52), Wrecia Ford (RD),
Diane Garisto (RD), Milt Grayson (52), Lani Groves (S, IM),
Gwen Guthrie (S), Peter Hewlett (GHITS, B, K), Hicksville High
School Chorus (SF), Jeff Jacobs (SF, RD), Stephanie James (RD),
Devora Johnson (RD), Mick Jones (SF), Curtis King (SF), Ian
Lloyd (SF), Ullanda McCullough (IM), Brian Ruggles (SF), Zack
Sanders (52), Marlon Saunders (RD), Frank Simms (GHITS, RD),
George Simms (K, RD), Ray Simpson (52), Phoebe Snow (S),
Corliss Stafford (RD), Crystal Taliefero (SF), Ron Taylor (IM),
Terry Textor (IM), Eric Troyer (IM), Joe Lynn Turner (SF), Brenda
White-King (SF, RD), B. David Whitworth (RD)


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