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7.3 Dark Horse Comics (The Terminator)


This article is from the The Terminator FAQ, by Karsten A. Loepelmann kloepel@connect.ab.ca with numerous contributions by others.

7.3 Dark Horse Comics (The Terminator)

All of the Dark Horse limited series have been collected in trade paperback
editions (TPBs).

7.3.1 "The Terminator: Tempest"
Issues #1-4 (1990). Written by John Arcudi, art by Chris Warner & Paul
A group of humans, led by Colonel Mary Randall, travel back in time to stop
Cyberdyne Systems Corporation from developing Skynet technology. The only
things standing in their way are four Terminators, including a
half-human/half-Terminator cyborg sent back in time by Skynet. Cover of the
TPB painted by John Bolton.

7.3.2 "The Terminator: One Shot"
One issue (1991). Written by James Robinson, fully painted art by Matt
Wagner. Has a pop-up page in the middle. Tells the story of a female
Terminator sent to kill the *fourth* "Sarah Connor" living in Los Angeles,
and the person sent back in time to stop the Terminator.

7.3.3 "The Terminator: Secondary Objectives"
Issues #1-4 (1991). Written by James Robinson, art by Paul Gulacy & Karl
Kesel. Terminators from the "Tempest" series are still around, but they'll
have to go through Colonel Randall (the surviving time-displaced human
resistance soldier from "Tempest"), a Cyberdyne technician, and a cyborg from
the future to fulfill their secondary objective: kill Sarah Connor. TPB cover
by Paul Gulacy.

7.3.4 "The Terminator: The Enemy Within"
Issues #1-4 (1991/1992). Written by Ian Edginton, art by Vince Giarrano,
painted covers by Simon Bisley. The human/Terminator cyborg "Dudley"
to reassert his humanity over his machine side, as questions about the
Cyberdyne technician's loyalty arise. Meanwhile, four human reinforcements
from the future and inquisitive LAPD Detective Sloane join Mary Randall in a
showdown with the remaining Terminator. TPB cover by Simon Bisley.

7.3.5 "The Terminator: Hunters & Killers"
Issues #1-3 (1992). Written by Toren Smith, Adam Warren, & Chris Warner, art
by Bill Jaaska, Dan Panosian, & Jeff Albrecht, painted covers by John Taylor
Dismukes. Chronicles the efforts of a team of Russian Special Forces
resistance fighters in 2029 as they race a group of Terminators sent by
Skynet and its Russian arm, Mir, to obtain a submarine stocked with nuclear
missiles. TPB cover by Walt Simonson.

7.3.6 "The Terminator: Endgame"
Issues #1-3 (1992). Written by James Robinson, art by Jackson Guice & John
Beatty, painted covers by John Higgins. Dudley informs Colonel Randall that
yet another new Terminator has been sent to kill Sarah Connor and her baby.
Randall again seeks the aid of Detective Sloane, who is tracking the serial
killer "Catfish." In the hospital in which Sarah is giving birth, Randall,
Sloane, Catfish, and the Terminator all meet in a surprising final
confrontation. Collected in a TPB, cover by John Bolton.

7.3.7 "RoboCop Versus The Terminator"
Issues #1-4 (1992). Written by Frank Miller, art by Walter Simonson. TPB
by Walt Simonson (this edition includes the three cardstock standees which
were published in three issues of this series). In the future, the catalyst
for Skynet's sentience is discovered to be the cyborg Alex Murphy: RoboCop. A
lone female soldier travels back in time to Detroit -- and destroys RoboCop!
As changes in the timestream sweep to the future, Skynet sends Terminators to
the past, which *prevent* the soldier from killing RoboCop, who then destroys
the Terminators. Knowing his destiny, RoboCop destroys himself. Again,
sweep forward in time, and Skynet sends back Terminators that once again
prevent the destruction of RoboCop, and force him to merge with Skynet.

The years pass and Murphy exists only as a virus in Skynet, waiting until he
can create himself a new form. This new RoboCop prevents the soldier from
traveling to the past. He replicates himself hundreds of times and takes on
the Terminators and Skynet, then travels back in time and destroys Skynet
before it becomes sentient. And changes sweep along the timestream...


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