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7.5 Malibu Comics (The Terminator)


This article is from the The Terminator FAQ, by Karsten A. Loepelmann kloepel@connect.ab.ca with numerous contributions by others.

7.5 Malibu Comics (The Terminator)

Malibu Comics currently holds the T2 licence, and has produced two series
tied together in the flip-book "T2: Cybernetic Dawn" #0/"T2: Nuclear
#0. These series are notable for including several scenes described in the
Annotated Screenplay" that were left out of T2. (In some cases, the
look suspiciously similar to the storyboards.)

7.5.1 "T2: Cybernetic Dawn" (aka "Present War")
Issues #1-4 and #0 (1995/1996). Written by Dan Abnett, art by Rod Whigham &
Jack Snider and Gordon Purcell, covers by Rob Prior and Rod Whigham & Chuck
Maiden and Joel Naprstek. Picks up where T2 left off. Sarah and John go to
Salceda's ranch, but Enrique has been killed by the T-1000. Meanwhile, the
T-800's arm is recovered from the steel mill by two FBI agents, Vincent
and Karyn Stern, who are in league with NetWork Developments. Sarah and John
help Tarissa Dyson and her children escape from the Feds, who are trying to
learn more about Miles' project. In the chase, one LAPD officer is killed
by a

Sarah and LAPD officer Mossberg kill the T-800 at a construction site. To
out their plans, Sarah surrenders to the feds. Stern shows Sarah dozens of
(nonfunctional) endoskeletons, and then reveals herself to be a T-1000!
Meanwhile, Mossberg, John, and the Dyson kids fight off *another* Terminator,
which Mossberg destroys with a shoulder-launched missile. Sarah destroys the
T-1000 by dousing it with a corrosive solvent; the ensuing conflagration
levels NetWork Developments. John and Sarah meet up and realize that Judgment
Day is inevitable, and they all must prepare for it...

7.5.2 "T2: Nuclear Twilight" (aka "Future War")
Issues #1-4 and #0 (1995/1996). Written by Mark Paniccia, art by Gary
covers by Rob Prior and Gary Erskine & Joel Naprstek. Takes place after
Judgment Day. An adult John Connor leads the human resistance; Danny Dyson is
secretly analyzing Skynet's source code. Skynet suffers a power dip as the
first T-800 goes back in time to hunt Sarah Connor. Risking his life, Kyle
Reese succeeds in capturing an endoskeleton that is rendered catatonic during
the power dip. Griff, a member of Reese's team, is captured by Skynet and
duplicated by a T-1000, while another T-1000 prepares for chronoportation to

Dyson uploads a virus to the T-800 which is designed to paralyze Skynet. A
team of resistance fighters takes the endoskeleton to infiltrate Skynet's
Cheyenne Mountain complex. As Skynet is crippled, John Connor leads a team to
the Time Displacement Equipment, and sends Reese back in time. In the
John and Danny program a T-800 to be sent back to 1994 to protect John; its
mission begins immediately, as it saves the (adult) John Connor by
several hostile T-800s. Just when it appears that humanity has triumphed over
the machines, the other T-1000 (still mimicking Griff) enters Dyson's
and downloads the crucial Skynet source code...


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