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3.3-> World Wide Web Sites (Winona Ryder)


This article is from the Winona Ryder FAQ, by C. Scott Duprey duprey@panix.com with numerous contributions by others.

3.3-> World Wide Web Sites (Winona Ryder)

The most current version of the FAQ is always posted at:


A HTML-ized version of the FAQ is available from:


The page also contains links to most of the other sites listed here, as
as a few that aren t.

The definitive site seems to be Eric Harshbarger's page. It's loaded
with links to other sites, sound clips, magazine profile texts, photos
and more. A warning though: the page has some wonderful, but large
graphics which will take time to download with a slow connection.
Those of you using text based browsers (i.e. Lynx) need not worry; if
you have a slow connection and want to see the pretty pictures, be
sure to use a browser that allows you to read
page as the graphics download (i.e. Netscape), otherwise you will be
frustrated staring at a blank screen. Even in you can turn off
auto-loading of graphics, do it, since Mr. Harshbarger's page is not
just style over substance. Here is the address:


Ted Yee's site is also quite impressive. It's available with or
without graphics, contains a bio, filmography, a searchable magazine
article archive, latest news, a library of video and audio clips, and
photos (500 and counting!). It's also interactive to an extent, with
a Winona movie poll, a message board which serves as an alternative to
alt.fan.winona-ryder, and
Winona Home Page Generator. Mr. Yee also welcomes feedback on how to
make the site a better place for all. The address is:


The address for the Polly Klass Foundation homepage is:


For more information on Polly Klaas, see section 2 of this FAQ.

For die hard "Heathers" fans, a site that is a must is:


(Please note the unusual extension .shtml is *NOT* a typo.) At the
page you'll be able to download pictures, .wav audio files of dialogue
snippets from the film, and a HTML-version of the script with sounds and
The site also has links to sites devoted to the actors appearing in the
and to pages devoted to similar films.

A site you may want to check out for links to pages not listed here is:


A great site which contains the *full* text of many articles is at:


There are also a couple of Kurt Cobain articles there for good measure.

A site which proudly states it's the only one in Germany devoted to
Winona is at:


It's a well designed site, providing links, pictures, and a filmography,
well as the Winona screen saver for Windows, and some Little Women promo
stuff. You have a choice of viewing with or without frames, and can
your e-mail address to be notified of updates to the page.

These three sites also contain links, photos and filmographies:



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