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468 Pink Floyd - The Wall (1981)


This article is from the Movie Trivia, by Murray Chapman muzzle@cs.uq.oz.au with numerous contributions by others.

468 Pink Floyd - The Wall (1981)

- The film was originally to have included live footage of five performances
of Pink Floyd in concert at London's Earl's Court, however none of the
resulting footage was deemed suitable.
- During ``The Thin Ice'', Pink ('Bob Geldof' (qv)) can be seen floating
in a swimming pool. Geldof (who is infamous for his dislike of baths)
couldn't swim, and instead was supported in similar manner to that used
for the flying sequences in "Superman (1978)" (qv).
- The shot of Mother when young Pinky is asking a girl to dance reveals
the ``mask'' on the curtains behind her.
- 'Jenny Wright' (qv) wasn't told that Geldof would be throwing that bottle at
her, so her reaction of ducking was totally spontaneous.
- Scene for the song ``Hey You'' was filmed. It showed British police in riot
gear facing off against a mob. Author 'Roger Waters' (qv) asked this reel
to be cut.
- The poetry that young Pink was caught with during ``The Happiest Days of Our
Lives'' is the second verse from ``Money'', off 'Pink Floyd' (qv)'s ``Dark
Side of the Moon''. Far from being ``absolute rubbish'', this album stayed
longer on the Billboard chart than any other album: more than 700 weeks.
- Director 'Alan Parker' (qv) walked out on this project many times, probably
due to and ego clash with 'Roger Waters' (qv). Waters was annoyed at
Parker, who didn't like the way that he wanted to make it a cult film. Pink
Floyd's next album ``The Final Cut'' contains the following lyrics (written
by Waters):
``Not now John, we've gotta get on with the film show:
Hollywood waits at the end of the rainbow.
Who cares what it's about, as long as the kids go?
So not now John I've gotta get on with the show.''
Parker refers to this film as ``the most expensive student film ever made.''
- The lyrics sung by Pink as he huddled in the bathroom stall later
resurfaced in ``Moment of Clarity'' in Waters' solo album: ``The Pros and
Cons of Hitch-Hiking'' He also uses some lines which surfaced in Pink
Floyd's next album, ``The Final Cut''. Waters originally presented the band
with the concepts for both ``The Wall'' and ``Pros and Cons'', and the band
decided to do ``The Wall''.
- ``The Final Cut'' was originally planned to be a soundtrack of the film.
A single with ``When the Tygers Broke Free'' and ``Bring the Boys Back Home''
was released in the UK, stating that these songs were taken from the
forthcoming album.
- The shot during Pink's destruction of his hotel room of him grabbing the
jagged glass in the window is real. Geldof also cut his hand while ripping
apart the closet doors, and his nipples during the shaving scene.
- Real skinheads used in the neo-Nazi segment.
- The scene in which Pink is calling his home from the United States and is
very depressed to hear a man's voice was made by actually placing a call to
England through a random, unsuspecting AT&T operator. The conversation
was recorded and played over the filmed sequence.
- During the crowd devotion scenes there was going to be a shot of members
of the audience's heads exploding as they wildly cheered, loving every
minute of it. Waters decided that it could not be accomplished without
making it comic.
- CAMEO(Roger Waters): supposedly in the brief shot of Pink's wedding
during ``Another Brick in the Wall Pt III''.
- Song changes from album:
- When the Tigers Broke Free - added
- In the Flesh? - extended/re-recorded
- The Thin Ice - extended/re-mixed
- Another Brick in the Wall 1 - unchanged
- The Happiest Days of Our Lives - re-mixed
- Another Brick in the Wall 2 - re-mixed
- Mother - re-recorded/lyrics changed
- Goodbye Blue Sky - re-mixed
- Empty Spaces - re-recorded/lyrics changed to
match the original album sleeve.
- What Shall We Do Now? - added
- Young Lust - unchanged
- One of My Turns - unchanged
- Don't Leave Me Now - changed
- Another Brick in the Wall 3 - re-recorded
- Goodbye Cruel World - unchanged
- Hey You - not included
- Nobody Home - unchanged
- Is There Anybody Out There? - unchanged
- Vera - unchanged
- Bring the Boys Back Home - extended
- Comfortably Numb - unchanged
- The Show Must Go On - not included
- In the Flesh - re-recorded
- Run Like Hell - shortened
- Waiting for the Worms - shortened
- Stop - re-recorded
- The Trial - unchanged
- Outside the Wall - re-recorded.


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