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15 What other bands have members of AC/DC been in, and what otheralbums have they played on?


This article is from the AC/DC FAQ, by Phil Rose acdcfaq@yahoo.com with numerous contributions by others.

15 What other bands have members of AC/DC been in, and what otheralbums have they played on?

[Thanks to Kjell Danielsson <kjell@kd.qd.se>, and Arnaud Durieux

Here is a listing of the bands. For discography info related to these
bands, visit the AC/DC "Electric Shock" web page at:



Velvet Underground      1971 - 1972
Stevie Wright           1973 (Guest on album)
Marcus Hook Roll Band   1974


Kantuckee               1971 - 1973
Tantrum                 1973
Marcus Hook Roll Band   1974
Stevie Wright           1974 (Guest on album)
Ray Arnott              1979 (Guest on album)


(Fraternity & Valentines are addressed at length in the "Bon Scott -
Pre AC/DC" section of the FAQ).

The Spektors          1965 - 1966
Valentines            1967 - 1970
Fraternity            1970 - 1973
Blackfeather          1971 (Guest on album)
Vince Lovegrove       1972 (Guest on single)
Mount Lofty Rangers   1974


Finch           1977 - 1978          
Contraband      1978 - 1979
The Beast       1982
Heaven          1983 - 1984
Headhunters     1988
Bob Armstrong   1990 (Guest on album)
Chris Turner    1990 (Guest on album)


Buster Brown 1974


Home           1970 - 1974
Al Stewart     1974 (Touring Band)
Bandit         1975 - 1977
Alexi Korner   1977 (Touring Band)
Adam Bomb      1986 (Guest on album)


Geordie     1972 - 1980
Jackyl      1997 (Guest on album)
Neurotica   1998 (Producer and guest on album)


Starfighters 1980 - 1984
Little Big Horn 1989


Tora Tora       1980 - 1981
AIIZ            1981 - 1982
Tytan           1982 - 1983
Dio             1989 - 1991
Rhino Bucket    1993 - 1995
UFO             1995, 1997 - 1999
Dio             1999 - present


[Info taken from 'Shock To The System' by Mark Putterford]

Tom Jones                       1963 - 1969 (touring band)
Session Drummer                 1969 - 1971 
Manfred Mann's Earth Band       1972 - 1979
Session Drummer                 1979        (Frankie Miller & Kai
Uriah Heep                      1980        (Conquest album)
Session Drummer                 1980 - 1983 (Gary Numan, Mick Ralphs
David Gilmour                   1984        (touring band) 
The Firm                        1984 - ?
Gary Moore                      1989        (touring band)


This album contains all known existing tracks of The Marcus Hook Roll
Band - an identity assumed by Harry Vanda & George Young at the very
end of their four year stint in London as session musicians and
independent record producers. Though they had regularly issued
material under a string of assumed identities (Haffey's Whiskey Sour,
Moondance, Paintbox, Band of Hope, Grapefruit, etc.) this was the most
extensive of their projects.

The MHRB came together under the hand of ex-Pretty Thing Wally Allen,
who managed to wrangle some studio time at Abbey Road. There they cut
5 tracks with their regular retinue of fellow musicians - just prior
to journeying to Australia for a holiday.

Instead of returning to London, Vanda & Young relocated themselves in
Australia and forgot all about the Marcus Hook sessions - until a
frantic message came through from Allen that America was keen on the
tracks and wanted more. "We thought it was hilarious" says George, "it
had been a joke to us".

The pair refused to return to London, so Allen visited Australia early
in 1974 to record another ten tracks. This time, local musicians were
used - including George's kid brothers Angus & Malcolm (who had not
previously recorded).

After repeated requests for a tour to support the product were turned
down flat, American interest waned and album release was scrapped
(it's only issue being in Australia as 'Tales of Old Grandaddy').

The Marcus Hook tracks follow in the tradition of the best Easybeats'
material - tough, perfectly structured and intelligent. A very
convincing political and social sentiment runs through many of the
songs, as does a strong soul/funk influence.

'Natural Man' has become a cult classic, adored for its exhilerating
pop/rock form; while 'Shot In The Head' (originally recorded by
Haffey's Whiskey Sour and also covered by Savoy Brown) is as close to
a theme song as the extraordinary duo have ever penned;

"I've Been 52 years in a rock 'n roll band, ten thousand women on a
one night stand. And all I got to show is a hole in my hand, where my
money fell through."

Glenn A. Baker

  Side One                           Side Two
  *1. Natural Man(3.35)=             1. Cry For Me(3.36)-
  *2. Louisiana Lady(3.00)-          2. Silver Shoes & Strawberry
   3. Shot In The Head(3.24)=        3. Watch Her Do It Now(3.30)=
   4. Can't Stand The Heat(3.09)-    4. Ape Man(2.45)=
   5. Goodbye Jane(3.32)-          *+5. Moonshine Blues(3.02)-
   6. Quick Reaction(3.05)-        *+6. Boogalooing Is For Wooing(2.43):
   7. People & The Power(4.53)=    *+7. Hoochie Koochie Har Kau(3.10):
   8. Red Revolution(3.05)-

All selections written by Vanda & Young and published by J. Albert &
except + by Wally Allen

*Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London 1973, others recorded at EMI

Album compiled by Glenn A. Baker Design by Grafis (US)

Vocals: Harry Vanda(-), George Young(=), Wally Allen(:)

Musicians: (UK)
George Young - rhythm guitar, piano Harry Vanda - lead guitar
Freddie Smith - drums Ian Campbell - bass Alex Young - sax
George Young - rhythm guitar, piano, bass Harry Vanda - lead guitar
Angus Young - guitar Malcolm Young - guitar John Proud - bass
Howie Casey - sax(added in UK)
®1973 EMI Records Limited ®1979 Capitol Records, Inc.
Recorded in England and Australia


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